Find everything you need for progressive baby playtime here! Choose adorable playmats and gyms which are great for tummy time, and high quality toys for infant development play. Our playtime collections keep babies entertained while achieving their developmental milestones.

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From early infancy, babies are learning and developing through sensory play. Our range of high-quality activity toys, wooden toys, plush toys, playmats and play gyms are a safe and fun way to provide babies with the stimulation and learning opportunities they need.


Newborn development, learning, and tummy time

It won't be long before your tiny newborn starts visually exploring his or her comfy world. Your little one will slowly expand his or her horizons when exposed to colours, shapes, textures and sounds which provide new experiences through sensory play.

Our collection of reversible baby playmats and activity gyms provide:

1. Hours of entertainment for little ones. Cushioned for comfort, our baby play gyms are covered foam mats made from non-toxic materials. Baby playmats are designed to provide newborns and young babies with a safe space to kick, lay and play.
2. As your bub grows and develops a greater awareness of their surroundings he or she will be encouraged to explore a little further afield. They'll be reaching for colours, shapes, textures and interactive toys which attract their eye, providing sustained engagement.
3. Tummy time is important for a baby's physical development and strength. Extend tummy time with extra-large baby play mats that entice the baby into reaching, rolling and touching the stimulating pictorials in different colours and textures. Add interactive toys as the baby grows and you can create amazing worlds for the baby to explore within one playmat.


Why playing with newborns is important

Newborns are entertained and stimulated by sights and sounds. You'll notice how quickly your bubs learn the sound of your voice and how soon they begin to reach for things that attract their attention.

Exploring their surroundings is how babies learn, so providing them with activity play mats and interactive toys helps them to achieve those milestone developmental markers, having fun along the way.



Play ideas for toddlers, infants and newborns

At Metro Baby, you'll find a wide range of infant developmental play toys designed to encourage the baby's active involvement. Our playtime baby products meet certified safety standards and provide your little ones with safe and healthy stimulus. Many toys are machine washable or easy to wipe clean, so hygiene is never compromised.

From gorgeous rattles to suit bubs' tiny little hands through to extra-large playmats with various scenic designs, our activity toys, wooden toys, baby play mats and play gyms stimulate exciting play ideas for newborns, toddlers and young children!



Ways to play with playmats and play gyms

Our range of playmats and play gyms include a wide variety of non-toxic, machine washable, reversible, memory foam, padded playmats designed with a choice of:
• gentle pastel hues, natural tones and bright, bold colours
• small to extra large sizes
• round, square and rectangular shapes
• waterproof or super soft and snuggly coverings
• stimulating designs or pictorial scenes for interactive play
• naturally healthy organic materials

In deciding which type of baby playmat or play gym will best suit your needs, consider how playtime will change as your baby grows from infancy to the inquisitive toddler stage.

Reversible playmats have contrasting sides ideal for providing young babies with a variety of visual stimuli. Different pictorial scenes provide valuable two-for-one activity centres for babies and toddlers!

Some play gyms have detachable toys so you can change them regularly to provide the baby with different sights, sounds and textures. Baby play mats may include graphic designs such as city scenes, farm scenes, railways or roadways to encourage interactive, imaginative play utilising gross motor skills.



Play with active toys

Right across Australia babies are having so much fun while learning with active toys from Metro Baby!

They're rattling, squeezing and shaking fabulously noisy toys from in their bouncers or on their playmats. They're chomping and chewing on textured teethers in baby-friendly designs and colours, and they're whooping it up in their strollers with dingly-dangly pram toys.

Foam mats with graphic designs are a great place for babies to start developing gross motor skills, turning tiny infants into movers and groovers with the safety of cushioning.



How long is newborn playtime?

Sometimes the newborn stage feels incredibly long, especially if you're not getting enough rest or sleep. But looking back you'll discover your precious little one isn't a newborn for long!

Newborn playtime is fairly brief but versatile, interactive baby play mats and play gyms provide stimulus well past the newborn stage until the baby is engaged with interactive toys for long periods.

The playmats and floor mats can be utilised in many ways, from simple visual stimulation for very young babies to platforms for active imaginary play. Their stylish designs mean they look gorgeous in play spaces and rooms, nurseries and family rooms with colours and designs to complement the newborn's nursery through to the toddler's playroom.



Best and most popular toys:

Our vast range of high-quality playtime baby products spans all ages and can be enjoyed for many years. Some of our best-selling toys include:

Birth to 3 months

From visually engaging pram and play gym dangly toys to teething rings in fun animal shapes, there are many developmental toys for newborns to three-month-old babies at Metro Baby.

Soothe baby with adorable Liewood Yoko Mini Cuddle Cloths made from 100% organic cotton. Perfect for tiny hands and easy to hold, Yoko Mini Cuddle Cloths are available in a range of colours.

The soft and cuddly Flatout Baby Bear is also a comforting toy for newborns and young children. Made from 100% natural Australian sheepskin, the Flatout Bear is a beautiful toy for sleep time.

Best-selling toys for babies to three months include the Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Rain Stick Rattle and the Done By Deer To Go Friend (Elphee) - a gorgeous dangly toy for the pram.



3 to 6 months

Little fingers love to grasp the Done By Deer Raffi Rattle while the Wee Gallery Crinkle Toy Panda is a stimulating developmental toy babies adore. Sensory clutch balls are a fantastic way to further your baby's gross motor skills, visual development and sensory stimulation. Explore our wide range of playtime baby products for three to six months.



6 to 12 months

In that first year your little one will progress through milestone developmental phases in leaps and bounds. Between six and twelve months bubs can develop a love of music with the Skip Hop Farmstand Rock-A-Mole Guitar, the Tropical Paradise Toucan Maraca and the Flexa Maracas Set. Those musical tunes are sure to get your little one grooving and moving!

Fabric books are a wonderful way to develop an appreciation for reading from a very young age. Popular brands such as Konges Slojd, Manhattan Toys and Liewood offer fun and interactive fabric books for your little ones to play with. We also love Miffy Plush for that special friend to snuggle and hug.


One year and up

Made from super soft BPA free silicone, the Liewood Dag Stacking Tower in beautiful colour palettes is suitable for children of any age, while the Wee Gallery Next Blocks Woodland, Dwinguler Play MatsDone By Deer Peg Puzzle and Mushie Stacking Cups encourage problem-solving, fine and gross motor skills.

Suitable for babies and children alike, the Wee Gallery Alphabet Cards are a fun way to learn along with the Liewood Dante Beach Sets which are just gorgeous toys for beach or sandpit creative play at any age.



What are age appropriate toys for infants?

Our high quality range of play mats, play gyms, activity toys and wooden toys meet Australian safety standards for age appropriate play.

From newborn through to early childhood, many of our toys are multi-sensory for playtime which helps little ones to learn, grow and experience new things at the appropriate stage.

Playmats and play gyms are appropriate baby products for infant play, along with cuddle toys, crinkle toys, suitable rattles and pram toys.