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A nursery is a place for your baby to rest, play and learn as they grow. If you are setting up a kid's space for your little one, make sure to shop for nursery rugs or mats that are soft, safe and inviting, such as Australian favourites at Metro Baby.

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Choosing the best rug for your nursery


It's important to choose the the right rug for your nursery. Considerations include size, material and design. The perfect baby nursery rug will soften your footsteps so your little cutie doesn't wake up whenever you check in, and it can also double as a change mat or play mat to keep your baby occupied and entertained.

Nursery décor comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, so it's worth choosing a nursery floor rug that matches the bassinet, mattress, wall art decals and other nursery room furnishings. Your newborn or toddler will flourish in a baby room decorated with high-quality Metro Baby kids furniture, bedding and toys.


Nursery rug features

A nursery or child's bedroom is a special sanctuary for parents and babies to bond and enjoy each other's company. Choosing the right nursery rug will add the finishing touch that baby will love, especially if the rug is an activity play centre that can be explored. At Metro Baby, we offer an iconic collection of nursery room rugs from Ivi Rugs, a favourite baby product brand in demand all around Australia. Here are some features to look for in a kid's room rug.

Quality material: Choose a rug that is soft and strong. Metro Baby rugs are hard-wearing, antistatic and comfortable for playtime or rest time.
Non-Slip: Ivy Rugs is a specialist nursery room rug manufacturer. These best seller nursery and playroom rugs are 100% polypropylene - a good alternative to sheepskin and shag rugs that can fray, bunch or slip.
Baby health: Metro Baby rugs are made without the use of toxic inks or dyes. Our play room home decor ideas are perfect for girl nursery or boy nursery baby shower gifts. Here are just a few advantages of worth considering.
• High flexural strength
• Very resistant to moisture
• High impact strength
• Fatigue resistance against wear and tear
• Easy clean with vacuum or brush

Rugs to add to your nursery decor

Nursery decor should be attractive and practical. Before choosing a kids room rug it's worth considering the other nursery room design elements. Questions worth asking include:
• Do you like colours and patterns?
• Are textured fabrics important to you?
• Do you prefer acrylic or cotton rugs?
• Does your baby respond to interactive nursery decor?
• Will the rug be used for play, meal times or changing?
• Do you have cool floors that need warming up?

If you’re working with a mostly neutral palette, you could add some colour. Try breaking up solid colours with bold pattern designs that deliver nursery room wow-factor. Mixing and matching textures, colours and shapes will bring the room to life and stimulate enquiring young minds.


Making your rugs look like a playmat

Brightly coloured interactive play time mats are in vogue all around Australia, and Metro Baby has some great options available. Your child's room will come to life with Ivi Rugs playmat rugs that provide hours of entertainment. Our options include:

  • Mini City Rug - medium, large, extra large
  • Traffic Green Rug - medium, large
  • Traffic Blue Rug - medium, large
  • Farm Rug - medium

Play rugs don't get any better than Metro Baby products. These are the safe, comfortable space for your little one to relax and be entertained while developing mobility and cognitive skills.

Sizes available to fit your room

Baby room decor should fit the space properly. If you have a dedicated child's nursery, or are adapting a corner of your bedroom space for your baby, we have nursery rugs in medium, large, and extra large sizes to fit your room. Choose a larger rug if you want to overlap the bassinet, or if you have hardwood floors that need covering to fill the empty space.

Smaller rugs, round rugs and play mats are ideal to highlight a specific area, furnishing, or cozy reading corner. The choices are all yours at Metro Baby, so you can style the nursery your way.


Interactive rugs to keep your toddler entertained for hours

Moms, dads and babies all love interactive rugs that are designed to keep little ones entertained and occupied. Interactive activity mats are the perfect distraction to keep your baby chilled while you get on with making dinner or answering emails. The best playmats offer a variety of visuals, colours, and learning tools. They are also ideal for tummy time so your baby can strengthen neck and shoulder muscles while developing motor skills.

Cleaning and maintaining your new rug

Metro Baby nursery rugs are easy to clean and maintain. They also protect little ones from knocks and abrasions. Here are a few more advantages of Ivi Rugs available at Metro Baby.
• Non-slip, abrasion resistance
• Soundproof, soft touch, light weight
• Durable, suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and the nursery
• Easy to roll up and reposition near you
• Eye-catching unique design
• Babies learn as they play
• Machine washable
• Use all year round on wood, tile, or carpeted flooring

If durability is high on your wishlist, opt for a strong, washable nursery rug from Metro Baby that also has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities.

Brands we know and trust

Metro Baby is Australia's favourite baby product shop for all the right reasons, and nursery rugs are just the start. While here, take a few moments to explore our extensive product range. If you are looking for baby cots, swaddles, sleeping bags, bed linen, backpacks, quilts, nursery sofas or baby gift ideas, you have come to the right place. Remember to check back often for new arrivals and special deals from brands we know and trust.


Buying your rug online with Metro Baby

At Metro Baby, we understand that being a new parent is a busy and exciting time. That's why we offer a streamlined and convenient online shopping experience with everything you and your little cutie needs. We also offer gift cards and a range of payment options.

Explore our amazing collection, add favourites to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for fast payment and delivery directly to your door. We even offer free delivery on all orders over $99.00 so you get maximum value for your spending dollar.



Should you put a rug in your babies nursery?

A nursery rug is a good idea, but only if the rug is made using non-toxic inks and dyes. Shop with confidence at Metro Baby for rugs, nursery gear, and playtime equipment.

What are the advantages of using a nursery rug?

How about health, safety and comfort for starters. Nursery decor is a big deal at Metro Baby, and your little one will repay your love with laughter and contentment.

What size of rug do you need for your nursery?

This will depend on the size of your nursery or nursing area. Every parent (and baby) has their own style, so Metro Baby meets your needs with a great range of rugs, play mats and activity toys.

What material is best for your nursery rug?

While cotton and wool rugs are always popular, it's worth considering easy-clean and stain-resistant nursery rugs from Ivi Rugs that look great beside our quality cots & bassinets.