Baby Pram Accessories

Every mother knows how helpful the right baby pram accessories can be. Metro Baby stocks the cup holders, organisers and foot muffs to help make your stroller a home away from home, whether for toddlers or mums!

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Keep organised while on-the-go with pram accessories

From activity bars to pram organisers, drink holders to snack trays, pram liners to umbrellas, there is an enormous amount of choice when it comes to pram accessories. Designed to make life on-the-go easier, pram accessories help keep everything you need at your fingertips (and away from bub’s).

Baby pram accessories Australia

Make life with a newborn or toddler as easy as possible with the plethora of modern stroller accessories available in Australia.

Pram accessory toys to keep your baby entertained

Keep bub entertained while in their stroller with these fun accessories:
● Toy arches
● Activity bars
● Mobiles
● Teething stroller toys
● Crinkle toys

Accessories for newborns

Make life with a newborn easier with these accessories designed to keep your little one happy and snug in their stroller:
Nappy bags to hold baby changing supplies.
Sleeping bags to keep baby cosy and warm.
Sleep covers to block out light and distractions, allowing bub to sleep.
Protector nets to keep any bugs away from baby.
Pram pegs to secure swaddles to the hood of the stroller.
Pram toys to safely hang above and across baby.

If your stroller is part of a travel system that allows for easy transfer between a car seat and pram, make sure you have bought adaptors to fit your particular brand.


Accessories for toddlers

As your baby grows into a toddler, his or her pram needs will change slightly and the below accessories will become useful:
Bumprider toddler boards are attachments that secure to the pram to function as a second seat for your toddler, allowing them to stand or sit as the pram is being pushed.
Teethers can be attached to the pram so that baby can reach them and let go without them touching the ground (and inevitably losing them).
Belly bars or bumper bars give your baby a secure, comfortable bar to hold on to when in a stroller.
Snack trays conveniently hold snacks on an easy-to-wipe grooved tray in front of bub.


Accessories for Mum

Make mum’s life easier too with these handy accessories:
Pram organisers or parent organisers with partitioned sections to keep wallets, keys, mobiles, nappies and other items organised and within easy reach.
Mirrors to see baby when pushing a pram, without needing to stop.
Cup holder for a coffee, smoothie or other drink bottle.
Mobile phone holder to keep phone visible and within easy reach while pushing.
Under pram storage to place shopping and heavy items.
Pram clips to help keep your hands and shoulders bag free.

Pram cup holders

While some prams come with a cup holder, you can also buy super convenient cup holder attachments to keep your coffee, water bottle or baby’s bottle nearby and safe.

Bassinets for prams

A carrycot essentially functions like the body of a pram. It is a light, portable bassinet you attach to your stroller, making it easy to transport a sleeping baby while they lie flat.

Accessories for those rainy or sunny days

For rainy days, a rain cover is an excellent way to keep baby dry, while a sun shade or umbrella protects baby from exposure to direct sun.

Accessories to make your pram more comfortable

Make baby’s pram more comfortable for bub and mum with these accessories:
Foot muffs enclose baby from feet to head to keep them warm in very cold weather.
Leg rests and foot rests give baby a place to rest their legs and feet.
Handlebar covers provide a soft but secure grip that easily swaps out when dirty.
Pram liners in cotton or lambskin have temperature-regulating properties that help keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter.
Harness covers protect baby’s sensitive skin and the pram straps from dribble and chewing.
Clip on fans keep baby cool on hot days.


Accessories to keep all your gear organised

Stroller organisers and travel bags are great products to help keep everything you need within easy reach. Attach an organiser to your pram handles to neatly store a bottle in an insulated holder, your mobile in an external pocket and breastfeeding and nappy changing supplies in secure zippered sections.

What else you need to consider when purchasing a pram

When buying a pram, ask yourself these key questions to help find the best brand and model for your lifestyle and needs:
● How safe is the pram? Does it meet Australian safety requirements? Does it offer sufficient head support?
● How does the pram handle? How easy is it to push over various terrains?
● How easy is it to fold and unfold? Can you do so one-handed? How heavy is it?
● Does it fit all the items you will want to bring with you?
● What attachments are available for your pram?
● Does it easily fit into your car?
● What weather protection does it offer?


Don’t forget the benefits of a glider board

If you have a baby and a toddler, a glider board or toddler board is a fantastic way to accommodate both by allowing your toddler to “hitch a ride.” Attach this platform on wheels to your stroller to allow your older child to safely stand on the non-slip surface or sit on a seat designed specifically for their body.

Brands to look out for

For all things strollers and accessories, check out Uppababy, Bugaboo, Maxi Cosi, Steelcraft, Britax, Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger, Babyzen, Joolz, Dreambaby, Veebee and the Australian brand Valco Baby.

Buying pram accessories online with Metro Baby

Shop Metro Baby’s curated collection of pram accessories today to find the best products to help make your life on-the-go easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About baby pram accessories:


How do you make a baby pram more comfortable?

From cosy pram liners to foot rests, sun shades to snack trays, there are several ways to make a pram more comfortable for a baby and keep them happy. Browse our baby pram accessories section and add items to your gift registry to ensure you have everything you need to make your baby comfortable as soon as he or she arrives.

Do pram bassinets have straps?

It’s not a requirement in Australia for pram bassinets to have safety straps. Placing your baby in a bassinet is perfectly safe and straps can actually become a safety concern if your baby moves around enough to become entangled.

What are pram clips used for?

Pram clips are frequently used to attach a lightweight blanket, like a muslin wrap or swaddle, to the hood of a pram, offering shade and privacy while keeping fabric where you want it and away from pram wheels and the ground.

What accessories do you need for your pram?

Once you buy the essential accessories for your pram, like liners, newborn inserts and any adapters you might need, what other accessories you buy depends entirely on your lifestyle and what you find most helpful.