VTech Baby Monitor

Discover the latest video and audio baby monitors with the renowned brand Vtech. Including features like full-colour HD, pan & tilt options, two-walk talk and temperature sensors, Vtech baby monitors are a premium quality option.

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Top Baby Monitors For 2024

With the assistance of a reliable baby monitor, you can hear and see your baby while he or she sleeps. The best baby monitors allow you to get on with other activities with peace of mind knowing you will hear if your baby calls. At Metro Baby we have done the research to help you find the best baby monitors for 2024.

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VTech baby monitors

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your little one is safe & sound in the cot with Vtech monitors. This trusted brand offers new-tech advancements like HD sound, full-colour video & audio, Wifi and temperature sensors, designed to give Mums and Dads peace of mind (and a bit more freedom) in the initial years of parenthood. Shop the VTech range at Metro Baby for trusted monitors you can rely on.

Styles of VTech baby monitors

Being a new parent can be a nerve-racking experience. That’s why Vtech have developed a top range of monitors designed to allow parents to breathe and enjoy watching and listening to their little one from a distance. From user-friendly and affordable to the latest advanced technology, Vtech monitors offer it all. Some popular styles include:

Audio baby monitors

VTech audio monitors use Dect technology to provide a secure connection and a clear transmission of sound. Connect your baby unit to multiple parent units. Chat with your little one using two-way communication.

Video baby monitors

Enjoy full-colour high-resolution Vtech video to capture every moment. Use HD pan & tilt camera functions to maintain the perfect view.

Wifi baby monitors

Maintain contact from afar with remote access through your mobile phone or tablet. A smart wi-fi HD video monitor means that you never have to miss a single moment. Watch or record bub from work or when you’re out and about.

Features to look out for in a baby monitor

If there’s one thing Vtech is known for, it’s innovative features that synergise with modern family lifestyles. Rest assured, your little one is safe & secure on the mattress, and enjoy catching every moment with these technological advantages.

  • Colour display
    Watch every moment in sharp, vibrant colours. LCDs go up to 7” Colour 720p HD on your parent unit.
  • HD camera
    Manipulate your 1080p HD Pan & Tilt camera and wide-angle baby camera lens to ensure the perfect shot. Choose single cam, split screen or patrol mode.
  • Digital zoom
    Enhance your image and get the best view with 4x local digital zoom and 10x remote digital zoom.
  • Temperature sensor
    Keep track of room temperature and receive alerts to your parent unit and the app.
  • Night vision/night light
    Use auto night vision to watch bub in full definition without needing to leave a light on.
  • Sound activation
    Dect technology offers a secure connection, clear sound transmission and a level sound indicator. Enjoy 2-way communication and chat with bub from afar. Pre-programmed white noise and lullabies act as a baby soother.
  • Wifi & live access
    Connect to the nursery through Wifi smartphone access. Add additional cameras and watch bub in real time through a split screen.

Why choose VTech monitors

Stay connected to your new baby at all times with Vtech baby monitors. You’ll catch every precious moment through the sophisticated high-definition audio and sharp, vivid HD video. VTech is trusted by parents worldwide and has a reputation for clever, user-friendly features. Parents love the peace of mind, knowing they have constant eyes on bub without having to hover at all times. Shop with Metro Baby to discover Vtech monitors, from basic audio to sophisticated smart devices. Some of their most popular products include:

  • RM7754HD Baby Monitor - Direct wifi automatically links the parent unit to the baby camera, offering you remote access. Watch bub in real time from your smartphone or tablet.
  • BM2150 Audio Baby Monitor - A simple audio baby monitor with high-definition sound and 2-way communication.
  • Vtech RM7764HD  Baby Monitor - Watch your precious one with a 7" Smart Wi-Fi HD Pan & Tilt Video Monitor via remote access.

Add a VTech baby monitor to your gift registry

Start a Metro Baby gift registry to give friends a peek at your wishlist. Loved ones will be thrilled to gift you a new parent essential like a Vtech monitor. Give them a little hint to let them know precisely the baby monitor you would love to receive.

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Where can I buy a vTech baby monitor?

Source your next VTech baby monitor at Metro Baby, Australia’s most trusted online retailer for baby products. Browse the top products from our curated collection and enjoy free delivery on orders over $99.

Do Vtech baby monitors feature night vision?    

Yes. Many Vtech monitors feature automatic infrared night vision so that you watch bub in full definition without needing to leave a light on. Never miss a moment of the action! Some devices also have a night light to help comfort bub in the dark.