Pram Skateboards

Bring your toddler along for the ride! Attach a pram skateboard to your baby stroller and let the little one travel along with you and bub. Skateboards are easy to carry, quick to attach, and fun for the little one.

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Transport baby and toddler at once with a stroller skateboard

Stroller skateboards are easy to carry and quickly attach when your little one gets tired of walking, providing them with a fun new form of transport. Let your toddler piggyback a ride with a stroller skateboard attachment. Easily connect a ride on board underneath the pram handles to create a second seat for an older child. Toddlers love to venture outside the pram by getting a lift on a skateboard and travelling alongside their baby siblings.

Shop universal pram skateboards

For a universal option that fits all strollers, consider the Bumprider Toddler Board with Seat. This high-quality Swedish design features balanced suspension for a smooth, bump-free ride. Guaranteed to fit all strollers and prams, the Bumprider features a universal connector with numerous adjustment options. No tools or extra adapters are required, simply attach the one-size-fits-all fitting in a matter of minutes, and you are off.

Browse pram accessories, from cup holders to pram skateboards and more

Metro Baby is your one-stop shop for baby products and pram accessories that provide a helping hand to your life as a new parent. Metro Baby has scoured the market to bring you the best pram accessories to make outings smooth and efficient. Our team have tested every product from Australian and international brands to ensure our curated range offers the best value for money. Find all the essentials like:

  • Pram bags and backpacks
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  • Car seats, bassinets and baby carriers
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  • Skateboards and adaptors


The perfect pram accessory for a growing family

Pram skateboards are the perfect accessory when you have a new addition to the family, plus a toddler or two in tow. Suitable for both two and three-wheel prams, a skateboard allows you to bring more passengers along for the ride. Explore our exciting range that includes both sitting and standing styles your toddler will love. Find high-quality designs from our most trusted brands, including Cybex, Bugaboo, Uppababy, Stooke, Thule, Joolz and Bumprider.

Standing and sitting stroller boards

Take the option of a seated or standing toddler board, depending on how your little one likes to ride. Some best-selling styles to look at include:

  • Uppababy Vista Piggyback Ride-Along Board: A natural, wooden eco-friendly standing board that conveniently lifts out of the way when not in use. (Compatible with 2015 VISTA prams - later)
  • Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+: Sit or stand options with adjustable positioning for extra walking space. Fold the seat upright or detach it when not in use. (Compatible with all Bugaboo prams)
  • Cybex Kid Board - Easy to attach standing board that attaches quickly & securely without tools. Simply place it in the shopping basket when not in use. (Compatible with the Gazelle S Pram)
  • Thule Spring Glider Board Adapter - A secure handlebar for your child to hold onto while strolling on Thule Glider Boards. The bar swivels out of the way for extra convenience.


Pram skateboard for a single or double pram

Attach a skateboard to either your single pram or double pram for a family walk. Young children can easily come along with you, whether the stroll is long or short. The skateboard saves you time, energy and conflict. Let them run around when they’re full of energy and catch a ride on the stroller when they’re not.

Shop affordable pram accessories

Some of the simplest, most affordable pram accessories will make a big difference to your baby’s comfort. Metro Baby carries a comprehensive range of pram accessories at affordable prices designed for Babyzen yoyo, Baby Jogger, Uppababy, Cybex, Bugaboo, Joolz and many more pram models. Start your accessories wishlist today and prepare your pram for seamless family outings.

Add a pram skateboard to your gift registry

Add a pram skateboard to your gift registry for a unique gift that loved ones will enjoy purchasing on your behalf. Pram skateboards are a practical, fun and affordable gift. Modify your existing pram for the new arrival by offering your toddler a cool new seat up the back with Mum.
Of course, we carry all the other essential items for your gift registry, like high chairs, change tables, playpens, sleeping bags, swaddles and play mats. Start your gift registry today to help loved ones source the items that they need as gifts.



What is a pram skateboard?

Pram skateboards are rolling devices that attach to the bar between the back wheels of the pram. The device allows toddlers and small children to ride along with the pram in either a standing or seated position. Skateboards can be attached to both single or double prams.

Where can I buy a pram skateboard?

Purchase all your pram accessories right here in the Metro Baby online store. Simply add your selection to the shopping cart and head to the checkout for convenient payment options. We ship to most postcodes in VIC, NSW, QLD and greater Australia.