B.Box take the mess and the fuss out of feeding time with little ones! Whether at home or on-the-move, kids will love eating and drinking from their range of sippy cups, drink bottles, cutlery sets and lunchboxes that make meals easy and fun.


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Lunchbox essentials for your baby

B-Box make feeding time with little ones fun, fuss-free and mess-free with their range of innovative sippy cups, drink bottles, lunch boxes, cutlery sets, bowls and accessories. Their award-winning B-Box sippy cup is a must-have for babies making the big transition from bottle and breastfeeding to drinking from a cup and has been specially designed to allow little ones to drink every last drop without spills.


Metro Baby is your one-stop shop for B.Box essentials to use at home or on-the-go. Check out some of our most popular products:

  • B.Box Snackbox
  • B.Box Lunchbox
  • B.Box Tritan Drink Bottle
  • B.Box Cutlery Set
  • B.Box Bowl and Straw
  • B.Box PPSU Baby Bottle



Make feeding on the go easier with B.Box

Keep little tummies happy when out and about with the B.Box range of travel-friendly feeding accessories. Attach the sippy cup to car seats or carry the Tritan drink bottle using the robust handle for small hands. Pack nibbles for road trips in the snack box with leak-proof compartments or send kids off to school with the mini lunchbox. The B.Box Cutlery Set makes eating on-the-go super easy and comes with its own travel case to keep everything clean and organised when on the move.

Give kids the best of both worlds with the handy B.Box Bowl and Straw combo. Kids can eat or drink from the bowl using the attached straw and long handles. When you’re ready to go, transform the bowl into a snack holder with snack insert and lid that keeps everything tucked safely inside for no mess.

B.Box training cups for easy drinking

Make the transition from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup easier with a sippy cup from B.Box, made for easy drinking and easy cleaning. The cup has two easy grip handles and a weighted straw that’s held down with a steel ball so that babies can get every last drop out even when lying down. The cup itself is made from PVC-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free materials for safe drinking and the base can also be attached to the B.Box B.Box spout cup lid for ultimate convenience. Take your cup on-the-go with the Connect-A-Cup strap! Simply attach to the cup and link to prams, trolleys, car seats, high chairs and more to never lose sippy cups again.




Baby bottles and cutlery sets for convenient feeding on the go

Eating meals with kids while travelling can be a bit tricky if you’re not prepared. Items like bento boxes, stainless steel insulated drink bottles, lunch bags and food jars were designed to make adventures in the outdoors as easy and mess-free as possible.

B.Box go above and beyond when it comes to meal times on-the-go with babies, toddlers and kids. The mini lunchbox is the perfect size for little appetites and comes with 2 leak-proof compartments to securely hold wet and dry foods plus a whole fruit compartment and removable divider for customised eating. Their cutlery sets are made to promote self-feeding with deep scoop spoons and angled handles for correct hand to mouth positioning and helping to keep more food in the mouth than on the floor! Pack your cutlery in the included travel case for easy storage.




B.Box baby drinking and feeding accessories

B.Box make feeding time loads of fun with their range of convenient drinking and feeding accessories. From the Cutlery Set that encourages self-feeding to the Connect-a-Cup strap that keeps sippy cups always on-hand, meals with little ones are mess-free and fuss-free. Kids will also love the fun range of colours available, including:

  • Blue slate
  • Ocean breeze
  • Indigo rose
  • Strawberry shake
  • Lemon sherbet
  • Lilac pop
  • Emerald forest
  • Apple
  • Passion splash


B.box products ensure you’re prepared for the arrival of your newborn

Have everything you need to welcome your beautiful baby home with B.Box essentials for newborns. We have PPSU baby bottles and anti-colic teats made from soft silicone for naturally simulated feeding. Attach the non-slip baby bottle handles to your bottle to promote independence and self-feeding as your little one grows bigger.

Let your bub explore new flavours and textures during teething time with the B.Box Fresh Food Feeder, a handy food accessory that can double as a teether. Just pop mashed fruit or veggies inside the mesh and let your child explore!

Metro Baby also have many other essentials for newborns available, from organic cotton bibs to playsuits, pacifiers, breast pumps and nappy accessories.


Leak-proof B.Box sippy cups for easy and clean drinking

It’s no secret that feeding time with babies can get messy! B.Box sippy cups help to keep drinks securely inside with a leak-proof lid that flips open and closed as needed. They’re also made from PP and silicone with no BPA or phthalates for the safest drinking. The spout has 2 valves to make drinking easier and is weighted down to move with the liquid so that kids can drink from any angle. As these cups are reusable, just pop them in the dishwasher for a a good clean and they’re ready for their next drink.





Replacement straws so you don’t need to throw out the whole cup


When one straw has seen its day, replace it with a brand new one while still keeping the cup your baby loves. The B.Box Replacement Straw & Cleaner comes with 2 spare straws that can easily be transferred to your sippy cup. All you need to do is grab the pull tab on the current straw and gently pull down to release it. Remove the weight and attach it to the new straw. The Hello Kitty Sippy Cup comes with an adorable Hello Kitty weight to make drinking from it even more fun!





Cleaning your B.Box sippy cup

B.Box sippy cups are dishwasher-safe for a quick and easy clean. To clean the straw using the Replacement Straw & Cleaner, simply:

  1. Insert cleaning brush into the base of the straw and gently push upwards
  2. Pull downwards and repeat on the other end using warm, soapy water

Put the B.Box sippy cup on your wishlist today or checkout with free delivery when you spend over $99 in Australia. If you’re in Melbourne, stop by our store in Richmond to view the collection plus much more in person!




Is B.Box a sippy cup?

B.Box make Australia’s number 1 sippy cup for babies to help them easily transition from breastfeeding and bottle feeding to drinking from a cup. Their innovative design features two easy to hold handles and a weighted straw that keeps drinks locked inside while making it possible to drink at any angle, even lying down. B.Box also make other essential feeding products for kids, including cutlery, bowls, baby pram accessories and lunch boxes for snacking on-the-go.


What kind of sippy cup should a 10-month-old use?

At 10 months old, your little one will be transitioning from bottle to cup. The award-winning B.Box sippy cup is perfect for kids aged 6 months and up and comes with an easy flip top lid and two easy grip handles so that babies can securely hold their drink by themselves. The weighted straw means that they can drink even when the cup is at an angle with no spills. Your baby might also enjoy the Tritan drink bottle designed for 9 months and older. This big kids’ bottle has no handles and is shaped like a triangle with a push button lid to make it easy for little hands to grasp and drink without mess!