These super cute baby leggings and baby pants are totally stylish for newborn babies and little ones! Soft organic cotton baby boy pants and babies’ tights keep their little legs warm in the coolest way.

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Keep Your Baby Warm and Cosy with Baby Leggings


Baby leggings are a cute, versatile, must-have item of clothing for your little one. Closer fitting and thinner than trackpants, baby leggings come in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns to keep your baby warm and stylish. Shop our range of baby clothes to view our selection of baby leggings and other best sellers!



Baby leggings are the perfect addition to every baby’s wardrobe

An essential addition to bub’s wardrobe, baby leggings can be worn year round. Rib leggings are a great option in the cooler months to keep your little one’s legs warm while lighter leggings, perhaps cotton ones, are great paired with a lightweight long sleeve top for autumn months. Baby leggings can also be worn over bloomers or, along with a bodysuit, as sleepwear.

Baby leggings for boys

Leggings are a cute baby pant option for boys. Worn alone (in place of more restrictive bottoms like jeans or chino pants), or perhaps as jeggings, baby leggings are a perfect and easy way to add some personality to your baby boy’s outfit. Leggings paired with hoodies are also an adorable urban look for a boy.

Unisex baby leggings

With so many gender neutral colours and patterns to choose from, baby leggings, like onesies, are a true unisex piece of baby clothing.



Baby leggings for girls

Baby girls can also wear leggings, either as stand-alone bottoms or underneath dresses for an added layer of warmth. Knit leggings are a good way to add warmth and style at the same time.

The perfect piece of clothing to layer

Baby leggings are ideal for layering as they are thin enough to wear underneath knitwear, roomier items of clothing like jumpsuits and rompers, as well as underneath dresses.

Designs available

Leggings come in a wide assortment of fun colours, prints, fabrics and designs.
If solids aren’t your thing, let your imagination run wild with the sheer array of designs available. From animals to hot air balloons to stripes, polka dots and honeycomb prints, the variety of print leggings available ensures there’s something for every baby.


What you can match your baby leggings with

Show your baby’s personality (and maybe also yours!) by matching leggings to a featured item of clothing like a cardigan or special t-shirt, or matching leggings with a top in the same colour for a seamless, blended look.

Add them to your present wish list

Baby leggings are an easy and affordable gift and therefore a great item to add to the wishlist on your gift registry.

Brands you can’t go past

Metro Baby’s collection of brands offers a variety of high-quality fabrics, fun styles and price points to suit all your baby pants needs.



What you need to know about baby sizing

Baby clothing is typically sized by age, such as Newborn or 0-3 months, but can also be sized by number (i.e. 0000 for newborns). It’s always best to double check you are buying the correct size by looking at the specific brand’s sizing guide as well as compare the weight and height corresponding to the size (as your baby might be big or small for his or her age).

Buy your baby leggings online

Shop from the comfort of your own home, whenever you have time to do so (whether it’s for those stretches of time when you can’t get up when baby is nursing or at 2am when you are lying awake worrying about your baby boy’s blocked nose). With free shipping on orders over $99 AUD and delivery to most postcodes in Australia, Metro Baby makes buying all your baby items online easy and stress free.



Frequently Asked Questions (faq) About Baby Leggings:


Can newborn boys wear leggings?

Yes, newborn boys can absolutely wear leggings. They are a fantastic addition to any baby’s wardrobe. If you’re still not sure leggings will suit your baby boy, view all our other baby clothing to find the perfect items of clothing for him.

What are baby leggings used for?

Baby leggings are a clothing item used to keep your baby’s legs warm. They can be worn in place of pants or underneath for an added layer of warmth. Our fast and free shipping (on orders over $99 AUD), ensures your leggings arrive quickly.

Can you put tights on a newborn?

Yes, you can put tights on a newborn, as long as they let you get them on their wiggly legs! If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our customer care team and they will be happy to assist you.

What are the best cotton leggings for a baby?

Cotton is a comfortable, lightweight and breathable material well-suited to leggings. The best cotton leggings for a baby are ones that are soft and fit well without being too tight. Organic cotton is a good fabric to choose for mums who are sustainability conscious. If you’re buying a baby gift and can’t decide on the best leggings to choose, a gift card is an easy and thoughtful alternative.