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Owlet baby monitors receive top reviews from parents across Australia. Combine the tracking power of Smart Sock and the visibility of Owlet Cam 2 for the ultimate monitor duo. Follow baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, movements, sounds and more.

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Top Baby Monitors For 2024

With the assistance of a reliable baby monitor, you can hear and see your baby while he or she sleeps. The best baby monitors allow you to get on with other activities with peace of mind knowing you will hear if your baby calls. At Metro Baby we have done the research to help you find the best baby monitors for 2024.

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Baby monitors explained

Baby monitors are essential for new parents and caregivers to help keep children safe in the cot. The monitor consists of a transmitter (positioned by the cot or bassinet) and a receiver(parent unit) that lets you watch or listen to your child from afar. Monitors range from simple audio devices to the latest technology cameras and sensors that track sleep trends and give various insights into your baby’s wellbeing. Monitor technology has evolved considerably in recent decades and now includes features like Wifi connectivity, Bluetooth, full-colour HD video, pulse oximetry readings, sleep analytics and much more.


How the Owlet smart sock 3 works

Parents across Australia enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the latest technological innovations are monitoring their baby’s wellbeing. The Owlet Smart Sock is a device that gives you valuable insights into your baby’s health. How does it work?

  • Attach the fabric sock to your child’s foot before sleep.
  • The sock sensor uses pulse oximetry to gather data while your baby sleeps.
  • Electronics send your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level to the base station.
  • The base station sounds an alert if readings fall outside set parameters.
  • The base station relays real-time information to the Owlet app on your smartphone (as long as it is connected to wifi).


Features of the Owlet smart sock

The award-winning Smart Sock monitors your baby’s vital signs so that you can rest easily. Relax, and take precious time to yourself, knowing you’ll be alerted if and when bub needs you. The Owlet Smart Sock offers you the following:

  • Your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. View readings in the Owlet app at any time and from anywhere.
  • Immediate notifications if your baby’s oxygen level has dropped or heart rate has altered.
  • Sleep trend analysis including total hours of sleep, number of wakings and quality of sleep.
  • Wireless drop & go charging.
  • The Smart Sock 3 Extension Pack includes toddler-sized fabric socks to offer you an additional 42 months of monitoring.
  • Beautiful colours like mint and dusty rose and rainbow.

Advantages of the Owlet smart sock

A traditional baby monitor can only give you so much information. By tracking your baby’s heart rate and oxygen, the Smart Sock lets you know the quality of your baby's sleep. Plus, you can use the sleep trend analysis to create and adapt your routines. Many baby monitors require you to constantly observe the monitor, whereas the Owlet Smart Sock takes a proactive approach, notifying you when something is out of the ordinary.

Features of the owlet baby monitor camera

Pair your Owlet Smart Sock with the Owlet Baby Monitor for the perfect baby safety net. The Owlet Cam 2 gives you the complete picture through video and sound, so you always have one foot in the nursery. Enjoy features like:

  • Stream 1080p HD video and audio directly to your smartphone.
  • Watch and save clips from sound, motion and cry notifications.
  • Video camera with 4X zoom, wide-angle view and night vision.
  • Room temperature and humidity readings.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Cry notification.
  • Streamlined design and a new colour, sleepy sage.

Benefits of the owlet baby monitor camera

The Owlet Cam 2 allows you to see and hear bub from anywhere. Receive notifications to let you know if current readings and use two-way communication to chat with bub from afar. Learn the subtle cues to distinguish between a nappy change and a hunger cry with all-new cry notifications. Never miss a moment as you watch and record, all from your smartphone.

Are Owlet monitors compatible with smart devices?

Yes, Owlet devices are smart monitors. Simply connect through wifi and download the Owlet App. Receive your baby’s readings or watch them live through your iPhone, iPad or Android. Both parents can access information and live readings in the Owlet App over their respective smartphones simultaneously.

Video baby monitor vs Smart Sock baby monitor

Both the video baby monitor and Smart Sock have their distinct advantages. Thanks to the incredible popularity of the Smart Sock, many parents return to purchase Owlet Cam. Choose the Owlet Monitor Duo to combine the tracking power of the Smart Sock with the visibility of the Cam 2 for a complete picture. Both parents can log in anytime to watch the action, chat, or assess the information about baby’s health and wellbeing.

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How much is the Owlet baby monitor?

At Metro Baby, Owlet monitors start at $249.99 (depending on your chosen product and package). Add the Owlet Smart Sock or the Owlet Cam 2 to your gift registry wishlist to let friends and family know your desired brand and model. Additional socks and extension packs can be purchased separately.