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Shop the best baby gifts for 6 months old and beyond for Christmas or any occasion, with delivery across Australia. Our extensive collection includes quality baby products and gift ideas from stacking toys, play mats and sensory toys to feeding sets, fun books, clothing, and more!

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Support bub’s growth and development with the best baby gifts for a 6 month old


Must-have baby items for a 6 month old

Whether you’re looking for must-have baby items for your 6 month old or searching for the perfect gift for a special bub, developmental baby toys from trusted brands are always a safe and popular choice. Some must-have items for a 6 month old includes toys that teach cause and effect, sensory toys that support development, and toys designed for music and creativity. Metro Baby’s must-have baby items include safe and trusted toys and products from leading brands like:

  • Manhattan Toys learning cube, musical toys and stacking toys
  • Atelier Choux blanket, cushion and fitted sheet
  • Konges Slojd activity ring and bath toys
  • Skip Hop activity centre, activity gym, stroller toys, activity toys, shakers and sensory toys with crinkle detail


Trendy baby gifts

While baby gift trends may come and go, best-toy basics never go out of fashion. Like child-safe developmental toys and quality baby products. Choose from sippy cups from B.Box in gelato colours, Mushie sorter and stacking rings in rustic colours, food-grade silicone feeding set and tableware from Olababy and EZPZ. Other perfect gifts that tick the on-trend box are Skip Hop’s Bandana Buddies with crinkle detail and Atelier Choux’s stunning print nursery linen. For eco-friendly families trying to minimise waste, choose easy-to-clean practical and cute bibs with front pocket to catch food and reusable straws with animal design. Educational gifts are also always a trendy baby gift and include books, musical toys and alphabet cards.


Gift ideas for 6-month-old girls

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a baby toy from Metro Baby because all our baby products are the best quality and designed for bub’s development and enjoyment. For 6 month old girls, choose from practical and pretty frill bibs which are also waterproof, gorgeous nursery linen, fun and educational books, push toys, musical toys, sorter and stacking toys, and shakers.


Tips for choosing a gift for a 6 month old boy

For all baby gifts, safety for your little one is always the top priority. All Metro Baby’s products adhere to Australia and New Zealand child safety requirements. Quality is next on the list. Fun, development and education are also top reasons to choose a gift for a 6 month old. In selecting a gift for a 6 month old boy, some popular gift ideas include bath toys which help develop play skills while making bathing fun (because not all kids love to bath!). Stacking toys and blocks are also always a popular choice as well as teething balls, key rattles and cuddle cloths. You also can’t go wrong with books, sippy cups and activity toys.


Sensory toys your 6 month old will love

For a 6 month old, it’s a beautiful time for growth and development. While many baby toys are designed for fun value, quality baby toys are also importantly developmental toys. This includes sensory toys which engage bub’s senses and tactile development. Some mentions of our wide range of sensory toys that your 6 month will love includes:

  • Skip Hop’s Farmstand Beetbox Crawl Ball which not only encourages crawling and musical creativity but also has a tactile fabric leaf and fun start-up sound when the ball is turned on.
  • Manhattan Toys’ Skwish is a popular multi-sensory toy that introduces cause and effect while encouraging the development of gross motor skills such as grasping and reaching. 
  • Wee Gallery’s Taggy Ball with Rattle with organic cotton shell is designed to delight bub’s developing senses with sensory stimulation, gross motor skills and visual development.


Fun feeding sets to gift a 6 month old

Make feeding fun and safe with feeding sets that are easy to use, easy to clean and support bub’s development. Quality food-grade feeding sets also make the perfect gift! At Metro Baby, we tick all these boxes with fun feeding sets as the perfect gift for a 6 month old. Choose from our extensive range of feeding sets, some of which include:

  • Olababy Baby First Feeding Set is designed to help bub transition to solids. Made from food-grade silicone and BPA free, this gorgeous feeding set has a steam bowl, feeding spoon and training spoon, and is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • EZPZ Tiny First Foods Set is perfect for baby’s first foods, from 4+ months, designed for the tiniest high chair trays, ideal for baby-led weaning, purees, yoghurt and baby cereal. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, this feeding set is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, made from high quality silicone that and also BPA free, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free.
  • Baby Bjorn Baby Dinner Set is available in a range of fun colours and is the perfect gift, packaged in a beautiful gift box. This feeding set includes plate, spoon, and fork designed for little hands, a cup that’s hard to tip over, and a large bib with a soft, adjustable neckband. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, certified food safe, it’s also BPA free and free of other harmful substances.
  • Liewood Carol Package is available in a range of gorgeous colours and designs and made from 100% silicone. This fun feeding set includes silicone bib, silicone teether and silicone cup all presented in a gorgeous gift box making it a perfect gift for a 6 month old.


Stacking toys for 6 month old babies

Other than quality feeding sets for an independent 6 month old baby, other great gift ideas include stacking toys. Besides the fun, stacking toys help bub develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, language and communication. Some of our popular stacking toys include:

  • Stacking cups from Mushie and Liewood available in various colour options, shapes and designs. Perfect for little sorters!
  • Wooden blocks are also timeless stacking toys, like Plantoys Sensory Blocks which stimulate touch, feel and sound and also encourages kinesthetic learning.
  • Stacking rings, like Manhattan Toys Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack Up is made from wood from sustainable forests and water-based paints. Suitable for 9+ months, this stacking toy encourages problem solving and development of fine motor skills.


Best sensory toys for a 6 month old baby, from teethers to crinkle toys

Sensory toys are another group of toys that combine play and brain development for bub, and also make great gifts for a 6 month old. Sensory toys stimulate the senses and help bub’s brain develop sensory processing capabilities. Some of our top sensory toys for a 6 month old baby include:

  • Plantoys Sensory Tumbling Faces contains a set of three round wooden tumbling faces each featuring different sensory experiences—auditory, visual, and textural. Perfect for little hands!
  • Done By Deer Cozy Friend, available in various styles, is designed for little hands to easily grasp and explore the colourful tags, different textures and shapes to give your little one a sensory experience. And the soft silicone teether will stimulate and soothe itchy gums.
  • Wee Gallery Activity Pad Peekaboo Pets is a modern activity pad that stimulates bub’s sense with high contrast graphics and sensory features including crinkle flaps, sounds, embroidery and peekaboo pockets with hidden treasures.
  • Teethers, like Haakaa’s 2-in-1 Fresh Food Feeding Teether and Mushie’s Teether Ball are built for little hands and help ease teething pain. Made from food-grade silicone, these teethers are also easily washable.


Baby play books to give as a present

Reading to bub can start at an early age. And as bub becomes more independent, they’ll also want to page through their favourite book to see what happens next. Reading not only supports language development but is also a beautiful bonding time between a parent and bub. Bath books also make bathing fun while supporting bub’s curiosity. Some of many popular baby play books to give as a present include: Quarto Wee Gallery Colour Me Bath Book range in various story themes; Quarto’s It’s OK to Make Mistakes; Skip Hop E&M Mix & Match Book; and Penguin’s Baby Touch Animals tab book.


Best baby chairs for a 6 month old

Baby chairs are also a popular gift for a 6 month old, especially since bub is becoming more independent, sitting and feeding. So a baby high chair is a much appreciated gift and will be used for months and possibly years. Our range of quality baby chairs for a 6 month old include Childhome’s Evolu 2 High Chair and Bumbo’s Multi Seat.


Baby gifts for the nursery

Choose from our wide range of beautiful baby gifts for the nursery. Our range of soft quality baby items makes a baby room welcoming, warm and beautiful. Browse our range which includes:

  • Atelier Choux’s fitted sheet, cushion and Cashmere blanket in Hot Air Balloon design
  • Skip Hop Celestial Dreams Activity Gym
  • Liewood’s Activity Play Mat and Activity Blanket
  • Wee Gallery’s Activity Pad
  • Soft toys like Liewood’s Riley the Rabbit and Milo Knit Cuddle Cloth


Factors to consider when buying a baby gift and searching for the best toys

When searching for the best toy or baby product as a baby gift, give a trusted child-safe brand that not only looks beautiful but importantly keeps bub busy. Parents love quality gifts that last and that will keep their little one engaged and entertained while supporting their development. It‘s always safe to choose a gift that gives bub joy and safely supports playtime and development.


Baby gift ideas for first time parents, from teething toys to tummy time play mats

If you’re searching for baby gifts for first time parents, the choices are endless. For most parents though a quality gift that supports bub’s development is always appreciated. Even for a newborn, giving a gift for 6 months to 1 year old is also appreciated for a parent to pull out a cupboard to entertain and delight bub a few months down the line. Some baby gift ideas for first time parents include quality feeding products that are also easily washable to keep hygienically clean. These include feeding teethers, feeding sets, sippy cups and silicone bibs. Popular toys include toys stacking toys, wooden blocks, sensory toys, bath toys, teething toys and shakers--all designed for little hands. Parents also appreciate gifts for bub’s nursery which includes linen, soft toys and play mats. Soft clothing and fun board books are also always a good choice.


Brands to look out for include Atelier Choux, SkipHop and VTech

Metro Baby offer an extensive range of baby products from trusted brands which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Our collection of Australian and international brands include Bumbo, Haakaa, SkipHop, Manhattan Toys, Snuggle Hunny Kids, Mushie, EZPZ, VTech and Atelier Choux. From bed time to bath time, tummy time to meal time, and much playtime in between, Metro Baby have the best baby products on offer for all bub’s developmental milestones.


Buying baby gifts online with Metro Baby, for many milestones

Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many and changing needs. Our gifts are carefully selected to suit a range of milestones from newborn to 6 months, 6-12 month old, 1-2 year old and 2-3 year old, which makes finding the right gift for a precious bub that much easier. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, gift registry and gift cards. We also offer free delivery on standard orders over $99 and ship to most postcodes across Australia.




What do you buy a six month old baby? From bath toys to highchairs to musical toys.

For all child products, from newborn to the first year and well beyond, always buy a quality product from a trusted brand that adheres to the necessary child safety requirements. The next step is to choose a product that is age appropriate and safe for the child. For a six month old baby, some great gifts include feeding sets, sensory toys, pop-up and stacking toys, bath toys, plush toys, play mats, water mats, floor mirrors, activity centers, sorters, shakers, and fun books. Whether a Birthday gift or baby shower gift, we have the perfect present for a six month old baby whatever your budget, from bath toys to highchairs, musical toys to plush toys, and so much more.


What is the best gift for a 6-month-old baby girl?

At 6 months, whether you’re choosing for a baby boy or baby girl, developmental toys are much the same, which includes sensory toys, bath toys, books, high chairs, feeding sets, soft toys, and more. For a girl though, your colour selection may change. Great gifts from Metro Baby for a 6-month old baby girl includes gorgeous clothes, frill bibs, soft toys, and feeding sets. Bath toys make bath time fun and sippy cups and tableware are great for self-feeding. Activity mats and play gyms are popular for tummy time and to keep bub entertained. All much-used gifts for a 6-month-old baby girl!