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Baby play mats keep your little one safe, clean and protected during playtime. Shop for exciting colours, patterns and designs. Add a kid’s activity gym and toys for interactive stimulation, and watch their cognitive skills grow before your eyes.

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Top Baby Play Mats For 2024

Baby play mats are guaranteed playtime fun for your little one. For solo enjoyment with baby toys or interactive times with Mum and Dad. At Metro Baby we have done the research that will help you choose the top play mats for your little one in 2024.

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The best baby play mats in Australia

Keep your baby clean, protected and stimulated with play mats and activity mats. Take a break from entertaining the little one and place them on a clean, soft surface where they can explore and grow independently. As they develop, mats with educational elements and baby toys will stimulate their minds and encourage motor skills. Discover Australia’s best range of play mats and activity mats at Metro Baby.

Top features of a play mat

Provide your baby or toddler with a comfortable and safe place to play, crawl, and roll around. Whilst there are many different designs and styles, some of the key features parents appreciate include the following.

  • Easy to clean - Mats are generally machine washable for easy maintenance. High-quality non-slip surfaces are easy to wipe clean. Portable styles are often water-resistant.
  • Chic design - From simple chic colours to beautiful prints and elaborate patterns, there are plenty of exciting styles to choose from. Opt for a reversible play mat that offers alternate surface prints. Flip them over to suit the space and your baby’s mood.
  • Durable materials - These toddler-resistant floor mats are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of playtime. Let your baby play, crawl, and roll, knowing that your flooring, carpet or rugs are safe and protected.
  • Soft padding - Choose a padded play mat for extra cushioning on hard surfaces. Bub will experience total comfort on a foam playmat during tummy time or time on their back.
  • Non-toxic textiles - A non-toxic play mat provides a safe and healthy play environment for your baby. Non-toxic materials do not contain harmful chemicals that could potentially harm their health or well-being.
  • Lightweight and portable design - A lightweight, portable design is easily transported around the home or taken on a beach date or park outing. Playmats provide a familiar and comfortable play space for your baby wherever you go.

Padded baby play mats

Soft mats cushion your baby from cold, hard floor surfaces and provide a cozy and inviting space for play. Quilted or foam mats offer protection and keep babies comfortable enough to play for hours. Set them up with their favourite wooden toys, teething toys or baby books as you enjoy hands-free time.

Perfect for tummy time

Play mats provide a hygienic surface where you can supervise your baby as they work to develop their strength, muscles and physical coordination. Tummy time is essential for babies to establish the neck, back and core strength vital to their development. Easily slide your playmat into the pram or nappy bag a take your park or beach adventure.

  • Midi Circle by Gathre: Use this stunning mat as a beach towel, picnic blanket, craft mat, or tablecloth—an easy on-the-go water-resistant option. Choose stars, rainbows or a world map design.
  • Dwinguler Play Mats: Scandinavian designs make the eco-friendly cushioned playmats a stylish addition to the nursery, playroom or living space.

Stylish, affordable, safe

Playmats are a favourite amongst Australian parents. These easily affordable accessories provide safe play for hours of entertainment. What’s more, they look fantastic in a nursery, playroom or out on the lawn. If you're looking for a baby gift for a new mum, then play mats are a surefire win. Better yet, add one to your gift registry wishlist and let a loved one buy it for your shower.

Mats for play-based learning

As your child grows and begins to develop cognitive skills, you can upgrade an interactive play mat or activity gym. Add one to the playpen or playroom for:

  • Sensory stimulation - Your child will improve sensory perception with patterns, sounds and light that stimulate the senses, assisting cognitive, motor and emotional development.
  • Fine motor skills development -Pushing buttons and turning knobs improves hand-eye coordination and more. Gross motor skills, such as rolling, crawling and sitting, are put to the test.
  • Cause and effect learning - Children learn that specific actions cause a response, like touching a button to produce a noise. They can learn about basic concepts of cause, action, and outcome.
  • Cognitive stimulation: Recognising educational elements like numbers, letters, shapes, and colours will enhance cognitive development.
  • Memory and problem solving: Baby play gyms include games or puzzles that require problem-solving skills. Playing games fosters memory skills, spatial awareness, and critical thinking abilities.
  • Imagination and creative play: Imaginative play scenes and storytelling features foster your child’s creativity. Young children are required to think creatively, express themselves, and use their imagination to create stories and scenarios.

Convert your child to a lover of tummy time

It’s no secret that tummy time contributes to Bub’s development. Visually stimulating elements will intrigue your baby as they explore their surroundings. Sensory elements capture their attention, encouraging them to lift their head, reach and interact. Engaging designs can include colourful patterns, textures and interactive elements to keep them interested. Suddenly, tummy time looks a whole lot more fun!

  • IVI Play Rugs - 3D playmats loved by kids across Australia. Mini city, farm and traffic design offer hours of fun.
  • Skip Hop Baby Play and Activity Gyms - Immerse your little one in sensory fun with vibrant designs that activate your child’s wild imagination!

A safe, soothing play space

Babies are renowned for putting everything in their mouths, including play mats. That’s why Metro Baby play mats are made with non-toxic materials that do not contain phthalates, formaldehyde, BPA, lead, PVC or flame retardants. Non-toxic play mats come in eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or natural rubber for a more sustainable option.

  • Purebaby play mats - soft, neutral designs to suit your baby and your home’s interior look. Purbaby mats are made from a cotton linen blend with recycled polyester padding.
  • Wee Gallery's Organic Reversible Play mats - Made in India using traditional organic fabrics. Choose stunning scenery like wildlife, safari or forest.

Match a luxe padded baby play mat to nursery decor

Add a chic touch of colour to the nursery with a beautiful new play mat. Available in a vast spectrum of stunning colours and beautiful tactile fabrics, a play mat will instantly bring your nursery to life. Choose plush, quilted or textured surfaces that look so cosy the whole family want to lie on the floor and play.

  • Nobodinoz play mats - add a modern decor touch to the room with a sensory style that both you and your baby will love. Styles look as good in the living room as in the nursery.
  • Tami Playmat by Charlie Crane - Exceptionally comfortable and soft 3 cm thick foam play mat. Choose from a luxurious range of rich colours.

Fun shapes to choose from

Choose the right shape for your nursery or living area. Rectangular styles are the most common as they are typically larger in size to allow babies to crawl and explore. However, circles and squares are common, too, as they offer Bub a cosy, intimate space to explore. For something usual, try a unique shape like a hexagon, cloud or spaceship!

Buy your baby play mat at Metro Baby

Metro Baby carries Australia’s best range of baby play mats and activity gyms from all your favourite brands. Shop a curated collection of the most popular designs, carefully selected for their quality, style and innovative design. Spend over $99 to receive free delivery at checkout. Of course, if you’d like to browse in person, pop by our beautiful Melbourne store.


What should I look for in a baby activity mat?

We suggest you select a play mat that is high-quality, safe, stylish, fun and age-appropriate. Check that your play mat is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The certification proves that the textiles used in your play mat, plush toys or nursery fabrics meet Australian/New Zealand safety standards and have been tested for harmful substances.


How can a play mat assist your child's development?

Nurture your child toward a bright start with a play mat that offers an engaging sensory and cognitive experience. Young children experience sensory stimulation, gain motor skills practice and encounter problem-solving opportunities that foster development. Plus, they engage in creative playtime and harness their imaginations.