Pram Hooks

Avoid the stress and struggle of carrying all of bub’s daily essentials in your arms. Convenient pram hooks let you clip your baby bag (or shopping) to the stroller for easy, hands-free travel.

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Staying organised is a constant challenge as a parent. With so many items to keep track of for the baby, the kids and yourself, it’s easy to forget (or lose) your essential items. Pram accessories that help you order things can be an absolute saviour. The simple addition of pram hooks (otherwise known as pram clips) to your stroller makes life on the go more efficient. Strap your stroller organiser, nappy bag, shopping, or handbag directly to the pram for a hands-free option.

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Easy-to-use pram hooks wrap around the pram handle and velcro together. You can then attach your baby bag (or other bags) to the carabiner hooks, ready for the day ahead. Put an end to the constant juggling and searching for bags with a simple set of stroller clips. Positioning your bag in a convenient spot allows quick and easy access to all your essentials. Shop online with Metro Baby for stylish designs and bestsellers.

Pram hooks for bags, nappy bags & shopping bags

Easy access to essential items is vital when you are out and about with your baby. With your stroller organiser at your fingertips, you can quickly grab a bottle warmer and new teat, a bib for lunchtime or a thermometer for when bub looks unwell. Conveniently pull out the diaper bag for change time, or whip a jumper and mittens out of the backpack when the temperature drops. If breastfeeding, a pram bag with essentials like breast pumps, nursing pads and storage bags will be right there when you need it.

Not only do pram clips service baby needs, they can also be used for personal things. Hang the shopping, your gym bag or a carry bag for easy, hands-free travel.

Easy clip-on and clip-off pram hooks

Simple solutions are often the best, and pram hooks are a prime example. Easy clip-on attachments can spare you the struggle of carrying too much weight. Let’s take a look at pram hook features:

  • Elegant metal hardware.
  • Universal fit and simple to attach.
  • Made from a heavy-duty, durable webbing.
  • High-quality velcro straps secure clips in place.
  • Travel hands-free with convenient access to your bag.
  • Suitable for handbags, pacifier pouches, baby bags, nappy bags, shopping bags and more.


Stylish & Functional Pram Hooks

Not only are pram hooks practical, but they also look stylish with your other pram accessories. Discover stunning colours in the Konges Slojd collection, like blush, cognac and moss grey. Alternatively, opt for a chic polished black pram peg by Nappy Society - the ideal complement to your black vegan leather pacifier pouch.

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Source all the best stroller accessories at Metro Baby. We’ve tried and tested products from Australia and overseas to bring you a curated collection of the best brands. Shop online for all your pram accessories, including:

  • Snack trays and cup holders
  • Rain covers and footmuffs
  • Pram blankets and liners
  • Stroller organisers and nappy bags
  • Pram skateboards and pram clips


Shop pram hooks for single prams, double prams and travel prams

No matter what type of pram you have, stroller hooks are suitable. The strap easily slides around any pram handle with an adjustable velcro fastening. Add a stylish hook to your single pram, double pram or travel pram for extra convenience and practicality.


Add pram hooks to your gift registry

Give friends and family a sneak peek at your wishlist by creating a gift registry. Add your pram hooks for an essential yet affordable gift idea. You can also add lovely gifting items like mobiles, play mats, sleeping bags and swaddles and larger items like cots, bassinets, mattresses, car seats, high chairs, bouncers, playpens and rockers.

What’s more, gift givers will receive free delivery at checkout when they spend over $99.


What is a pram hook?

A pram hook is a special strap made of durable webbing that comes fitted with a heavy-duty carabiner clip. They come in various colours and materials to suit your other pram accessories.

How is a pram hook used?

Strap a set of hooks to the handle of your baby pram or stroller and hang items like baby bags, nappy bags, handbags, shopping or a pacifier pouch for convenient hands-free travel. Quickly access important items when you need them most.