Bath time with your newborn or infant can often be a unique bonding time between you and your baby. Metro Baby’s selection of bathtubs, skin care, bath mats and other bathroom accessories can help make baby bathing special, fun and safe.

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Top Baby Baths For 2024

New parents or caregivers will quickly find out that giving your baby a bath can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Looking for a helpful and safe baby bathtub? At Metro Baby we have done the research that will help you choose the top baths for your little one in 2024.

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Make Bath Time Fun Time with Products Designed for Baby


Bathing a newborn is a special, but perhaps sometimes overwhelming experience for new parents and bub. Help your little one take to bathing like a duck to water with the perfect tub, hooded towel, rinser, washcloth and toys.


Newborn and infant bathtub essentials checklist

Here are some essential items to help keep a wiggly, slippery newborn or infant safe while you bathe them.
● Baby bath tub or baby bath seat to safely help hold bub.
● Bath stand if you don't have enough bench space for your tub.
● Bath towels to dry baby.
● Step stool for mum to sit on now and for baby to use once they become a toddler.
● Bath spout cover to protect baby (and parents) from accidental bumps.
● Rinsers and washcloths to clean delicate and hard-to-reach areas.
● Baby shampoo, soap or body wash for sensitive skin.

What you need for a newborn

The minimum you need for bathing a newborn is a baby bath support like a baby bath, a soft washcloth, mild soap (although warm, clean water can be sufficient) and clean, dry towels.

Newborns only need a proper bath a couple of times a week. On other days, it’s perfectly fine to just give them a quick “top and tail” clean.


First time parents checklist

Bathing a baby might be a bit stressful for first time parents, so keep the below checklist handy for things to remember:

● Keep bub warm in and out of the bath by ensuring the water is warm, not hot, and the room is at least 27°C.
● Have all bathing accessories nearby: sponges, washcloths, soap, shampoo, rinser cups, towels, etc.
● Consider buying bath kneelers to protect your knees and a bath organiser to keep essential items within easy reach.
● Have a soft towel, fresh set of clothes and clean nappy standing by before you start.

And remember, although some babies love having a bath, it's quite normal for a newborn to not like bath time!

Popular baby bath toys

When children are young, almost anything, from unused, empty containers and cups to colourful teethers, can be used for bath time entertainment. Here are some other ideas to help make bath time fun time:

  • Bath crayons, bubble bath soaps, bath squirters, bath books, sensory toys, soft toys like a classic rubber duck.



Bathing your baby in a large tub – what accessories you need

When using a large tub to bathe your baby, you can either use a baby bath inside a big tub or pick up a baby dam, which is a plastic barrier that separates out a section of a large tub, allowing you to change the size of the section as your baby grows.

Making sure the water temperature is right

A baby should be bathed in warm, not hot, water. Test the temperature with your elbow or wrist or use a bath thermometer to take the guesswork out of finding the water temperature that’s just right.



Best skin care products for your baby and toddler

As babies have sensitive skin, ensure that the skincare products you use are gentle, non-toxic and formulated specifically for a baby. While unscented nappy creams, baby oil, shampoo, body wash and lotion are routinely used, plant-derived ingredients like calendula, white mallow, lavender and chamomile are popular and safe choices to soothe and protect a baby’s delicate skin.

Keeping baby dry after the bath

It's very important you immediately and properly dry a baby after a bath with a clean, dry towel, making sure to keep him or her warm as you dry and dress them.



Cleaning accessories to consider

Keep baby clean with these handy cleaning accessories:

● Finger or silicone toothbrushes
● Baby nail care kit
● Baby shampoo and body wash
● Shampoo rinsers
● 2-in-1 soft massager and soap dispenser
● Washcloths and soft sponges

Popular baby bath accessories

● Soap and shampoo rinsers
● Bath tub organisers
● Toys, decals and stickers
● Non-slip bath mats
● Hooded towels
● Room and bath thermometer
● Baby hair brushes

Accessories for toddlers and older children

As children get older and become pro bathers, their needs will change (i.e. they will grow out of their newborn tub and start using a step stool to get in and out of the bath). Additionally, they will need more engaging toys to not get easily bored in the tub. Here are some ideas:
● Waterfalls and fountains (anything water flows through).
● Floating boats, ferries and blocks.
● Beach toys like buckets, strainers and balls.
● Bathtub basketball, hoop tossing toys and magnetic fishing games (to help develop hand eye coordination).
● Soft, squeezable toys.
● Light up or colour changing toys or water flutes (to activate senses).
● Sea creatures like whales, dolphins, fish, etc.
● Non-toxic bubbles and foam.



The perfect presents for baby

From car seats and highchairs to bassinets, strollers and baby carriers, Metro Baby carries a large and varied selection of baby items guaranteed to be the perfect present. Bath best sellers like the Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Rinser or suction cup bath mat are no-brainer presents that help make bath time safe and easy.

Which brands to look out for

Nowadays there is a massive variety of brands available for purchase. Shop quality brands like Haakaa, Shnuggle, Skip Hop, Munchkin, Infasecure and Puj for safe, stylish and fun baby products.

Buying baby bath accessories online at Metro Baby

Whether you’re redeeming a gift card, creating a gift registry or looking for a gift under $100, Metro Baby makes shopping online simple, fast and fun.


Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bath Accessories


What bath product should you look for?

Look for bath products specifically designed for your needs and the age of your child. For example, consider a flexi bath or one you can hang on a wall if you don’t have much storage or a bath stand if you don’t have counter space for a baby bath. Shop our bath towels and accessories page to browse bath products perfect for you and bub!

What bath products are best for newborns?

The best bath products for newborns are ones specifically designed to be safe and effective for newborns. Metro Baby’s product categories make it easy to find the products you need, from skin care & body wash to nappies & wipes.

How can I make my baby’s bath more comfortable?

The best way to make your baby’s bath experience (and yours) comfortable and stress-free is all in the preparation.
● Make sure the room and water temperature is warm enough and that you prepare the bath before undressing baby.
● Have everything you need close by including a clean towel, nappy and change of clothes.
● Consider playing calming music or singing to bub.
● If baby is fussy, try to remain confident and calm and complete the process quickly.
View our baby care section for items to help care for your baby before, during and after bath time.

What is needed for baby bath time?

Depending on whether you are bathing a newborn or a toddler, you will need slightly different products for bath time. Our bath tubs and accessories section has a plethora of items suitable for all bath time stages, from newborn to toddler.