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Our leading collection of baby books at Metro Baby allow for a range of ages and developmental stages. We provide accessible books for first-year new parents, engaging children's publications, and colourful stories for babies.

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Make storytime a special time to bond, learn and have fun with your little one!

Reading to your new baby from a very early age not only strengthens your relationship with them, but helps develop their cognitive skills and speech while teaching them about the world around them. Even if you think a baby is too young to understand or listen, they are absorbing information, developing language skills and learning how to express emotion through voice. Reading is the perfect bonding activity for new parents and their baby.


Best baby books to look out for

When it comes to baby books, there are countless best sellers and new releases to easily help build a little library that entertains and teaches your little one. Baby books like When the World Was Waiting for You and Guess How Much I Love You make fantastic baby gifts. For more ideas on the best kids’ books, search online for “Best of” lists and ask friends with kids of the same age or older.

First baby books to have at home

The first books you read to your baby should be graphic, quick reads that are visually stimulating and simple. Repetitive nursery rhymes and simple picture and word books that teach word associations and build basic vocabulary are excellent choices for first books.

Young babies “read” with their hands and mouths, so first baby books should also be durable and sensory. Indestructibles are a brand of non-toxic, washable, chew-proof, rip-proof and drool-proof books that allow your baby to explore the book with their hands and mouth without ruining it.



Must read board books for babies and toddlers

Board books are popular for babies and toddlers as they have thicker, more durable pages that make it easier for baby to turn pages and harder for them to tear them! You can’t go wrong with classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton and Where is the Green Sheep? by Australian writer Mem Fox. These fun, silly and sweet books begin to teach babies about animals, animal sounds, colours, numbers, food, bedtime rituals and love.

Other examples of board books are:

● Hide-and-seek board books that bring the much-loved baby game of Peekaboo to the page with surprising, hidden fun.
● Touch and feel books that offer bub different textures to “see” with their fingers.

Baby memory books

Help baby learn their ABCs, numbers, shapes, plants, pets and more with memory books! The Baby Touch collection of books help bub learn about vehicles, food, colours or farm animals while Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes is a rhyming book that teaches about diversity and body parts.



Best baby book for their first year

Finding the best kids’ books for your little one’s first year is a special time of discovery and fun. Explore themes and items your baby gravitates towards, whether your little boy loves the colour red or your little girl is obsessed with bunny rabbits.

Picture books for your toddler

As your child grows from newborn to infant to toddler, they will start to enjoy longer stories with more words, however picture books will always be a popular choice

Flap books, cloth books, peekaboo books (with liftable flaps) and board books are all fun styles of picture books that allow bub to interact with telling a story by touching the book and turning pages.

High contrast baby books

As a baby's vision is fuzzy and develops rapidly in their first six months, it's important to take this into consideration by buying high contrast baby books that their eyes can focus on more easily.


High contrast black and white baby books

High contrast, bold, graphic and patterned black and white baby books are even easier for young babies to see.

Children books as a gift idea

Children's books make wonderful gifts, either because they were your child’s favourite, you remember them from your own childhood or you are recommended them by a friend. Audiobooks are another way to share a story when you’re not able to sit down with bub yourself.

What to read to your baby

Babies love stories with repetition, rhyming, singing or silly voices. When reading, give your baby the time to look at the pictures, touch the book and point at what excites them. Reading time is a special bonding time between parent and baby so create a ritual around reading each day that your baby will carry into childhood.



How children benefit from being read to

The following are just some of the ways children benefit from reading:
● Encourages a baby’s curiosity and imagination.
● Promotes brain development, language and cognition skills and emotional intelligence.
● Strengthens the bond between a parent and child.
● Teaches the child about the world around them as well as people, relationships and cultures.
● Sparks conversations and helps with social development and thinking skills.

Brands to look out for

There are so many authors and series of books to look out for when buying baby books. Dr Seuss is a perennial favourite, as are the Miffy books, Beatrix Potter, Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh.

Buying baby books online with Metro Baby

Metro Baby’s large collection of favourites and new releases makes buying baby books online an easy and fun activity. Shop for a baby shower gift set or redeem a gift card today to find books to entertain, teach and create magical worlds for children.


Frequently Asked Questions About baby books:


What books should you read to a newborn?

Newborns love being close to mum or dad and hearing their voices tell stories as they look at simple, vibrant images. What you read to a newborn is less important than just taking the time to be close and communicate with your little one. If you need help deciding what books are best for a newborn, contact one of our helpful customer service representatives today.

What is the best baby book to buy?

The best baby book to buy depends on the age of the child you are purchasing for. If you are unsure what book is best, consider buying a gift card to let mum or dad choose the best book to suit their baby.

What age do babies like books?

Babies of all ages love being read to. Newborns respond to high contrast, simple picture books while young children start to enjoy more involved stories and intricate illustrations. While books offer fantastic mental stimulation, it’s important to also provide babies with physical activity. Baby play gyms are fantastic products to help develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate baby’s senses.

Should babies read books?

Reading books to babies develops their language and cognition skills, as well as helps them become interested in learning to read themselves. In addition to books, babies love playing with wooden toys like stacking toys, sensory blocks and puzzles to identify shapes and colours and develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills.