Baby Play Gym Toys


      Play gyms and baby play mats are high-quality floor mats and activity gyms for your precious little one's first months. Our range of reversible padded play mats and interactive baby play gyms feature non-toxic materials safe and comfy for babies' tummy time, floor time and developmental play time.

      The Baby Play Mats Australia Adores!


      Our delightful designs include soft and soothing floor mats in subtle colours perfect for tummy time through to interactive activity mats to keep bubs and tiny tots entertained for ages!


      Baby floor mats perfect for tummy time

      From a simple floor mat to an activity mat with a built-in interactive baby gym, baby floor mats have multiple uses. They are clean, soft and non-allergenic floor mats and stimulating, developmental baby activity centres.

      What is a baby play mat?

      Baby play mats come in all shapes and sizes, with different features too. Simple, reversible baby floor mats are:

      • Cushioned for baby's comfort; A safe and protected place to lay baby on the floor,
      • Designed with baby toys, colours or patterns to encourage your little one's engagement and development.

        Perfect for tummy time or to pop a freestanding baby play gym over the top, baby play mats are as essential as nappy bags, night lights and bassinets!


        The importance of having a padded baby play mat

        While those first few weeks can feel like an eternity, before you know it your newborn baby will begin teething, rolling over and reaching for things that catch his or her eye. Just as we consider all safety aspects when we buy car seats, prams, strollers and change tables, a padded baby play mat means that baby is safe from spills and tumbles as he or she becomes more mobile.

        In the early days it's hard to imagine your beautiful newborn bubs starting to reach for things, but that time isn't far off! The baby play mats with accessories, also called play gyms, baby gyms and activity mats invite such movement, attracting baby's attention with bright colours and moving objects. The padding is there to protect your precious little one as their bodies grow and develop.


        Play mats for newborns

        Beautifully cushioned for baby's protection, soft floor mats are perfect for family homes with hard floors and new babies! Round play mats like the Little Wiwa Cirkular Play Mats are made from non-toxic, sustainable materials so they're safe for baby. These reversible mats feature two designs and colours so you can turn them over for a change of scenery.

        If you prefer baby floor mats in natural and organic fibres, the Susukoshi quilted cotton round play mats and the Safari Organic Play Mats are great examples. They are reversible, machine washable floor mats available in handy drawstring bags for safe, clean floor-time anywhere, anytime.



        Different colours and designs available

        Catch bubs' attention - or send them off to the land of nod - with soft and snuggly Skip Hop activity gyms. These luxuriously plush activity mats have gentle colour palettes with pops of bright colours and fun accessories to stimulate baby's senses. Of course the comfy cushioning and soft textures might just lull them to sleep too.

        Something like the Dwinguler baby mats grow with baby, providing a non-toxic, non-slip foam mat with designs promoting learning opportunities for both babies and toddlers.

        Remember, our huge range of floor mats and activity gyms for newborns to toddlers make wonderful baby gifts!


        Do babies need a play mat?

        Babies and mums and dads need a baby play mat - for different reasons!

        1. A padded play mat provides a safe space to lay baby down for essential tummy time and time on their back. Floor time contributes to babies' physical development.
        2. An activity mat with integrated baby toys provides the visual stimulation important for bubs' mental development.
        3. When mums and dads need hands-free time, a soft, safe, and clean floorspace to lay baby down is important.


        Features to look for when buying a baby play mat or play gym

        On every new parent's wishlist will be a gorgeous baby play mat from Metro Baby. If you're starting with a simple floor mat for your newborn, the important features include:

        • Non-toxic, chemical-free materials
        • High quality non-slip surfaces
        • Machine washable
        • Cushioned layers
        • Reversible

        If you're considering a padded play mat with a built-in play gym, you need:

        • High quality, non-toxic, chemical free materials
        • Safe and versatile design such as hanging plush toys which can be moved about
        • Baby-safe removable accessories so the floor mat can be washed
        • Quilted or foam mats for comfort and protection
        • Interactive developmental activities to stimulate baby




        Different types of play mats and play gyms

        At Metro Baby you'll find a fantastic range of high quality, certified safe play gyms and cushioning baby play mats for newborns to toddlers.

        1. Our extra large, non-slip, waterproof baby play mats are suitable for any decor as baby transitions from nursery to bedroom. Once your child is in kindy or pre-school these easily-cleaned mats are perfect for protecting the floors in children's playrooms and bedrooms.
        2. You'll find adorable activity mats in soft pastel shades with baby-safe accessories for newborns.
        3. A wide range of baby play mats offer various patterns, pictures and designs for learning opportunities.
        4. Bold, bright and vibrant play gyms provide multiple developmental activities to stimulate bub's senses.
        5. Colourful rugs with integrated cityscape designs are perfect activity mats for encouraging imaginative play.


        Best-selling play mats

        At Metro Baby you'll find only the best baby play mats made from high quality materials from leading international brands.

        Shop online for our best-selling baby floor mats and activity mats with Australia wide and international shipping available. Checkout and find free shipping on offer for orders over $99.