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Nourish your Baby Well at Every Feeding Stage

Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle feeding (with baby formula or breast milk) or introducing your baby to solid foods, finding the right products helps ensure each stage is as stress-free and seamless as possible. With a little research, advice and planning, you and bub can transition from each stage with minimal fuss and mess.


Feeding your baby solids – what you need to know

Introducing solids can be an exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking milestone for any parent. Here are a few points to keep in mind:
● When a baby starts to sit unassisted, or with minimal help, they are usually ready to start eating solids.
● Here are some additional signs your baby is ready to begin experimenting with solids: They show interest in food, start bringing their hands to their mouth, open their mouth when you move a spoon towards their mouth, become uninterested in breastfeeding or a bottle or aren't satisfied after being fed.
● Remember that even when you are feeding your baby solids, you still usually feed them milk until at least 12 months.

At what age can you start to feed a baby solids

Most babies can be introduced to solids around 6 months when they naturally start needing more nutrient-dense food, protein and nutrients such as iron and zinc. Until this age, babies have "tongue extrusion reflex", meaning they push food out of their mouths with their tongue and have not developed the skill of moving food from the front of the tongue to the back of the mouth to swallow.

Supports for babies to sit upright when feeding

In order to start on solids, a baby should be of a developmental stage where they can sit in their highchair with their head and back unsupported. However, babies often benefit from the added support of padded cushions and inserts or a rolled towel or small, flat pillow behind their back and/or their sides. A footrest also helps keep them upright.

Keeping baby clean when they are eating solids

Sometimes the hardest part of feeding a baby solids is getting the majority of the baby food in their mouth rather than all over them (and you!). Help keep the mess to a minimum with easy-wipe, waterproof bibs, flexible feeding spoons and suction base bowls.


Best Sippy cups in different styles and sizes

Sippy cups are training cups that help a baby transition from bottle to cup. They come in many different styles and sizes, making them perfect for all ages and feeding needs. Whether you choose a hard or soft spout, a weighted or unweighted straw, or a flat lid, all sippy cups should be easy to clean, leak-free, made from BPA-free materials and have easy-to-grip handles. Some sippy cups even come as part of a larger system that allows you to swap out different cups with an interchangeable base.

Bowls, plates and cutlery with a little difference

Here are some features to look out for when shopping for bowls, plates and cutlery:
● Silicone grip
● Suction base
● Oven, dishwasher, freezer and/or microwave safe
● Seperate sections
● Sturdy and scratch-resistant
● Easy to clean


Accessories to make preparing your food for baby that little easier

● Baby food makers, mashers, blenders or steamers
● Silicone spatulas and other flexible utensils
● Feeding essentials like bowls, plates, cups, spoons and forks
● Multiportion storage pods
● Baby food warmer

What accessories newborn mums need when breastfeeding

Here are a few accessories to help new mums on their breastfeeding journey by allowing them breastfeed comfortably and ensuring a healthy milk supply:
● Nursing bras; Nursing pillows; Nursing pads
● Nursing covers;  If pumping: an electric or manual breast pump, baby bottles, pumping bras and breast milk storage bags.


Other accessories you may not of thought about

● Nipple shields or lanolin nipple cream for sore, cracked or inverted nipples.
● Silicone milk collectors to capture “let down” throughout the day.
● Anti-colic bottles to help reduce colic and discomfort.

Soothing baby when they are upset

It’s easy to want to do anything to calm a fussy baby, including over feeding them. Assuming your little one is fed, changed and well-rested, there are several ways to try to soothe a fussy baby:
1. Gently rock or bounce them or try speaking or singing softly in a repetitive manner.
2. Distract them with play.
3. Try a pacifier or soother, or perhaps their favourite cuddly soft toy.
4. Reduce stimulation and stick to a routine that works well for you and bub.


Which brands to look out for

Bibs, Haakaa, Comotomo, Mushie, Liewood, Snuggle Hunny Kids, Medela, Olababy, Beaba and Pigeon are all quality brands stocked by Metro Baby.

Buying baby nursing and feeding products online at Metro Baby

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baby nursing and feeding products:

What feeding equipment do you need for a newborn?

The feeding equipment you need for a newborn depends on if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding. While our newborn bottle, teats & warmers section covers milk or formula fed babies, breastfeeding mums need items like breast pumps, nipple shields and milk collectors, while formula feeding mums need more bottles and might benefit from a formula dispenser.

What is the best baby feeding set?

In general, the best baby feeding seat is one that includes a suction-base bowl or plate, spoon, fork and cup and is durable, easy to clean and difficult to break or damage. Shop our baby tableware section to find the best feeding set for your bub.

When can babies start to eat solids?

Babies can usually start to eat solids from around 6 months old. To help keep a baby securely in one place while eating, shop our collection of

What accessories should you buy while breastfeeding?

There are a plethora of accessories to choose from when breastfeeding. Consider doing a little research, speaking with a lactation consultant or asking friends who have breastfed to get the best advice for your lifestyle, needs and budget. Shop our selection of breast pumps & accessories to find products that work for you.