Mums across the world and in Australia trust the beautifully designed range of top reviewed functional Haakaa baby nursing and feeding products. From silicone breast pumps and milk collectors and other breastfeeding items, to Gen 3 baby bottles and many more quality baby products.

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Haakaa baby nursing & feeding products, trusted by Mums!


Portable and convenient, the Haakaa manual breast pump is perfect for travel

The Haakaa manual breast pump is perfect for travel because it has no batteries and no extra cords or attachments. Once sterilised, all you have to do is place your Haakaa in a secure and sealed small waterproof bag and you’re ready to get going. Besides portability, it’s also quiet, which means that it’s easy to express discreetly on long distance trips, planes or car rides. With no batteries and power cords, it’s also easy to clean, portable, compact and can fit into a baby bag or handbag. Perfect for on-the-go mums!


Using your Haakaa silicone breast pump

The Haakaa silicone breast pump is designed to make breastfeeding easier for new mums and mums of new bubs. It uses basic suction to remain securely in place, doing all the work for you. Just attach the Haakaa pump to your breast and let it do the rest. The Haakaa breast pump uses a gentle suction once attached to draw milk out. The Haakaa works to express milk as well as collect letdown that may be lost to a nursing pad or clothing -- you can use your Haakaa pump while your little one is feeding to collect precious letdown. The longer you keep the pump attached, the more milk you can collect.

Compact size which can easily fit into the nappy bag

With no electric cords or batteries needed, the Haakaa manual breast pump is different to an electric pump because it is small, portable and convenient, and fits perfectly into your handbag or baby bag. Compact in size, it’s also super-convenient for mums on the move, making expressing and breastfeeding less stressful and much easier. The Haakaa suction base also prevents accidental spills from happening.


Storing your breast milk

Haakaa’s Silicone Milk Storage Bags are a great quality solution to store your breast milk. These breast milk storage bags are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable bags and are reusable, leak-proof, fridge and freezer safe, and made with 100% food grade silicone. Which makes them easy to clean. They’re also BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. Safe for bub and the environment, a perfect solution to store your precious liquid gold.

Easy to use and clean with detachable parts

It is essential to always clean baby feeding products after every use. Always take products apart where possible before cleaning. For the Haakaa breast pump, it’s best to sterilise with any steam sterilising system or by boiling in water for 3-5 minutes.



Safe in dishwashers, microwaves, boiling water and sterilisers

The Haakaa breast pump is safe in microwaves, dishwashers, boiling water and steam sterilisers. As well as sterilising your Haakaa breast pump, you can also use a soft bristle brush to clean. Soft bristle brushes won’t scratch the surface of your product so your item will look like new and last for longer.

Avoid using UV sterilisers for your Haakaa breast pump and other silicone products because UV sterilisers can make silicone sticky and unusable over time. Overexposure to UV light can also cause the Haakaa breast pump to lose suction and not function properly. Avoid using bleach-based agents or sterilising tablets because bleach-based agents or sterilising tablets can affect the clarity of your product.

Made of 100% food-grade silicone without BPA, PVC or phthalate

The Haakaa manual breast pump, and all Haakaa’s baby feeding and teething products are made from 100% food-grade silicone, and are BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.


Designed with high-quality, eco-friendly, and safe raw materials

Haakaa’s range of products are safe, natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. All Haakaa’s feeding items are made from 100% food grade silicone, which is also hypoallergenic and non-porous, keeping your little one safe from toxins that may be inherent in other types of production material. Silicone is also easy to clean thoroughly, which keeps items hygienic. All this makes Haakaa products safe because they contain no toxins and also resist bacterial growth.

Other Haakaa breastfeeding accessories: Flower Stopper, Milk Collector & More

Other trusted eco-friendly and useful Haakaa baby nursing and feeding products include:
• The Haakaa Silicone Flower Stopper is used after using your Haakaa pump, to prevent accidental spills and preserve the beneficial properties of breastmilk. This gorgeous and practical Flower Stopper keeps Haakaa breast pump contents secure and sterile until you finish feeding bub or expressing.
• The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Cap fits securely over the top of your Haakaa breast pump with a leak-proof design to prevent breastmilk spills while also sealing out dust, pollutants and other nasties.
• The Haakaa Silicone Milk Collector is portable and securely attaches to your breast. Place the breast milk collector discreetly in your bra to collect letdown through the day, functioning as a mini breast milk storage container – instead of losing your liquid gold to a breast pad.
• The Oral Feeding Syringe is a useful way to administer milk, medicine and liquid diets to premature or fussy babies in a mess-free and waste-free way. This silicone feeding tube set with dual angled ports on either side of the soft silicone nipple shoots liquid into the side of bub's mouth, rather than back of throat, helping to reduce the risk of choking.


The Haakaa Silicone Colostrum Collector Set

Haakaa’s Silicone Colostrum Collector Set is extremely useful for the arrival of a new baby, before and after birth. As a world-first design, Haakaa’s Colostrum Collector Set allows you to collect, store and feed colostrum from the same container. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, this set lets mums of new arrivals express colostrum antenatally and postnatally in a safe and easy-to-use storage solution. Available as a 6-pack (4ml), these are re-usable and easy to clean, you can also be safely stored in the fridge and freezer.

Range of Haakaa products available

Beyond Haakaa’s trusted baby nursing and feeding product range, other popular Haakaa bestsellers include Haakaa’s manual breast pump, Haakaa Gen 3 baby bottles and teats, Haakaa breastfeeding nipple shields, sippy cups, teethers, Haakaa baby nail care set and baby care, as well as soft silicone toothbrushes, bath products and playtime. Shop Metro Baby online for trusted Haakaa gift boxes, new mum starter packs and a wide range of other favourite new arrival and combo products.


Buying online with Metro Baby

Metro Baby offers a broad range of trusted Haakaa baby products as well as products from local and international brands to help you on your journey as your child develops. All Metro Baby products adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards which include car seats, prams, high chairs, clothes, bibs, toys, hairbrushes, skincare creams and so much more! Metro Baby’s exceptional customer care includes easy checkout, Price Promise, special offers, and gift cards to fulfil a parent's wishlist. We ship to almost all postcodes across Australia in NSW, VIC, WA, NT, SA, ACT, QLD and TAS.



Should I use the Haakaa at every feeding?

Breastfeeding is a personal journey for each mum, from milk supply to latching, each mums experience is unique. So you need to do what works best for you and your baby. A Haakaa manual breast pump can be used easily at every feeding because it is manual, portable and easy to travel with. With no batteries or cords, it uses simple suction, doing all the work for you. In terms of capacity, the Haakaa is available in various sizes including 100ml, as a 150ml silicone breast pump, and also 160ml capacity.

Does Haakaa work for both breast and bottle feeding?

Yes, the Haakaa multi-functional breastfeeding system can work for both breast and bottle feeding. Haakaa Generation 3 baby bottles are fully compatible with the Haakaa Gen 3 breast pump and the rest of Haakaa’s Gen 3 bottle attachments. With a simple quick twist of the top, you can easily swop your Gen 3 baby bottle teat (designed with anti-colic vents) with many Gen 3 interchangeable options (each sold separately or part of the breast pump and bottle top set). Haakaa’s breast pump’s flange lets you express directly into the bottle, where you can then attach the teat and feed your baby breastmilk from the bottle. Haakaa’s silicone bottles come in two sizes – 160ml and 250ml.