Outdoor play is here to stay with Springfree Trampoline and their springless trampolines that make jumping safe and fun! With no hard springs, a net and a hidden frame, discover the world’s safest trampolines in oval, round, medium, jumbo and more.

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Choose from square, round, or oval springless trampolines


Every day is a fun day when you have a Springfree trampoline sitting in your backyard! As the safest and most trusted maker of trampolines in Australia, Springfree Trampoline have revolutionised the classic play device and created the only trampoline without springs. Their enclosed springless trampolines remove the hard metal springs that can pinch and cause injury while jumping and come equipped with loads of other safety features to make jumping and playing on spring-free trampolines endlessly fun and super safe for kids to teens.

With a great variety of shapes, including round, oval and square, you can fit Springfree Trampoline products into any backyard for any number of jumpers. With mini to jumbo sizes available, there’s plenty of room for everyone to show off their trampoline skills!


UV-protected mats to protect from damage all year round

Gone are the days of faded trampoline mats drying out and deteriorating in the harsh Australian sun. Springfree trampolines feature UV-protected mats and nets that are twice the industry standard to ensure your trampoline stays in top condition and remain safe for kids to play on for years to come.


Hidden frames will give you peace of mind your child will be safe

One of the biggest problems with traditional trampolines is the metal frame that’s needed to hold the device up and give it its shape. Visible and close to the jumper, it’s a common cause for injury if kids land on the poles or springs.

With Springfree Trampoline, all of the design magic happens underneath the surface, away from kids and out of harm’s way. Made up of patented composite rods that are stronger than steel but flexible, the hidden frame removes the need for hard surfaces and can hold up to an amazing 700kg so kids can jump or fall as hard as they want without ever touching the frame. It’s also triple coated to prevent rust and keep the trampoline sturdy for years!



Range of sizes available, including jumbo, large, medium, and mini

Whether you’ve got a big backyard or a small corner available, it’s so easy to fit a Springfree Trampoline into your available space. With different sizes and shapes available, you have the freedom to choose the best one for your living arrangements. Shop:

  • Jumbo round trampolines
  • Mini round trampolines
  • Medium oval trampolines
  • Large oval trampolines
  • Compact oval trampolines
  • Large square trampolines
  • Medium round trampoline


Introduce outdoor play to your kids with our Springfree trampoline

Outdoor play is important for kids to experience the natural world, out in the fresh air and surrounded by wonderful nature. Pop your Springfree Trampoline into your backyard and let kids play and engage with each other while jumping, tumbling and boosting the co-ordination and motor skills while working up an appetite!


Make outdoor play more fun by fitting a basketball hoop on your round trampoline

Take play time to the next level by installing the Springfree Trampoline Flexrhoop to the side of your trampoline. Nurture budding basketball players with this basketball set made with no hard edges and a flexible design for safe play. With a ball and inflation pump included, kids will have everything they need to perfect their slam dunk for future wins!

Make it easier for kids to enter and exit the trampoline with the Flexrstep ladder that adjusts to 3 different heights for kids of all ages.


Maintaining your Springfree trampoline

Springfree trampolines are expertly crafted with high quality materials that prolong their lifespan and keep them safe for kids aged 7 years old and upwards. With zero hard edges and a powerful hidden frame that has a 700kg weight capacity, these trampolines are the safest in the world and built to last.

You can help keep your trampoline in pristine shape by ensuring it’s always free from debris, leaves and sticks. Don’t use sharp objects near the trampoline and remove any foreign objects and clear balls which can burn holes in the mat. Give your trampoline a clean using the Springfree Care Pack. There also spare parts available if you need to replace anything.

We offer a full 10 year warranty on all Springfree trampolines plus free delivery over $99 in Australia! Your items are typically dispatched within 2-3 business days. You can also surprise your loved ones with a Metro Baby gift card or visit our Melbourne store 7 days a week.



If you have more than one jumper, opt for the large square trampoline

Springfree Trampoline make trampolines that fit your family and your backyard. The Large Square Trampoline is a favourite if you have more than one jumper as it gives you more jumping space and fits neatly into a big backyard. The Springfree Medium Round Trampoline is great for 1 jumper in a moderate space while the Jumbo is the best trampoline for 2-3 jumpers! Save these products on your wishlist to buy later and get free delivery over $99 to every state in Australia, including NSW and WA.



Features SoftEdge mats, eliminating the risk of injury and increasing its lifespan

The innovative SoftEdge mats let jumpers jump right to the edge of the trampoline without safety pads or hard surfaces for total peace of mind. Combined with a springless design, hidden frame and safety net to keep kids inside, Springfree trampolines truly are the safest in the world!





Are springless trampolines better than springs?

Definitely! A traditional trampoline with metal springs can trap skin and hurt if landed on. Springfree springless trampolines are much safer as they don’t use springs and the entire frame is hidden beneath the jumping surface so kids can’t see or feel it no matter how hard they jump.


Is it safe to jump on a Springfree trampoline?

It’s no secret that trampolines have caused their fair share of injury, largely due to metal springs trapping skin and hard frames that can hurt if you fall on them. Springfree Trampoline have put the fun back into these old-school favourites, making the world’s safest and most innovative trampoline yet! Safety features include:

  • A hidden frame made of flexible rods located completely beneath the jumping surface
  • SoftEdge mats to eliminate all hard surfaces
  • FlexiNet Safety Enclosure to prevent kids falling over the side
  • UV-protected mat and net
  • Deep, soft bounce that’s gentler on hands and knees