Vtech makes high-quality learning toys and baby monitors that help you keep an eye on your little ones whenever you’re not in the room. Shop our products to give you peace of mind, including HD video and audio monitors with Wi-Fi and night lights.

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      Keep an eye on your baby with VTech baby monitors

      When you’re a parent, nothing is more important than the safety of your baby. With a VTech baby monitor, you can see every wiggle and hear every cry or gurgle from wherever you are in the house so that you’ll always know exactly what your little one is up to. Discover Vtech baby monitors at Metro Baby with small to large screens, wifi connectivity, built-in sounds and lullabies, 2-way communication and much more.


      Video baby monitors so you can keep an eye on your newborn from anywhere in the house

      If your newborn sleeps in a different room to you, a video baby monitor can let you know whenever your baby is awake so that you can tend to them. During the day, they’re a great way to know when your newborn needs you while you get other things done around the home. Our VTech video monitors feature colour screens and the latest technologies that let you see babies in high definition with sharpness and vibrant colours. The best baby monitors for night time will also feature a night light and infrared technology to see babies clearly in the dark.


      Full video and audio baby monitoring systems

      Take your pick between full colour video baby monitoring systems and audio systems that monitor every sound your baby makes. View your infant in HD with the impressive RM7754HD Baby Monitor featuring a large 7 inch screen and 1080p that lets you see every precious detail in sharp clarity. This monitor also enables onboarding of 10 second video clips for motion detection for complete peace of mind. 

      For a more affordable option, the BM2150 Audio Baby Monitor uses DECT technology to transmit every sound clearly over a secure connection. Use the speaker and microphone settings to talk to and soothe your baby from afar during the day.


      The best video and audio baby monitors for your nursery

      Since you can’t be with your baby every minute of the day and night, a reliable baby monitor is just the thing to ensure their safety and wellbeing every minute that you’re not there in person. VTech are trusted by parents worldwide to make being close to babies 24/7 no problem with easy to use functions and features that fit in with the way you do things.

      Mount them on the cot, wall or the best place in the nursery for an uninterrupted view of your little one whenever you need it.


      VTech cameras have the ability to pan and zoom at your will

      Zoom in, zoom out and move the camera to any angle you need to see your baby better with pan and tilt options. The VTech BM5500 Baby Monitor has a 270 degree pan and a 32 degree tilt that can be controlled manually or digitally so that you view every angle. If you need a closer look, use the zoom feature to move in without losing focus. A night light and infrared features makes it easy to see baby in the dark!


      VTech electronics to give you peace of mind

      Baby monitors are a fantastic way to watch your baby during the day and night so that you always know when they need you. Get on with other things knowing your little one is safe & sound with VTech baby monitors at Metro Baby. Add them to a wishlist today to buy later or give your friends and loved ones peace of mind with a gift card to spend on their own best seller baby monitor! Shop online and receive free delivery when you spend over $99 in Australia.


      Guide to setting up your VTech baby monitor

      It’s super easy to set up a VTech baby monitor. The best way to get started is to refer to the instruction manual on your individual product. We’ve put together a basic set up guide to help you out:

      1. Connect the baby unit to a power supplying the adaptor and turn it on by pushing the Power button to the left.
      2. Connect the parent unit to a power supply and charge it for 8 hours to reach fully charged.
      3. Start the monitor by holding the parent unit’s antenna up to get the best signal. Press and hold the Power button until the screen lights up.
      4. Wait for the parent unit and the baby unit to connect and you’re ready to go!


      Features included in VTech baby monitors

      VTech baby monitors put control at your fingertips with plenty of advanced features that let you set up your monitor exactly how you like. All of the baby monitors in the range come equipped with different features that make keeping an eye on babies easy and stress-free, such as:

      • Local or remote 2 way talk
      • 120 degree wide angle view
      • Soothing lullabies and natural sounds 
      • 1080HD camera with night vision
      • Temperature sensor
      • Local and remote digital zoom
      • Live access through phones and tablets
      • Night light
      • Auto wake up mode




      Is VTech Australian?

      VTech is an award-winning Hong Kong based company who specialises in making high-quality electronic educational toys for babies and kids. They have a global presence and suppliers across Australia so it’s super easy to get your hands on the latest products. Metro Baby is your one-stop shop for VTech baby monitors with a fantastic selection of monitors available to suit every parent and household need.


      What are some VTech products?

      We love VTech for their wonderful baby monitors that let you keep an eye on babies day and night from anywhere in the house. Some of their most popular products include:

      • RM7754HD Baby Monitor - Complete with direct wifi mode that automatically establishes a wifi link between the parent unit and camera and gives you live access via smart phones and tablets.
      • Audio Baby Monitor - Listen to every sweet sound your baby makes with an audio baby monitor that enables crystal clear 2-way communication.
      • BM3400 Baby Monitor - This cute and compact monitor has a 2.8 inch screen, 4 soothing sounds and a temperature monitor.
      • RM5752 Baby Monitor - See and hear your baby on a 5 inch colour screen with remote and local digital zoom, live access via phones and in-built lullabies and sounds to soothe baby.