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Metro Baby’s range of baby sleeping aids are designed to help your child achieve a better night’s sleep. You will find the best range of night lights, noise machines, soothers and sleeping bags from popular, leading brands trusted by Aussie mums.

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There is nothing better for the health and well-being of you and your bub than a good night’s sleep. For some babies, sleep comes easily. But for others, it’s hard to come by and this can be a tough time for parents and their little one. There are numerous sleep aids on the market that work in different ways to address the many varied reasons why your child is experiencing trouble falling or staying asleep. Learn more about them in our guide below.


Finding the right infant sleeping aid

The right sleeping aid for your baby’s sleep problems can depend on what is causing the problem. There are a few simple things new parents can check off the list first. Are they warm enough during their nap, or even too hot? Do they have a fresh nappy? Is their sleeping environment dark enough? Do they need a swaddle? Is there a particular noise that could be waking them from a snooze? Are their nap times in a good pattern? Do they have a good bedtime routine? 

Working out the answer to questions like these can help you choose which sleep aid to try.


Choose from the range of sleeping aids available for babies

Metro Baby has many different types of sleeping aids.

White noise machines - Minimise ambient noise by blocking out distracting sounds.

Portable baby soothers – These can be anything from a plush toy that plays sounds and music to something small that can clip onto a pram or stroller.

Blackout blind - A dark room can sometimes help your baby sleep. A reusable, portable blackout blind can be used at home or while travelling.

Sleep trainer clocks - Best for the toddler years and beyond, these programmable clocks show your child when it is sleep time and when it’s awake time via a series of symbols like the sun and moon.

Sleeping bags - A sleeping bag works by keeping your child’s temperature constant and removing the need for blankets that get kicked off in the night.

Night lights/projectors - Ambient light can create a relaxing atmosphere for your child to drift off to sleep.


Our favourite sleeping aids to solve nighttime problems

The reasons for sleep disturbance vary between each baby. We love different sleeping aids for different reasons. However, the very first things we try are products with which you just can’t go wrong. These are sleeping bags and sound machines. 

Even if it’s not the cold that’s waking your baby, a sleeping bag is beneficial because it regulates your child’s body temperature and encourages them to sleep on their back.

Noise is part of life, especially if you live in a city or have more than one child. A white noise machine can provide soothing constant noise to drown out sharp or sudden noises that might wake your baby. 


Best sleeping aids for both babies and toddlers

The best baby sleep aids could be measured by value for money; something that can be used from baby through to toddler years. All the sleeping aid products in the Metro Baby range fit the bill of growing with your child. 

Sleeping bags can be used for years, you will just need to up-size each time your child outgrows them. Portable soothers, night lights and blackout blinds can be kept by your sweet dreamers from newborn up to three years old and beyond. A white noise machine can be used for as long as needed - many grown-ups use them, too. 


Sleeping bags for your baby to keep them warm and help them sleep

A safe baby sleeping bag can improve your baby’s sleep. To be deemed safe, the bag must be the correct size for the baby, have fitted neck and armholes, and have no hood. Sleeping bags come in various TOG ratings (Thermal Overall Grade). The TOG is used to determine what we should dress our little ones in for day naps and overnight to keep them warm. They begin at a 0.2 TOG for the Aussie summer and go up to 3.5 TOG for cold winters. 

Baby experts recommend beginning a baby in a sleeping bag once they have started rolling over, because it’s at this age, that they kick their blankets off in the night. Cold babies wake up. A baby sleeping bag helps achieve a better sleep because they:

  • Keep baby’s temperature at a constant level while sleeping and can’t be kicked off like a blanket
  • Prevent baby from rolling over onto their front
  • Promote back sleeping as the zipper opens to the front
  • Reduce the risk of bedclothes covering the baby’s face.

We stock a wide range of sleeping bags and sleep suits by Australian brand, Ergopouch. Founded in Australia by a sleep-deprived mum, these bags are available with and without sleeves, in numerous TOG ratings, and a variety of gorgeous, on-trend prints.


White noise machines

A white noise machine minimises ambient noise by blocking distracting sounds out - like a dog barking, a noisy living room, or a neighbour’s lawnmower. It can help a baby relax by providing a constant background noise to lull them to sleep or help them get back to sleep in the night. 

Metro Baby sells a variety of different white noise machines. Some styles can be pram or car seat-mounted, and some are in the form of plush soothers to cuddle that have heartbeat sounds and lullabies. Other models have a crysensor or ambient night light and are intended to stay in the nursery. The Yogasleep Duet White Noise Machine has white noise, pink noise, brown noise, fan sounds, nature sounds, and lullaby tracks.


Portable sleeping aids and night lights

Rechargeable or battery-operated sleeping aids and night lights offer a portable soothing option for when you’re on-the-go. At a busy restaurant or visiting friends, in the car, or on holiday, your child will still have something familiar to signal sleep, despite being outside of their regular sleep environment. 


Use your baby sleeping aid for soothing sounds

Sleep aids like sleep soothers or white noise machines can bring soothing sounds just about anywhere, like music, heartbeat or even your own voice recording. The Baby Shusher has a pre-recorded human voice that makes gentle shushing sounds for 15–30-minute intervals. That could be handy in the middle of the night!


Night light recommendations

A night light with multiple colour settings allows you to set the mood you desire. A red light provides the highest level of melatonin production. Melatonin is a sleep hormone produced naturally by the body. The Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight and Skip Hop Terra Cry-Activated Soother both have multiple light settings, including red. 

You might also like to browse our Baby Care page for night lights that double as essential oil diffusers.


Other accessories to consider

Once you’ve chosen the perfect sleep aid, check out the rest of the range in our one-stop shop. If you need more sleep-related products, have a look at our baby cameras, bassinets, and rockers. Or stock up on feeding and breastfeeding essentials like bottles, pumps, and pacifiers by Tommee Tippee.


Brands we know and trust

Sleep is important. Super important! That’s why we only stock high quality products from popular brands loved and trusted by mums. Our range of sleeping aids are by industry leaders Ergopouch, Oricom, Yogasleep, Skip Hop and Zazu.


Buying your baby sleeping aid online at Metro Baby

We want you to have a smooth, stress-free experience when buying your sleeping aid online with Metro Baby. Our prices are competitive, and we have an easy checkout system to save you time. If you’re local to us, you can click and collect from our store in Richmond, VIC. Why not browse the rest of our range of Australia’s leading baby products while you’re here? And remember, you can always contact us with any questions. 




What is the best way to help your baby sleep?

If your baby has a good bedtime routine and quality sleeping bag, but still can’t sleep, the best way to help is by trying a sleeping aid like a white noise machine, portable soother, or sleep clock. If these don’t help, try an oil diffuser from our baby care range.


What is the best sleep aid for a baby? 

The best sleep aid for a baby is one that solves the problem you are currently experiencing. If your baby is kicking off their blankets and becoming cold, a sleep suit might solve the problem, or if they are waking at night, a soothing sound machine might do the trick.