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Find the best baby monitor for you and your baby with our range of trusted monitors. Whether you're looking for Wi-Fi monitors that connect through wireless, audio only or monitors with cameras, Metro Baby helps keep baby safe and mum and dad happy!

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Ease your mind with a baby monitor


Being a parent, you are constantly on the lookout, keeping vigilant watch over your precious one. Give your mind, and nerves, a bit of a break with the security and comfort a baby monitor can offer.


Exploring our range of baby monitors

Metro Baby stocks only the most-trusted brands of baby monitors to keep your little one safe and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your baby is protected by the best products on the market.

Baby monitors explained

A baby monitor allows parents to let baby sleep while not being on tenterhooks wondering if he or she is ok and constantly needing to check on them. Whether you want a shower, a nap, need to do chores or just need to be temporarily further away from where bub sleeps, a monitor gives you the freedom to do so while being a fly on the wall.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

These types of monitors use a (hopefully) secured Wi-Fi connection to allow wireless devices such as phones and tablets to view video footage from anywhere. They come in handy especially if you are away from home and want to check on your baby (i.e. while you're at work and your partner is watching your little one or perhaps you and your partner are out for dinner and baby is being cared for by a babysitter).


Video Baby Monitors

Video monitors send a feed, through radio signals, mobile networks or Wi-Fi, from a video camera in baby's room. Video monitors allow viewing through the base/parent unit and/or an app on your phone.

Audio Baby Monitors

This older, now less popular, type of monitor allows you to hear any noise baby makes and can detect sounds as soft as breathing. Some audio monitors offer two-way audio so you can listen and speak to baby.

Features to check out:

Interconnectivity: Smart homes and devices increase functionality by allowing you to add additional cameras, connect to Amazon’s Alexa or to your Apple or Android phone.
Room temperature checker: A temperature sensor can help maintain a safe, comfortable sleep environment for your baby's room.
Motion and sound sensors: Help detect if baby’s breathing changes or if he or she starts crying, moving around or calling out.
Zoom capacity: Lets you zoom in or out for a better view.
Night vision: Infrared night vision helps you see your baby at night without needing to leave a light on.
Indicators: Can display strength of Wi-Fi signal, power, if camera is on, etc.
Night lights: Some monitors have an integrated night light.


Benefits of having a baby monitor

Peace of mind: There are lots of different scenarios an anxious parent runs through their mind when they aren’t with their child. A baby monitor is a simple and effective way to ease the anxiety of wondering what baby is up to while you are away.
Safety: Easily keep tabs on if baby is standing up in their cot, lying in an unsafe position, or if their breathing changes.
Security: Monitors can function as “nanny cams” monitoring others' interactions with your precious one, or even alerting you to an intruder.

What to consider before purchasing

Battery life: If battery operated, how long will it last?
Camera quality: Does the camera unit offer high resolution images?
Range: How far can the monitor be from the parent unit and still work well?
Portability: How easy is the monitor to move to a different room if needed?


Using your baby monitor safely

It’s extremely important you keep your baby safe when using a monitor. Here are a few points to remember:
● Be careful to keep any monitor cords far away from where baby is sleeping, making sure nothing is in the crib or within arm's reach.
● If your monitor is mounted to the wall or ceiling, ensure you do so securely.
● Baby monitors are not a virtual babysitter. They are a helpful way to monitor your baby, but you still need to check on him or her and use commonsense.

For new parents

A baby monitor is a simple and effective way to offer reassurance to new parents who are nervous about leaving their baby, whether that means leaving them in a room to sleep when close by or leaving them with a nanny when out.

Securing your baby monitor

Although baby monitor hacks aren't common, any device that is connected to the internet is at risk of being hacked. To help reduce this possibility, buy a brand with security features (like encrypted connection) and follow the guidelines (like setting up two-factor authentication, creating a strong, unique password and enabling auto updates).



Reducing anxiety

Take away some of the stress of being a new parent by purchasing a smart baby monitor that allows remote access to check on your baby when you can't physically be with them.

Brands which are leading the way

Baby monitors have come a long way in the past decade and Metro Baby offers trusted brands like Lollipop, Australia's own Oricom, Vtech and Kodak.

Choices are endless at Metro Baby

With Metro Baby's array of choices, it’s easy to pick up a baby monitor that is the perfect fit for you and your baby girl or boy.


Frequently asked questions (faq) about baby monitors:


What is the best baby monitor?

There are many trusted baby monitor brands like Oricom, Vtech, Uniden and Motorola to choose from when trying to decide on the best option. The best monitor for you and your little one will depend on your needs and budget. It’s a great item to add to your gift registry!

Which baby monitor should I buy?

If you're new to the world of baby monitors, narrowing down the baby monitor best suited to your needs can be tricky. While Metro Baby helps reduce this confusion with our curated collection of products, we make exchanges and returns easy if you order the wrong one.

Are baby monitors necessary?

While a baby monitor is not an essential item, like a pram, it can be extraordinarily useful and helpful, especially for first time parents. With the addition of video, baby cameras offer an additional layer of safety and peace of mind.

What features to look for in a baby monitor?

There are endless bells and whistles available when it comes to baby monitors. Some of the features available are monitors with two-way audio, temperature display, HD video, touchscreen, LCD screen, tilt cameras, and those that play white noise or lullabies. Products like the Babysense7 Breathing Movement Monitor even alerts you if your baby's breathing slows down or is not detected. Ultimately, your needs and budget will help you differentiate between the essential and "nice to have" features. If you have any questions about baby monitors or their features, please contact us to speak with one of our customer service team members.