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Metro Baby’s collection of trusted brands helps simplify the decision making process when buying a breast pump. Whether you prefer electric or manual, our range of pumps and accessories help keep your little one happy and your milk supply flowing!

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Top Baby Breast Pumps For 2024

Mother’s milk is the greatest of all superfoods containing all the vitamins and minerals needed to support young babies. At Metro Baby we have done the research that will help you choose the top breast pump to suit you and your little one in 2024.

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Breast pumps for all your pumping needs

There are a lot of different options when it comes to breast pumps. Help take the confusion out of buying a breast pump by educating yourself on all types available and considering your needs, budget and lifestyle before buying.


Best breast pumps available

There are many different types of breast pumps available for compact, discrete and efficient pumping. Breast pumps offer mums convenience and flexibility, whether you want to share middle-of-the-night feeds with your partner, go out without bub from time to time or need to go back to work while still breastfeeding. From hospital grade breast pumps to manual breast pumps to silicone milk collectors, there’s a multitude of ways to maintain or increase your milk flow.

Most effective breast pumps

In general, electric pumps tend to be more effective as they work faster and extract more milk, however the most effective pump for you is an individual choice.

Manual vs Electric Breast Pump

Manual: A good choice for mums who don’t need to pump a lot or often, manual pumps are economical, light, compact and quiet. Hand operated, manual pumps work by the physical action of pumping or squeezing to create suction. They can only be used on one breast at a time. Medela Harmony, Avent Manual and Haakaa.



Silicone Breast Pump are all trusted options.

Electric: Better for time poor mums, or those who need to express daily or exclusively, electric pumps are operated either through a battery or power outlet. Unlike manual pumps where you create the suction, electric pumps create it for you. Electric pumps are stronger and faster pumping than manual pumps, help boost milk supply and can often be made to be hands-free. Medela breast pumps like Swing Maxi or Swing Flex and Avent’s double or single electric breast pump are frequently recommended products.

Are breast pumps comfortable

For new or first-time mums, breast pumps can be intimidating and strange at first. Making the experience as comfortable and easy as possible is essential to those unfamiliar with the process. Some ways to make pumping more comfortable are:
● Sit in a comfortable, supported position, leaning forward.
● If using an electric pump, alter the speed and suction.
● Massage breasts while pumping.
● Use a nipple shield if you have sore, cracked or inverted nipples.
● Pump until milk stops flowing.



Breast pumps for working mums

A popular option for working mums are electric breast pumps as they are powerful, quick, efficient and help boost milk production. As long as the breast pump operates relatively quietly, an electric pump is a great option to take to work to help ease the stress of working and breastfeeding.

Single vs double breast pump

Whether you purchase a single or double electric breast pump depends on how much milk you need, how often you pump and how much time you have. Single breast pumps are well-suited to mums who only need to express occasionally or who are expressing mainly to relieve pressure from an engorged breast. Double pumping is extremely efficient and quick for working mums or those who need to frequently express a larger amount of milk.

Breast pump for travelling

When pumping on the go, look for a light, portable, compact and efficient breast pump. While manual pumps are an obvious choice, there are many fantastic electric options, even ones without power cords like the rechargeable battery operated Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump.



Hands-free breast pumps

Hands-free electric breast pumps are incredibly helpful if you need to keep moving while you pump. If your breast pump doesn’t come equipped to be hands-free, a hands-free pumping bra should convert any wireless pump into a hands-free one.

Functions to look out for:

● Open or closed system: Refers to whether there’s a barrier between the pump and expressed breast milk, which prevents milk overflow into the pump mechanism.
● Adjustable speed and suction: To vary intensity and speed.
● Power supply: Battery, rechargeable battery, electric or without power (manual).
● Carry bag: Some come with an insulated section for storing expressed milk.
● Double or single breast pump
● Hands-free



Accessories you need to consider

Some breast feeding starter kits or pump sets come with helpful accessories to use with your breast pump. If you need more, consider some of the below:
● Breast milk storage bags
● Pumping bras
● Breast shields
● Lactation cookies
● Heat and ice pack
● Nipple cream
● Nursing tea
● Nursing pads
● Sterilisers
● Milk collectors (to help capture let-down)

Brands we recommend

We carry the most highly recommended and trusted brands such as Medela, Haakaa, Philips Avent, Junobie and Bodyice.

Purchasing online with Metro Baby

Buying online with Metro Baby is a stress-free, enjoyable and easy experience. With free shipping on orders over $99 AUD and easy exchanges, make us your one-stop baby shop!


Frequently Asked Questions (faq) About Breast Pump:


Which breast pump is best?

When buying a breast pump you need to consider your lifestyle, needs and budget to find the one best suited to you. If you have any questions about our breast pumps, please reach out to a customer service team member.

Is it worth buying a breast pump?

If you plan to breastfeed, a breast pump is a helpful product to have on hand. If you are unsure if you need one or aren’t ready to commit to a more expensive electric model, a manual one is a good starting point. But if you know you want an electric pump, it’s a great item to add to your gift registry.

What are the side effects of breast pumping?

Like with breast feeding, there is an adjustment period with breast pumping. To set yourself up for success, take the time to find the right product and try out different attachments and nipple shields to help reduce soreness and discomfort. Frustration is probably one of the biggest side effects, so take care to be patient and persistent. If you ultimately decide breastfeeding is not for you and you need to use formula, visit our baby bottles section to find bottles and milk powder dispensers suited to your baby.

What breast pump is the easiest to use?

The breast pump that each mum finds easiest to use is a really personal preference. Taking recommendations from friends, researching online and trialing a few before buying (many electric pumps are available for rent) are all good ways to narrow down what one is right for you. And when you’re ready to buy, Metro Baby makes the process super easy with our price promise which guarantees we will match the price if you find it elsewhere cheaper!