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Keep baby safe and snug as they sleep with our collection of stylish and adorable cot accessories. Browse our quality nests, sheets, mattresses and mattress protectors from top brands to find everything to help your little one drift off into slumber.

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Accessorise your baby’s cot bed with these must have items!

The world of cot accessories can be a dizzying array of options, styles and price points that can be enough to make any mum-to-be confused. Discover the difference below between “must have” and “nice to have” items while steering clear of cute but dangerous cot accessories.


Cot accessories you need for your baby

Once you’ve decided on the best cot for your baby on-the-way, here are some essential accessories to complement your cot:
● Firm cot mattress
● Safe cot bumper alternatives like breathable mesh liners or vertical cot liners
● Mattress protector
● Fitted sheets
● Cot rail covers
● Baby mobile

Checklist for first time mums

First time mums will quickly discover when buying a cot that, like most baby items (from strollers and prams to car seats, highchairs, bouncers and playpens), you need to consider safety, longevity and comfort. Cot accessories are no different. Whether you buy a bassinet, co-sleeper, travel cot, portacot or standard cot, baby crib accessories are important considerations too. After buying the essential cot accessories like a mattress, mattress protector and fitted sheet, it’s helpful to remember that less is more. For each extra item you consider buying, triple check it will be safe and appropriate for your baby’s age.



Cot accessories to help your baby sleep

Once your baby is comfortable, warm and snug in their cot a musical mobile, white noise machine or cot vibrator/rocker are all great ideas for helping your little one doze off. Consider installing a night light in the nursery to ensure you can safely leave a middle-of-the-night feed without waking bub (or stubbing your toe!).

Snuggle and Nest Beds explained

Snuggle and nest beds are ergonomic, cocoon-like mini baby beds designed to mimic the familiar womb environment. A nest or snuggle bed offers versatility for mum by being easy to place in a cot or move to the couch or floor (under supervision), and calms and soothes baby while improving their quality and length of sleep.

Cot sheets and protectors for baby

Protect your cot mattress from the inevitable sweat, dribble stains and nappy disasters, with a waterproof mattress protector. Cotton muslin, stretch cotton jersey or organic cotton fitted sheets are easy to wash and offer a soft, breathable barrier between the protector and bub.



Safe cot bedding

While you’re likely eager to try out that adorable bedding set you were gifted, you’ll need to hold off for at least the first 12 months to ensure loose bedding doesn’t become a sleep hazard. Likewise, although traditional bed bumpers are cute and meant to prevent arms or legs getting stuck between crib slats, they can also be dangerous and are generally not recommended anymore unless they are a baby-safe version.

The reality is that anything beyond a fitted sheet might not be considered safe cot bedding, so be sure to thoroughly research and consider everything you place in a cot.

Making your cot as comfortable as possible

When making your baby’s cot as comfortable as possible, you’ll need to strike a balance between comfort and safety. While a cot canopy looks stylish and helps keep mosquitoes away, they can also be a suffocation risk. As long as you dress baby in warm layers and use a firm cot mattress and a soft bottom sheet, that should be enough to ensure your little one is comfortable.



Keeping baby warm in their cot

To keep baby warm and safe while sleeping, without overheating:
● Dress your baby in layers that can be easily added or removed.
● Place bub in a swaddle or baby-safe sleeping bag.
● Position baby in the cot on his or her back. Remove hats or hooded clothing and ensure there are no blankets or bedding in the cot.

Making sure your cot environment is safe

Child safety is very important when creating a cot environment for your little one. Here are some basic tips for ensuring safety:
● Always lie baby on their back to sleep.
● Make sure there is nothing in the cot that could cover your little one’s face or head when they are sleeping.
● Buy a cot that adheres to Australian safety standards, with easy to adjust bed rails.
● Use a firm mattress that snugly fits your cot; Dress baby warmly in layers.



Converting your cot to a junior bed

When buying a cot, an economical choice is to purchase one that allows you to transform your cot, with a conversation kit, into a toddler bed. Extend the life of your cot by buying one that conveniently grows with bub from babyhood to toddlerhood and beyond.

Bedding and cot consideration before purchasing

Do your research and make sure the cot and bedding you choose for your precious one is of the highest quality and safety standards to safeguard not only bub’s sleep, but yours too!

Which brands to look out for

Cocoonababy, Leander, Atelier Choux bedding, Done by Deer, Snuggle Hunny Kids and Baby Bjorn are just some of the many quality brands to look out for when shopping for cot accessories.

Buying baby cot accessories at Metro Baby

It’s easy to buy cots and cot accessories online at Metro Baby, as well as a range of other nursery furniture like change tables, dressers and baby rockers.


Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Cot Accessories:

How can I make my baby’s cot more comfortable?

Make your baby’s cot as comfortable as possible by purchasing a firm mattress and soft fitted sheet and dressing bub in soft, breathable layers. Sleeping aids like white noise machines, sushers, soothers, musical sleep trainers and sleep suits can help increase baby’s comfort when trying to go to sleep in a cot.

What things will be needed to make a cot?

In order to make up a cot, you’ll need the basics of a firm mattress, mattress protector and fitted sheet. If you have any more questions about cots, cot safety or sleep hygiene, reach out to one of our helpful customer service team members today.

What bedding do you need for a cot?

Cots require very little in the way of bedding, in order to keep baby safe. It’s recommended to use a mattress protector to increase the life and hygiene of your cot mattress. Apart from that, a simple fitted sheet should be all you need in the way of bedding initially (assuming your baby is dressed warmly).