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Give yourself a break and keep baby comfortable and safe with one of our stylish, ergonomic baby bouncers. Metro Baby’s collection helps you decide on the best bouncer for your baby: whether it’s a basic bouncer, a wooden rocker, or an automatic one.

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The best baby bouncers to match your needs, budget and space requirements


As a mum, there are very few moments when you aren’t holding your little one. But you can’t always rock your baby in your arms, so bouncers are the next best thing. They offer you the opportunity to be hands-free, giving your arms as well as your sanity a bit of a break!


Baby bouncers – what you need to know

A baby bouncer can be a parent's best friend, allowing mum or dad the freedom to have a quick break to go to the bathroom, do some chores, or have a much-needed bite to eat. As babies love constant motion and to be cradled, bouncers are incredibly useful for settling a fussy baby by mimicking these actions. As long as your baby has enough playtime, cuddle time and tummy time, bouncers are a fantastic addition to your baby products.

Different types of baby bouncers

All baby bouncers typically have the same design, but in its most basic form, a bouncer is made of a soft fabric seat which sits on a flexible frame with a multi-point safety harness that keeps bub secure. Some different types of baby bouncers are:
Portable: An easy to transport, foldable bouncer good for travel.
Automatic: A step up from a basic, manual bouncer, automatic ones create the bouncing movement for you.
Activity: Comes with a play bar to help develop motor skills and entertain bub.
Rocker: Instead of bouncing, a baby rocker looks like a small version of a rocking chair and rocks rather than bounces.
Baby swing: Mechanically swings your little one in a variety of different motions and directions. As they are bulky and more expensive, baby swings are a more luxe choice.



Choosing a Baby Bouncer

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a baby bouncer. Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself when selecting one:
Age: Is this bouncer suitable for the age and weight of my baby?
Features: What features are a must?
Portability: Will I just need to move the bouncer around the house or will I need to travel with the bouncer?
Price: Do I want to invest in a deluxe bouncer or will a simple option suffice?
Space requirements: Is the bouncer the right size for the space I have? Will it pack away somewhere?
Adjustability: Can I adjust the bouncer into a different position? If it’s automatic, do I want to be able to adjust the bouncing or rocking motion?
Ease of cleaning: Are the seat pads machine washable? If not, is it easy to wipe down?



Features to look out for

Batteries or not: Bouncing produced mechanically or manually (by baby or mum).
Sturdy: The bouncer needs to be strong with a wide enough base to stay upright as baby bounces.
Washable seat cover: To allow for ease of cleaning.
Comfortable: Needs to be comfortable for baby to happily sit in it.
All the extras: Do I want bluetooth? A molded seat? A playbar?
Safety features: Just like a car seat or a high chair, bouncers have multi-point harnesses to safely secure your baby.

Baby Bouncers for small spaces

A simple baby bouncer is usually the best choice for a small space. If your designated space is a bit bigger, a baby rocker might work, however you’ll also need to consider if you need the bouncer to be foldable to pack away.



Baby bouncers for newborns

Most baby bouncers are safe for newborns (make sure to check the weight and age requirements of the bouncer). The best bouncer for your newborn will depend on your needs as well as bub’s.

Baby bouncers with all the trimmings

Baby bouncers come with an array of bells and whistles to suit parents who have the means to splurge. Here are some of the extra features your bouncer can have:
● Bluetooth enabled so you can play music and lullabies or even audio books.
● Play bars to entertain and stimulate, such as soft toy bars or ones that light-up or play white noise, calming nature sounds or melodies.
● Mechanical bouncers that swing, vibrate or bounce at different speeds and in varying directions.
● Contoured bouncer seats or even one that molds individually to your baby.



Portable makes things easier

Basic baby bouncers are usually pretty lightweight and can be moved around the house quite easily. If you need to leave the house, a foldable, portable bouncer is a good option.

Difference between and rocker and a bouncer

A rocker comes with a rocking seat that rocks a baby, either manually or mechanically, while a bouncer bounces a baby either by baby's own movement or with a gentle push.

Brands leading the market

Metro Baby stocks trusted brands like Baby Bjorn, Charlie Crane and Quax, with our Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss being one of our baby bouncer best sellers.

Purchasing online with Metro Baby

Make buying baby gear a breeze with Metro Baby’s collection of the best baby products in Australia. You can even add an order note at checkout!


Frequently asked questions (faqs) about baby bouncers:

What age should a baby use a bouncer?

A bouncer is typically safe to use for newborns up to about 6 months. As soon as baby has surpassed the age or weight limit of the bouncer or can sit up on his or her own, it can become dangerous as there is a risk of them being able to topple the bouncer. Please remember a bouncer is not a baby minder. If you have any more questions, please contact us to speak with one of our friendly customer service team members.

Can you put a newborn in a bouncer?

Yes, newborns can safely use a bouncer as long as the product is designed for their age, they are securely fastened and under constant supervision. A bouncer makes a great item to add to your baby shower gift registry.

Are baby bouncers worth it?

Baby bouncers can be a lifesaver, giving you a much-needed break from constantly holding and rocking a fussy baby. While some say mums say it’s one of the most important purchases you’ll make, like a pram or stroller purchase, whether or not it’s worth it to you will depend on how much you use it and if your baby is happy to be in a bouncer.

Can babies sleep in a bouncer?

While it can be tempting to let bub sleep in a bouncer, it is absolutely not recommended. Babies need to sleep flat, on their backs, on a firm surface so as to prevent their head from falling forward, putting pressure on their chest, which can block their airway. For appropriate baby sleeping products like bassinets, cots and cradles, visit our baby cots section.