SlumberPod is the ultimate travel accessory for going places with little ones. The portable pod slips over cots to give your baby privacy and darkness for a peaceful sleep with breathable fabric, fan pouch and baby monitor pocket.

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Travelling with the SlumberPod

Give your little ones the privacy they need for a good night’s sleep by bringing a SlumberPod with you wherever you go. Perfect for overnight sleepovers, weekend trips and longer family holidays, the SlumberPod allows babies and toddlers to sleep in their familiar cot or playard inside a bottomless pod that fits over the top and gives them a pitch-black environment to sleep soundly. Find this must-have pod at Metro Baby with it’s own travel bag for easy transportation, alongside other travel essentials like backpacks and sleeping bags.

SlumberPods encase select toddler cots with dimensions 127cm long x 9.5cm wide x 142cm tall. The BabyBjorn Travel Cot is an excellent option!

SlumberPod Baby Privacy Pod 3.0

The SlumberPod 3.0 reinvents the SlumberPod 2.0 with a number of improved features:

  • Increased airflow thanks to an additional ventilation panel at the back of the canopy
  • Updated fan pouch made to keep baby monitors in a visual position
  • A bigger carry bag to hold all of the SlumberPod essentials and to protect the pod and fan
  • Second fan pouch for direct airflow when combined with the fan. Th original pouch can be used to hold a fan or a sound machine
  • Flaps on pouches instead of zippers

Features and Benefits

As the first portable pod that encases travel cribs for optimal sleep conditions, the SlumberPod is making waves around the world. Discover its features and benefits:

  • Pitch-black sleep environment for a good night’s sleep (up to 90% blocked light)
  • Bottomless design that fits easily over cots
  • Stretchy, breathable fabric that passes all juvenile safety standards
  • Fan pouch to hold the SlumberPod Fan for extra airflow
  • Large carrier for easy transportation
  • Additional canopy panel for ventilation
  • Pocket for a baby monitor
  • Machine-washable for an easy clean
  • Quick and easy to set up and take down for stress-free travels

SlumberPod Fan

The SlumberPod Fan is designed to provide maximum airflow inside the pod. It has multiple speeds and adjustable angles for a customised experience. The fan comes in a zipper pouch and can be used inside the pod or placed on a desk, bookshelf, table or anywhere else you need.

Benefits of using SlumberPod

There’s plenty for babies and parents to love about the SlumberPod:

  • Better and deeper sleep with 90% blocked light
  • Little ones can sleep next to you in the room without disruption from noise or light
  • Makes travelling with kids a breeze
  • Lightweight and compact to easily fit into cars
  • Reduced overstimulation in children when on holiday and helps them settle more quickly
  • Helps in maintaining your child’s regular sleep schedule

Safety features

The SlumberPod has faced rigorous product safety testing and passes all juvenile safety standards. Its premium fabric canopy is made of a breathable fabric consisting of polyester and spandex for optimal airflow inside the pod. There is a pouch to put the SlumberPod fan for even more airflow plus additional canopy panel for ventilation. Pop a baby monitor into the pocket for extra safety measures and always keep an eye on your little one.

Price and affordability

At Metro Baby, the SlumberPod 3.0 costs $379 for the pod only. If you want to add the SlumberPod fan, you can pick one up from us for $42.00.

Weight limits

The pod weighs 5 pounds and has no maximum weight capacity as it slips over your existing cot.

Lightweight and private

SlumberPods are made for indoor use and are lightweight and compact for easily carrying in and out of your car. Settle your little ones quickly into your new destination with a pod that slips over their familiar sleeping space and gives them the privacy they need to drift off to sleep.

Minimum age for a baby sleep in a SlumberPod

The pod is suitable for 4 month olds to 5 years of age. Kids are able to stand up inside the pod and move around.

What we like about the SlumberPod

At Metro Baby, we love the SlumberPod because:

  • It makes travelling with the kids so much easier
  • It gives babies and toddlers the stability, quiet and blackout darkness they need to sleep
  • It lets kids sleep in the same room as parents
  • It can slip over cots, playards, mini-cribs, bassinets and more
  • It has a pocket to fit a baby monitor for peace of mind
  • It has a fan pouch to fit the SlumberPod fan
  • It’s lightweight and folds up easily into the included travel bag

Where to buy the SlumberPod

You can buy the revolutionary SlumberPod at Metro Baby with a fast checkout and free delivery in Australia over $99. While you’re there, check out our massive curated collection of beautiful baby products by trusted brands like Skip Hop and UPPAbaby, including bibs, strollers and swaddles, nappy bags, feeding essentials, baby carriers, play gyms and more.

Are Slumberpods safe for sleep?

Yes, the pods pass all juvenile safety standards and have been extensively tested. The fabric is breathable and the mesh panels with additional fan option makes a safe, well-ventilated oasis for infants. You can also pop a baby monitor in there for extra peace of mind.

What age is appropriate for SlumberPod?

The pod can be used for children aged 4 months to 5 years of age.