Help baby transition smoothly from womb to world with the Cocoonababy Nest and accessories. The Cocoonababy Nest, fitted sheet, quilted and lightweight covers are designed to keep baby safe and content in a semi-foetal position.

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Access to nappy without waking your baby


Cocoonababy make the transition from mother’s womb to world that little bit easier with their range of Cocoonababy baby blankets designed to fit the Cocoonababy Nest with tummy band and adjustable wedge. Keep your little ones safe and sound while they sleep with the luxe 2.0 TOG Quilted Cocoonacover or lightweight 0.5 TOG Cocoonacover, both specially designed to tuck newborns in without the risk of covering their mouth or nose. With a handy velcrose opening, easily check your baby’s nappy to see if needs changing during the night without waking them.

Cocoonacovers are crafted from pink, grey or white Fleur De Coton fabric that’s ultra-soft for baby’s delicate skin.

The perfect lightweight blanket for the first months of your baby’s life

The 0.5 TOG Lightweight Cocoonacover is super soft and cloud-like for newborn babies to sleep longer and more restfully in the Cocoonababy Nest. Cover and uncover baby as needed during the day or night and gently check nappies using the easy velcrose opening without needing to wake them from sweet dreams. This lightweight baby blanket comes in white, pearl grey and pink to slip seamlessly into any modern nursery decor.



The perfect gift for a new or expecting mum

Take the stress off mum and bub by gifting them a beautiful Cocoonababy Nest! Theseinnovative cocoons help to comfort newborns after they are born and allow them to sleep in a semi-foetal position that mimics the womb for a smoother transition.

Our Cocoonababy Nest - Cotton Bubble comes with an adjustable wedge to grow with your baby plus a luxe cotton fitted sheet and waterproof sheet that’s oh-so-soft on baby’s skin and is machine washable for a fuss-free clean. Newborns sleep longer and more soundly in the nest as it reduces jerky movements and soothes babies with its elongated shape.

Complete the set with a Cocoonacover blanket that safely wraps newborns up and easily opens and closes for nappy changes!


Cocoonababy available in a range of colours

No matter what colour theme you’ve chosen for your nursery decor, our Cocoonababy products will fit perfectly in there with a range of soft colours that are modern and easy to match with your cots, night lights, wall hangings and more. Cocoonababy Cocoonacovers come in:

  • White
  • Pearl Grey
  • Grey
  • Pink


Cleaning your Cocoonababy products

Cocoonababy know how busy life is as a new parent! That’s why they’ve made it as easy as possible to care for and maintain your nests and baby blankets. The Cocoonacover blankets, fitted sheet and waterproof sheet are machine washable for a quick and easy clean. The cocoon nest itself is made of foam which should not be washed or come into contact with water as this can damage the material.

Cocoonababy products are designed to keep your baby safe, secure, and comfortable

From their ergonomic nests to their risk-free blankets, Cocoonababy products have been specially designed and extensively tested to make sure they are safe and comfy for newborns to use. At Metro Baby, we stock a huge, curated collection of baby products made to make living with kids safer, fuss-free and more fun. Check out our other products at below RRP, including:


A blanket specifically designed to eliminate the risk of covering your baby’s face

While other blankets can accidentally slip over your baby’s mouth and nose and pose a risk of suffocation, the Cocoonababy blanket is like a sleeping bag that firmly fits to the nest and keeps your baby’s face free at all times. With a handy velcro opening, you can even check whether a nappy change is in order while your newborn continues to sleep peacefully.


Keep your newborn baby safe and comfortable with Cocoonababy

With a soft surface and a firm base, the Cocoonababy Nest cradles newborns comfortably while preventing them from rolling onto their side or turning over. The unique elongated shape of the nest keeps newborns on their back and lets them sleep in a semi-foetal position that reminds them of the womb. The adjustable wedge keeps babies at an incline and stops them from wriggling down into the cocoon so that they always maintain an ideal position. The tummy band is for extra security and comforts babies further, still allowing for freedom of movement for a sounder sleep and improved all-round development.


Designed to keep baby’s on their back and in a semi-foetal position

The Cocoonababy Nest has been designed following the medical recommendation of keeping newborns on their back. It keeps babies at a comfy 20 degree incline, cradling them on their back with a wedge to prevent them from slipping further down. The tummy band provides added peace of mind for parents as it stops babies from rolling over while still allowing them to turn their head and feel their face for reassurance. With a Cocoonababy Nest, you could:

  • Reduce the amount of involuntary jerky movements that can startle and wake your baby (moro reflex)
  • Minimise the risk of flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly)
  • Limit gastric reflux
  • Improve your newborn’s quality and duration of sleep and contentment


Improve the quality and length of your newborn’s sleep

With a Cocoonababy cocoon nest, you can increase baby’s comfort while extending the length of time of your baby’s sleep. Newborns sleep more peacefully in the nest as it lets them rest in a semi-foetal position similar to the womb which can also help to minimise any sudden movements and reduce the chance of developing colic. You can even swaddle your baby in the nest if you like!


Adjustable wedge means that Cocoonababy grows with your baby

The Cocoonababy Nest is made for newborns to use throughout the first months of their life up until around 4 months. If your baby becomes a little too big for the nest during this time, simply remove the adjustable wedge and let their feet rest on the edge with their feet over the end.

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Is a Cocoonababy good for babies?

The Cocoonababy Nest is a valuable sleep aid for newborns. The elongated shape lets your baby sleep in a semi-foetal position reminiscent of mother’s womb so that they feel comforted and secure. The wedge stops them from wriggling down and keeps them at a comfy 20 degree angle with a tummy strap for extra security that allows them to move their hands and head freely. Babies sleep longer in the nest and feel more content.

What is the weight limit for Cocoonababy?

Cocoonababy nests can hold newborns up to 4 months of age. They are suitable for babies weighing 2.8kg and above. If your little one grows too long during this time, just remove the adjustable wedge and let their feet rest over the side.