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      Browse our range of the latest child car seats from Australia’s leading brands at Metro Baby. You’ll find everything you need to transport your infant safely, from baby capsules and convertible baby car seats, to booster seats and quality accessories.

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      Buying the best car seat for your child

      We all want the best for our baby. So how do we choose the best baby car seat? The best choice is one that’s the right size, is for the right age bracket, and ticks all the comfort and safety boxes. So let’s begin!


      Browse our range of baby car seats

      Metro Baby’s range of child car seats meet Australian safety standards and are made by leading brands that we know and trust. Read our handy guide below to learn all about the different types of baby car seats on the market.


      Getting the right seat for your child’s age and height

      Child car seats come with age recommendations and adjustable height settings. So, you should buy your car seat using the age guide for reference, then get the right fit as your baby grows using the adjustable height markers. Here’s a brief snapshot of industry standard age guides to get started:

      • Baby capsule - Birth to 6 or 12 months (depending on model)
      • Convertible car seat - Birth to 4 years
      • All-in-one convertible car seat - Birth to (approx) 8 years
      • Toddler car seat - 6 months to (approx) 8 years
      • Booster seat - 4 to (approx) 8 years.

      Consider your vehicle

      Is your vehicle large or small? There’s a variety of car seats that are narrow or compact, like the Infasecure Attain, yet still spacious where it counts. Perhaps you need to accommodate another baby car seat or two in the back seat of your car. Regardless of car size, it’s never a bad idea to measure your space, taking into account any obstructions like armrests on the doors. It’s also a good idea to check that seat belts and buckles will still be accessible when two or three car seats are next to one another.


      Plan ahead

      A baby car seat is something you’ll need to buy and install before your baby is born. You have to get that fresh delivery home from hospital somehow, right? So, it’s important to plan ahead and do a little homework. If you are buying a baby capsule, will you be using it as a travel system? If so, you’ll need to match it with a compatible pram. 


      Our most popular products

      Metro Baby sells the most popular brands and models of child safety products. Brands like Infasecure, Britax Safe n Sound, Maxi Cosi and Cybex have earned their reputations based on producing consistently high quality products and staying at the cutting edge of design innovation and technology. 

      A product offering value for money will often be a popular choice. For a car seat, good value might be seen as longevity of use. The Cybex Cloud Q Baby Capsule can be used for 12 months instead of the 6 months offered by other models. And the Infasecure Achieve is popular because it’s a premium seat that lasts through all stages for around 8 years. 


      Features to look out for

      • Compatibility - ISOFIX vs non-ISOFIX. Most cars less than 15 years old come with ISOFIX capability, which is an existing fixture inside the back seat/s of your car. A child car seat can simply plug into it. However, you can also use a non-ISOFIX setup, which simply uses the existing seatbelt accompanied by a tether strap connected to an anchor point. Britax seats also have a patented ClickTight option that works with the seatbelt in your car.

      • Safety - Ensure the car seat you purchase meets current Australian standards for car safety AS/NZS 1754, and features the latest side impact and crash technology.

      • Comfort - Keep these comfort features in mind for a calm trip:
        • Fabrics/inserts/padding - breathable or moisture wicking fabrics and sufficient padding.

        • Recline - Multiple recline settings make for a comfier ride.

      • Cleaning - Covers that are easy to remove and washable are handy. 
      • Extras - Sometimes the small things can mean a lot. Like cup holders - very handy for toddlers who can’t reach the cup holders in your car. Other small features like magnetic harness holders on the Maxi Cosi Mico make putting your baby in their capsule a little easier.

      Discover the different kinds of baby and child restraints available

      There are different types of car seats for different age groups within infancy and early childhood. Here’s what you need to know:

      • Baby capsule (birth to 6 or 12 months): Baby capsules are car seats that can be used as a travel system (with the correct adaptors for your pram). They feature a handle and allow you to place your baby into the capsule and then click the capsule into your car or pram. They minimise disturbance for your baby. So, if baby is asleep (or falling asleep), they are more likely to stay asleep. Baby capsules are always rearward facing. 

      • Convertible car seat (birth to 4 years): A convertible car seat can be set up rear facing until 6 months of age (or even up to 30 months like the Maxi Cosi Vita Smart) and then switched to a forward-facing car seat when your baby is big enough. The seat ‘grows’ with your baby via a series of removable inserts and adjustable shoulder height markers and can become a booster seat with adult seatbelt from 4 years old. A convertible car seat differs from a baby capsule because it is not part of a travel system - it remains fixed in your car.

      • All-in-one convertible car seat (birth to 8 years): This seat is just like a convertible car seat, however, it takes your child from birth to 8 years old.

      • Toddler car seats (6 months to 8 years): These seats begin in the forward facing position and are designed for babies 6 months and older. Toddler car seats become convertible booster seats around 4 years of age. This option is great as a next step if you’ve chosen a baby capsule for those first 6 or 12 months.

      • Booster seats (4 to (approx) 8 years): A booster seat is the last stage before an adult car seat. A child will use this with a lap-sash seatbelt until approximately 8 years of age or until they are large enough to safely use an adult seatbelt. However, there are models that will last until a child is around 10 years old. 
      • Five-step test: Eight years of age is given as an approximate timeframe for children to go into an adult car seat. However, a five-step test is recommended by Australian transport bodies to determine your child’s readiness to safely use an adult car seat.

      Fitting and using your car seat safely

      • Installation - It’s essential that your new baby car seat is fitted properly. If you’re installing the seat yourself, it must be strictly in keeping with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Ensure the seat is held tightly by the seatbelt and tether strap or ISOFIX connectors. If in any doubt, having a professional install your baby car seat will give you peace of mind.

      • Daily use - When strapping your little one into their car seat, ensure the straps are never twisted, tangled, too tight or too loose. The harness needs to be on or just above the baby’s shoulders and firm across their body.

      Other accessories you may want to consider

      Once you have chosen your car seat, browse our range of car accessories. You’ll find products to increase comfort, protect your car and stay organised. Here are a few things to add to your buy list: 

      • Seat protectors/liners - Preserve the back seat of your car by placing these under your baby car seat.
      • Kick/scuff mats - These protect the backs of the front seats and have useful pockets to store things.
      • Window shades - Keep the sun out of your child’s eyes and prevent sunburn.
      • Baby on Board sign - These little signs by Safety 1st are a good way to let other drivers know to take care.
      • Car organisers - Perfect for storing essentials like snacks and nappies.
      • Baby seat car mirrors - Allows you to keep an eye on your little one.

      Once you’ve grabbed all the car accessories you need, browse the rest of the Metro Baby range here. In our one-stop-shop, you’ll find popular brands of prams and strollers like Baby Jogger and Bugaboo, as well as bassinets, cots, clothing, toys, and more.


      Brands we know and trust

      At Metro Baby, it’s safety first. That’s why we only stock car safety products that are of the highest quality, meet all relevant legal requirements, and are certified to Australian standards. With brands like Britax, Cybex, Infasecure and Maxi Cosi, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.


      Buying your car seat online at Metro Baby

      Simple and seamless - that’s the shopping experience we want you to have when buying your car seat with Metro Baby. We price competitively (with some products significantly below RRP!) and have an easy checkout system. If you’re local to us, you can click and collect from our store in Richmond, VIC. And remember, you can always contact us with any questions. 


      Which seat is best for baby in car?

      When it comes to choosing the best child car seat, go for something that meets Australian safety standard AS/NZS 1754, fits in your car, and is compatible with the age of your baby. All other features come down to your choices for comfort and functionality.


      How long do you use infant seats for?

      In Australia, a child needs to be in a child restraint until they’re around 8 years old. A convertible car seat will see them through to the age of 4, while an all-in-one convertible car seat, toddler seat or booster seat will take them to 8 years old.