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How to find the best baby monitor

Baby monitors give parents the freedom to go about their day or evening, knowing they always have one eye or ear in the nursery. The ideal product for you depends on your lifestyle, family and budget. Several trusted baby monitors are on the market, with a host of advanced features like:

  • Interconnectivity: Receive a real-time video feed to all your devices.
  • Motion and sound sensors: Receive alerts when your baby’s breathing changes or they move about.
  • HD video, zoom & tilt cameras: Maintain the perfect view of bub at all times.
  • Night Vision: Infrared vision to watch bub at night without turning a light on.
  • Soothing features: Night lights and programmed lullabies keep bub calm.

To find the ideal monitor, make your list of must-have functionality and browse the curated collection at Metro Baby. Refer to our Baby Monitor Buyer’s Guide for extra assistance.

Discover baby breathing monitors

A baby breathing monitor is a device that watches over the baby’s breathing during sleep. Parents are alerted in real-time of any unusual activity. Sleep apnea and SIDS are a concern in the first year, so breath monitoring can provide parents additional peace of mind and help to relieve anxiety. Breathing monitors work in various ways, depending on the model. Our favourites include:

  • Owlet Smart Sock 3 - A small electronic sensor hidden within a wearable baby sock that uses pulse oximetry to measure heart rate and oxygen levels. Should reading fall outside set parameters, an alert in the parent unit will notify you. Connect to the app via smartphone for notifications on the go.
  • Babysense7 Breathing Movement Monitor by Oricom - Sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress are connected to a control unit. An alarm is activated if the breathing slows or goes undetected.
  • Nanit Breathing Wear - Custom-designed patterned breathing wear works alongside Nanit Pro’s vision technology to safely detect your baby’s breathing motion without using sensors, electronics, or radars.

Discover different types of baby monitors

Although they work differently, all high-quality monitors are designed to ensure safe sleep and allow parents to watch the baby’s room from afar. There are several different styles on the market, including:

  • Movement monitors - Baby movement monitors use special sensors to track a baby’s movement while sleeping and alert parents to unusual activity. These devices can monitor vital information like temperature, breathing, and heart rate.
  • Audio monitors - Audio baby monitors allow you to hear any noise and detect sounds as soft as breathing. Some audio monitors offer two-way audio chat.
  • Video monitors - Video baby monitors send a feed, through radio signals, mobile networks or wifi, from a video camera in the nursery to a parent unit and an app on your phone.
  • Wifi monitors - Wifi monitors offer the flexibility of connecting to the video feed through your smartphone or tablet. Keep an eye on bub during the day when they are under the supervision of others.
  • Smart baby monitors -  Smart monitors use Bluetooth or wifi to connect multiple devices like iPad Smartphones and tablets so that you can always remain informed.

Features of a baby breathing monitor

Different styles of baby breathing monitors offer various features, but some common ones include the following:

  • Measurements of your baby’s pulse and oxygen levels.
  • Alarms via the base station or parent unit.
  • Readings on your downloaded smartphone app.
  • Notifications of irregular breathing movement or distress.

Benefits of a baby breathing monitor

The baby breathing monitoring system is designed to comfort new parents and families. Notifications and alerts regarding a baby’s vital signs offer parents a quick path to intervention should breathing patterns become unusual.

Peace of mind for new parents

Being a parent for the first time is a nerve-racking experience. New parents are constantly concerned about baby safety and have plenty of false alarms. Monitors offer Mums and Dads a helping hand so that they can relax a little during baby sleep times. Of course, monitors are not babysitters; parents should always check in on their babies regularly.


Brands Australians know and trust

When you purchase your baby monitor from Metro Baby, you can rest assured that you are selecting from the most renowned, trusted brands on the market, like Nanit, Oricom, Owlet and Vtech. Our brands represent the latest baby monitor technology and continue offering best-selling products that our customers love.


Do I need a baby monitor for tracking breathing?

Whilst you don’t necessarily ‘need’ a baby monitor that tracks infant breathing, many parents benefit from the peace of mind. Both you and your newborn need quality sleep, so devices that allow us to view the complete picture are helpful. Parents concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome find the additional information comforting.

What is the best baby breathing monitor in Australia?

The best breathing monitor comes down to preference. However, the Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor is the first infant breathing movement monitor to be included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. This monitor uses sensor pads under the baby’s mattress to monitor breathing movements.