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Essential nursery items include change tables and portable waterproof change mats for use at home and on your travels. Our range includes the Leander and the Sun Dresser change tables for use with portable change mats, as well as a selection of high-quality change mats from leading brands.

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Things to consider when choosing change tables and accessories


Types of baby change tables

There are many types of baby change tables ranging in style, colour, size and material. From modern designs to traditional, in timeless wood to plastic. Trusted change tables are not only designed to keep your baby safe while changing nappies for many months ahead, but a change table also adds to your baby room’s look and feel. Well-designed change tables also help to make changing bubba easier for a parent, by keeping nappy changing essentials in arm's length – neatly stored on change table shelves or in change table drawers.


Nappy change station types, set up and layout

Your change station type, set up and layout will depend on how much space you have in your nursery, your personal taste and what will practically work best for you. Baby changing tables can range from bulkier to more compact designs, from corner units to fold-up, and portable to movable. Once you’ve worked out the space you have, other practical considerations include ease-of-use and storage. A change table with shelves that are easy to access for nappies, clothes and supplies will make change time easy time for parent and baby.

Products to consider for your change station

Besides buying a safe and trusted change table, and depending on what changer you opt for, there are other products to consider for your change station. These include a change mat, change pad, change tray and wipes holder. A change pad or tray may be fixed or removable, depending on your table’s design and manufacturer-approved compatible accessories.


Change table height considerations

You’ll spend a fair amount of time bending over bub changing nappies and clothes. So it’s important that you consider the change table height when buying. The best way to test a change table’s height for your needs is to physically bend over the change table in-store to test how it feels.

Setting up your baby change station – placement, stability and size

When setting up and assembling your baby change station and accessories, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety in placement and stability. It’s advisable to measure the size of your dedicated space to compare to the change table size in-store in advance of buying to ensure it fits the way you anticipate.

Materials of baby change tables and baby changing mat

Baby change tables are available in a number of materials, which includes real wood, plastic and metal. Your personal style and nursery décor will influence the look you choose. On the practical side, the mat, pad or tray should be easy to clean and keep germ-free. Easy to wipe waterproof surfaces are practical and hygienic. Changing pads also come with changing pad covers, like Linea by Leander change mat cover from organic cotton with waterproof inner coating (polyurethane) which are easy to wash. Having 2-3 removable washable covers makes change time an easier time for mum and bub.


Shopping tips for purchasing a baby change table

Safety first – When choosing your baby change station and accessories, always look for Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) labels on the product as well as packaging. If a change pad, mat or tray is not affixed to your change table, ensure you only use an approved size mat, pad or tray recommended by the change table manufacturer. Safety straps are also a consideration in keeping your baby additionally secure when being changed.
Storage – Baby change tables with shelves or drawers are a useful and practical storage solution for all your baby item essentials, making change time safer with nappies, clothes and baby products in easy reach. 
Table Height – Choose a table that is comfortable to use for your height. Bend over the change table in-store to assess the height.
Budget – Budget will feed into your choice. But depending on where you are in your family life-stage, your change table could be a classic and practical piece of furniture for your home that could last for many years ahead as your family expands.

Storage needs within your change table – storage solutions

Most change tables come with shelves or drawers as practical storage solutions. Open shelves make access to nappies, clothes and supplies quick and easy. Some parents like to use baskets for some baby items, placed within easy reach on change table shelves. Drawers also provide a neat and easy-to-access storage solution.


Important factors to consider when selecting a baby change table

Location – Physical space needs to be considered. You can maximise the use of space with a stylish chest of drawers that can double up with a change tray attachment like Troll’s stylish Sun Dresser.
Style – Depending on your nursery’s décor and your personal taste, design and colour preferences need to be considered.
Longevity – Buying a high quality trusted brand with practical, stylish and timeless design can be enjoyed for years ahead depending where you are on your growing family’s journey.
Portability and convenience - Depending on where you’re placing your baby change table, practical considerations include: fixed, like the timeless Troll Lukas change table; or portable, like the Leander Matty change pad which allows you to set up a changing station anywhere, and is also great for travel.

Changing diapers safely: some nappy changing tips

Before you place baby on the change table make sure everything you’ll need is in arm’s length of the table -- a change table with shelves makes storage and access easier and safer. Always stay close to your baby on the change table with one hand on your little bubba at all times to keep them safe. If you have older children, teach them to stay off the change table; toddlers should not be climbing up the sides. If you have a storage caddy, make sure it’s not overloaded to avoid unbalancing the weight of the change table.

Safety considerations when choosing a baby change table – furniture safety

Always look for Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) labels on the product as well as packaging when choosing a baby changing station and accessories, and all baby products. For furniture safety, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions in assembly. For accessories, read the manufacturer's instruction and only use compatible products and those that meet Australian/New Zealand Standards.

Cleaning and maintenance for your baby change table, change mat and change pad

Easy to clean and maintain baby change tables and accessories are a must to keep things hygienic and hassle-free. Changing pad covers are easy to remove and wash. Choose a change mat, change pad, and change table in an easy to wipe-down material to make cleaning and maintenance easier. 


Researching and deciding on a budget

There are many types of change tables suited to all budget sizes. Your family life-stage may factor into your budget level if you're intending to use for more than one bub into the future. A safe and sturdy comfortable baby change table is an investment into the hundreds of hours of back-bending baby-lifting change station use.

Add functionality to your nursery

• Baskets can serve as extra storage and keep things neat and organised.
• A mirror gives a feeling of extra light and can serve as entertainment for a bubba in need of distraction.
• Blackout blinds or shades will keep baby’s room dark when needed and help baby sleep.
• Night lights are often considered a necessary addition to any nursery.
• Mobiles can help calm and entertain bub.
• A floor rug can visually transform any space and also serve as a practical soft floor covering. For a child’s room, be careful to select an easy-to-clean durable and allergy-free textile.


Top baby change table accessories

Once you’ve decided on your baby change table, to make bub more comfortable and change-time easier, there are other baby change table accessories to consider, which include:
Change pads like Shnuggle’s Squishy changing mat, is portable and easy to wipe and clean, with a slight incline to help ease a baby’s colic or reflux, especially after feeding.
Change pad covers like Linea by Leander's change mat cover, compatible with the Linea by Leander changing table, is soft, waterproof and easy to remove and wash. Parents also love Garbo and Friends' muslin changing mat covers, which are easy to put on, remove and wash.
Change table mat like Troll’s Change Mat for Sun Dresser attachment has a removable cotton cover that is machine washable.
Baby wipes holder like Skip Hop’s Wipes Holder can be kept in arm’s reach on a change table top or shelf, keeping wipes fresh, handy and easy to access.
Baskets can be used as storage on change table shelves, keeping items organised, neat and easy to find for sometimes chaotic diaper changes.
Caddies, either hanging or portable, are also a useful addition for neat and organised storage of nappies, nappy cream, baby wipes, disposable nappy bags and other essential change-time items.


Nursery accessories you may have not thought of

There may be some other nursery accessories which you may not have thought of to further enhance and bring comfort to bubba’s room. Like wall murals and wall art, which can add fun and tell a story for all ages. Wall shelving or a bookcase can provide additional storage for baby books as well as soft toys and add to a room’s look and feel. A comfortable feeding chair is a popular must-have piece of nursery furniture for many baby rooms.

Safest brands to look out for and we trust

Metro Baby offer an extensive range of trusted baby and childcare products which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. These include Leander, Purebaby, Medela, Garbo and Friends, Bumbo, Troll, Shnuggle and so many more. Our best-seller ranges include nursery essentials like change tables and accessories, cots, bassinets, mattress protectors, cradles, muslin wraps, swaddles and sleeping bags. Other top picks for parents on-the-go include car seats, prams, strollers, and pram seat liners. All-time favourites include newborn bouncers, rockers, play mats, quilts, baby care and breastfeeding products, bottle warmers, thermometers, nappy bags, backpacks, high chairs, booster seats, bibs, potties and baby clothing.


Buying online with Metro Baby, from nursery change table to travel changing mat

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What height should a baby change table be?

The height of your baby change table should be a height comfortable to work with based on your height – since you’ll be placing down and lifting up baby as your little one grows, spending hundreds of hours changing diapers and clothes. To work out the best height for you, bend over the change table in-store to get a sense of what feels comfortable for you.

What makes a good change table?

Safety comes first. Ensure you check that the change table you’re considering adheres to Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS). Height is another factor that will impact your choice; the change table must be comfortable for you to work with. Storage is essential – shelves, drawers or a caddy -- in needing to easily reach essential change-time items. The visual appearance to enhance your baby’s room as well as your budget will also influence your choice.

How long do you need a change table?

Many parents use a change table for newborn bub to about 6-12 months. Then when bub gets more active, weighs more and starts wriggling -- even with a child restraint -- many parents stop using a change table. But a change table’s life can extend as a piece of nursery furniture – either as drawers or as shelves. And if another baby is planned, a stylish and good quality change table can be used for the next little one. For age and weight guidance, it’s always important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations, and put bub’s safety first at all times.

Do you need a change table?

There’s a lot of diaper and clothing changes in the first 6-12 months of a baby’s life. A lot. So a change table is a very useful, practical and safe solution for your newborn baby, which not only keeps baby safe and things neat, but is also considerate of your back. Ultimately, deciding on whether to buy a change table is a personal choice for a parent, like so much else in raising a child.