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Top Baby Highchairs For 2024

If your baby is ready for solid foods and able to sit up on their own, a highchair can assist at meal times. The high chair you choose for your little one should be sturdy, and safe and include features to make mealtime easier. At Metro Baby we have done the research to help you find the best baby highchairs in 2024.

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Make mealtimes easy with trusted high chairs

How to make feeding time easy

Feeding your little one can be a messy and busy time. But it should also be enjoyable! To make feeding time easy and stress-free, parents look for a trusted high chair that is sturdy and keeps your little one safe, and is also easy to clean. A high chair with adjustable height and the option for machine-washable seat inserts are also top of the list for hassle-free feeding. A high chair that also looks great is an extra bonus! Feeding booster seats are also a choice for parents when bub is older and more independent.


Browse our wide range of high chairs available

Metro Baby’s range of high chairs are trusted to keep your little one secure and comfortable while feeding. Childhome’s Evolu 2 High Chair is an award-winning high chair great for the longer term. Besides being easy to keep clean, it's suited for use from 6 months to well beyond toddler years. With a 5-point harness, safety bar and foot rest, bub is safely seated and feels comfy and secure. It’s also adjustable to two heights. For under 6 months, the Evolu 2 New Born Seat Attachment + Cushion transforms your Childhome high chair into a gorgeous comfy pod with its adjustable padded ergonomically designed seat.

Looking at a high chair with a removable seat

Many parents look for a high chair with a removable seat because it makes keeping your high chair hygienically clean much easier. A high chair with a fixed plastic bucket seat is easy to wipe down. Add a removable padded seat to make bub even more comfortable. A removable seat is quick and easy to remove when you need to wipe down and clean your high chair. Childhome’s neoprene cushion insert, available in different colours, gives bub optimum comfort and is also machine washable. Another popular option is Leander’s Classic High Chair Organic Cushion. This removable padded seat is also machine washable and available in a range of gorgeous colours.

Portable baby high chairs

Portable high chairs or booster seats are suited to older bubs, typically 3 years and older, for when they want to sit on a ‘proper’ chair. Always check the manufacturer's age suitability of all your child products as these may vary across brands and products. Booster seats for feeding are great for home use to give your little one added height around the family dining table. For families on-the-go, you can take a portable feeding booster seat to a restaurant, on holiday or to grandparents. Never leave a child unattended in a feeding booster seat as they are not as secure as in a high chair (high chairs have multi-point harnesses; boosters generally have one or none).

The Baby Bjorn booster seat is easy to clean, made from BPA-free plastic, has a rubber strip underneath to prevent sliding as well as an underneath strap with child-proof lock to secure to a chair.

The super-comfy ergonomically designed Bumbo Booster Seat is always another popular pick for parents. Available in a range of colours, its underneath attachment strap secures the booster safely to a chair and it also comes with a child-restraint lap belt.

There’s also a floor seat, like a low chair. Bumbo’s Floor Seat is designed to be used on the floor for developing bub who is still unable to sit independently (approx. 3-12 months), with curved backrest and strap.

A multi-seat is another type of feeding chair designed for babies and toddlers who can sit independently, at different stages of development. Bumbo’s Multi Seat caters for three growth stages of bub’s development: a floor seat; or strapped to an adult chair; or remove the seat pad insert to free up more space for your growing child.

Baby high chair food catcher

To avoid extra mess, some parents opt for high chair food catchers. This can either be a large attachment to your high chair which is waterproof and easy to clean that catches food instead of food dropping to the floor. An alternative to this larger food catcher solution are food-grade silicone bibs with front pocket which also works well to catch food as bub drops it. Parents love silicone bibs as they avoid food wastage -- bub can continue to help themselves to dropped food from their food-safe front pocket. Silicone bibs are also extremely easy to clean!

Is a cup holder a must for all high chairs?

When considering high chair features, some parents also look for a high chair tray with a cup holder. This feature keeps your little one’s cup in place, which helps to avoid potential mishaps and spills.


Cleaning and maintaining your high chair seat

High chair seats can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria if not cleaned often and thoroughly. Because babies and small children drop food a lot when eating – which is to be expected at your little one's mealtimes – parents look for high chairs that are easy to clean and maintain. Top picks by parents include high chairs with seats that are easy to get to and wipe (simple designs and lines), as well as trays that are easy to wipe. Trays that are removable make cleaning even easier! Easy to clean options include high chairs and trays made from beech wood and polypropylene (PP), as well as machine-washable seat inserts.


Safety is key

For all childcare products, safety is key. That’s why buying quality brands from a trusted store gives parents peace-of-mind. All Metro Baby’s product ranges adhere to Australian and New Zealand child safety standards.

High chairs vs booster seats

High chairs and booster seats can both be used when feeding your little one, although they differ in terms of age-suitability, stage of bub’s development, and design.

High chairs:

  • Are stand-alone items of furniture used when feeding your little one.
  • High chairs are used for younger babies who are starting to eat solids (around 4-6 months) who need support to sit and to keep them in a secure place and upright at mealtimes.
  • Quality high chairs have multi-point harnesses and buckles to safely strap your child in.
  • Many high chairs have a front tray, often removable, sometimes with a drink holder.
  • High chairs are generally designed at a height to place next to a dining table or kitchen counter; some high chair legs are adjustable to different heights.
  • Depending on design, high chairs that are very padded with cushion seats attached may be difficult to clean.



  • A booster seat for feeding is different to a car booster seat and different to a high chair.
  • A feeding booster seat is designed to be strapped to a ‘proper’ chair; make sure you only strap a feeding booster seat to a sturdy hard-backed chair.
  • Boosters are used by toddlers who are able to sit independently and but are still too small for a ‘proper’ chair.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a booster seat; always keep your child in arm’s reach when s/he is sitting in a booster seat because booster seats are not as secure as high chairs.
  • Feeding boosters generally have an underneath strap to secure to a chair as well as a lap belt for your little one – which is not as secure as a high chair’s multi-point harness system.
  • Boosters may be easier to clean than some high chairs.
  • Boosters are portable so can be taken with you if you’re eating at grandparents or in a restaurant.
  • Booster seats are not to be confused with a floor seat -- which is actually a low chair. Floor seats may look similar to a booster seat but is designed for use on the floor for younger bubs (3-12 months).


Features to look out for

There are a range of features to think about when buying a high chair, these include:

  • Safety: Always the most important feature to look out for when buying any child product. Important safety considerations include safety harnesses for your child and wheels that lock to keep the high chair stationary at mealtimes (if on wheels).
  • Easy to use: Can you get bub easily in and out?
  • Easy to clean: Easy to clean surfaces and machine washable removable chair insert means you can keep mealtimes hygienically clean.
  • Trusted brand: Consider a quality brand that will last because high chairs, feeding chairs and boosters will be used for many months and possibly years of mealtimes (and maybe even for another child).
  • Design: Besides safety which is always at the top of the list, do you like the way it looks? Some parents also consider a fold-up high chair for easy storage when not in use.
  • Adjustable height: Some hair chairs are height adjustable. Beaba’s Up and Down High Chair allows the height to be adjusted in a few seconds to 6 different levels!
  • Other features: These include a removable tray, a tray with a drink holder, and a high chair that adjusts/transitions with your growing child.


Designs and colours available

Metro Baby offer an extensive range of high chairs and feeding chair designs, available in a range of colours. Some of our bestsellers are detailed below.

  • High chairs: Childhome’s high chair with polypropylene seat and beech wood legs, available in white or dark grey anthracite also comes with a new born baby seat attachment. The Leander high chair is a wooden high chair made from European beech wood, available in black, natural, walnut, white and whitewash. Charlie Crane’s Tibu highchair inspired by 1950s French industrial design is made from birch and beech wood, steel pipe frame and Italian leather straps.
  • High chair cushions: To make bub’s mealtime super-comfy while keeping things hygienically clean, parents love our range of machine washable high chair cushion inserts. After checking suitability to your high chair, browse our range of gorgeous prints and colours from neutral animal themes, earthy prints, soft and subtle hues, to many shades of grey.


Brands we know and trust

Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. Whatever you’re looking for and whatever you choose, you’ll have peace-of-mind in knowing that we are careful in selecting only the best quality baby products to cater for bub’s many and changing needs. From breastfeeding bub to teething toddler to trampoline jumper, our trusted brands include Infasecure, Leander, Childhome, Haakaa, Bumbo, Baby Bjorn, Charlie Crane, Beaba, and many more.

Buying your high chair online at Metro Baby

Besides our quality range of high chairs and accessories, we also offer a wide selection of trusted products for many stages of bub’s development. All our products adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Some of our new bub bestsellers include breastpumps, bottle warmers, nappy bags, backpacks, baby cots, bassinets, mattresses and mattress protectors, strollers and reclining prams, car seats and liners, thermometers, skincare products, clothing and baby sets. As your curious little one develops, parents also love our range of teethers, bouncers, rockers, play mats, playpens, scooters, and wooden toys with glider activities. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, and gift cards to fulfil a parent's wishlist. We also deliver to most postcodes across Australia, with delivery free on standard orders over $99.




What age do you use a high chair until?

Every child is unique and reaches milestones at different times. In general though a baby may be ready for a high chair from about 6 months, as they start eating solids. Always check the manufacturer’s guide on age, weight and height suitability. Some high chairs can accommodate your child until 6 years, others until 3 years. Your independent toddler may even show signs of not wanting to be in their high chair – possibly around 18 months. Parents may choose to transition a more independent toddler into a safe and trusted age-appropriate feeding booster seat. As a start, read the manufacturer’s guide on age suitability for the high chair you’re considering buying.

What high chair is best for my baby?

The best high chair for your y baby is the one that is child safe and works for your family. Start with ticking off safety features which includes Australian and New Zealand child safety standards, found on packaging as well as the product itself. Then look for other safety features like child-restraint harnesses and lockable wheels (if on wheels). Parents also consider how easy it is to keep the high chair clean, wipe down and wash cushion inserts. You may also be looking for a foldable high chair as well as a removable tray or tray with a drink insert for placement of drinking cups.

What is the height of a high chair?

Each high chair’s height may differ so it’s best to check the manufacturer’s guide. High chairs are typically designed to make life easier for parents while keeping bub secure and comfortable. This means high chair heights should be in range of dining table level and kitchen counters. Although many high chairs are height adjustable which gives parents options in choosing what works for them at different times and at different levels.

How much does a high chair cost?

There’s no fixed cost of a high chair. It depends on what you choose. Prices can range from under $50 to close to $1000, and below and above. Your budget will guide you on your choice. But whatever high chair you choose, always ensure child safety standards are top of the list in making a safe choice for your little one.