Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier


      Keep your newborn close with a soft and supportive Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier. This easy-to-use style is available in mesh, jersey and satin-woven cotton. Discover why Baby Bjorn baby carriers are beloved by parents all over the globe.

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      What makes the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini unique?


      The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini is designed to provide the closeness and bonding a newborn needs. Baby Carrier Mini is small, soft and simple to use, ideal for frequent short babywearing sessions. Some unique features include:

      • Available in three super soft materials: 3D jersey, 3D mesh and satin-woven cotton.
      • Smooth and flexible fabrics are crafted to hug your newborn baby gently.
      • The entire front section unfastens to lift out your sleeping baby without waking.
      • Quick to unfasten and easy to lift your baby.
      • Bub can be carried facing in or out (from 5 months).
      • It offers good head support while young babies develop neck strength.
      • Machine washable with quick-dry fabric options.

      Is the Baby Bjorn mini carrier right for you?

      If you are looking for a baby carrier that offers lots of closeness, is simple and practical to use and requires very little space to transport and store, then the mini carrier is the perfect solution. Your newborn is provided with adjustable head support, and the soft fabric allows you to see and feel their position and the natural curve of their back.

      Baby carrier materials

      Select from three super soft materials designed to increase closeness between you and the baby. Beautiful colourways include light grey, anthracite, beige leopard, black, midnight blue and dusty pink.

      • 3D jersey is soft and luxurious. The stretch component creates a soothing hugging effect. Comprised of three layers, with a fine, single-fibre middle layer, the baby carrier offers stability, breathability and airflow. 3D jersey comprises 80% polyester, 16% cotton, and 4% elastane.
      • 3d mesh is soft, flexible and quick drying. The high-tech, breathable fabric keeps you cool and retains its shape after every wash. The body is 100% polyester, and the shoulder straps are 100% cotton.
      • Satin-woven cotton is super soft and snug. The Baby Carrier Mini cotton version has thin padding for a small, compact, flexible option.

      Age/Weight Restrictions

      Your Baby Carrier Mini is suitable for babies from 0 months to 1 year, with a minimum weight of 3.2kg to a maximum of 11kg. Remember to use the leg straps to reduce the size of the leg openings for babies between 3.2 and 4.5 kg. Only babies of 5 months and up should be placed in the facing out position.

      Safety Benefits

      You can use this Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini from the day your baby is born. It offers essential support for every part of bub’s body, including adjustable head support to keep your neck safe. Parents keep their hands free and maintain a safe, ergonomic position. Always keep newborns (under five months) in the facing-in position. Once they gain the necessary neck strength, you can explore facing outward.

      Care Instructions

      All Baby Bjorn carriers conform to the OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 safety standard certification for baby products. Fabrics are toxin-free and gentle on your baby’s skin, meaning you dont need to wash your carrier before your first use. Easy to care for, your carrier is machine washable at 40°C using a gentle detergent. Avoid fabric softeners. Hang to dry naturally.

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      How long can you use Baby Bjorn Mini?

      The mini is your newborn carrier, ideal for newborns to 1-year-olds (maximum 11kgs). If you want to continue babywearing for longer, consider the Baby Carrier One (cotton) or the baby carrier one air (mesh) styles that you can use for up to 3 years of age.

      What is the difference between the Baby Bjorn Carrier One and the Mini?

      The mini is crafted from super soft fabrics to encourage maximum closeness to a newborn. It is small and easy to use. The Baby Bjorn Carrier One has more structure to provide the necessary support for carrying an older baby. The mini is suitable for up to 1 year of age, whereas the carrier one is suitable until the age of 3. Both styles offer sturdy neck support.