Lollipop Baby Monitor

Capture every moment in the cot with the wifi Lollipop baby monitor. Wrap your video camera to the cot bars, mount it on the wall or stand it on a flat surface. Stream the Lollipop feed directly to your smart device.

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Top Baby Monitors For 2024

With the assistance of a reliable baby monitor, you can hear and see your baby while he or she sleeps. The best baby monitors allow you to get on with other activities with peace of mind knowing you will hear if your baby calls. At Metro Baby we have done the research to help you find the best baby monitors for 2024.

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The Lollipop baby monitor explained

Lollipop smart baby monitor allows you and your baby to stay connected 24/7. Connect in real-time and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you always have eyes on bub. Set up your adorable Lollipop baby camera in the nursery and watch, listen and record the baby’s movements directly on your smartphone. Analyse the data to learn everything you need to adjust sleep, rest and play routines.

Features to look out for

The Lollipop baby monitor combines an adorable look that babies love with many innovative features that parents appreciate. The Lollipop helps make your life as a new parent easier via:


Easy setup

The bendable silicone stand gives you lots of flexibility in the nursery. Tightly wrap it around the cot bed for a prime view, or attach it to the included wall mount for an out-of-reach option. Coil the stand underneath itself and sit it on a flat surface.

Smartphone compatibility via wifi

Staying in touch with the little one has never been so easy. Your Smart wifi monitor sends live feeds to iPhone, Android, tablet, or desktop. Invite friends and grandparents to join the stream, so they never have to miss a moment of the action. When you capture a special moment, send them a link to a pre-recorded video of a specific event.

(Mobile device requirement: Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or later)



App alerts for noise, motion and crying detection

Use the Lollipop app to receive automatic notifications when Baby needs your help.

True crying detection differentiates between baby cries and background noise. You receive an alert only when it’s the real thing.

Crossing detection lets you set a border within the camera to track movements. If bub ventures outside or get stuck in the bars, you’ll receive an immediate alert.

Noise Detection alerts you if loud background noises have arisen that could disturb the little one’s sleep.

* Pair your Lollipop camera with a Lollipop sensor to receive extras like room temperature, humidity and air quality updates. Use the data history to learn everything you need to create the ideal sleep environment.

View multiple Lollipop cameras simultaneously

Watch several babies at once (with up to 4 cameras). Choose the multi-view option to monitor them all on a single screen.

Advanced night vision

Your smart Lollipop video baby monitor will automatically switch to 1080p night mode so you won’t miss a moment. Advanced infrared night vision means a baby’s sleep is never disturbed by leaving the light on.

Audio-only mode

Continue to hear in-room audio even when your device’s screen is asleep. This feature is helpful for nighttime when you need to get some sleep.

Built-in speaker

Use two-way conversation to chat with bub when you can’t be there in person.

Pre-programmed white noise sounds

Lull your baby to sleep with the inbuilt sound machine that includes white noise. Choose tunes such as hairdryer, vacuum, sea wave or womb. Introduce them to calming nature of classical music via Chopin, Mozart and Rachmaninoff.


128-degree camera view

Capture bub’s interaction with their surroundings and treasure every moment. Get the complete picture with a 128-degree wide-angle lens.

Live 720p HD feed

Check-in from anywhere via the live view on your device. Rewatch auto-saved 30-second videos of significant events from the past week. Review event lists like crying and environmental alerts to improve sleep and feed routines.

Lightweight and portable

The lightweight, portable design is easy to transport and set up anywhere. Wrap it on the cot bars, mount it on the wall or stand it on a flat surface. Take it with you when you travel.



Lollipop smart baby cameras in beautiful colours

The unique design and adorable Lollipop colours perfectly fit your baby’s room. Choose from bright, beautiful colours like cotton candy, pistachio and turquoise. Your little one is bound to make a new friend from their quirky, colourful monitor.

Add a Lollipop baby monitor to your gift registry

Give your friends a family the opportunity to gift you the Lollipop baby monitor for your shower. Practical, affordable and adorable, the Lollipop is the kind of gift that is a joy to both give and receive. Start your registry today a give loved ones a sneak peek at the Metro baby products you’d like to receive.



How much does a Lollipop baby monitor cost?

Another great feature of the Lollipop Baby Monitor is the reasonable price. For only $319, this incredible device gives you peace of mind and plenty of insights to assist your child. Most new parents find the baby monitor to be invaluable assistance during the first couple of years with their new child.

Where can I purchase a Lollipop baby monitor?

Find your Lollipop Baby Monitor at Metro Baby. Shop a curated collection of baby monitors, nursery products and accessories from all the most trusted brands. Enjoy delivery throughout Australia and free shipping on all orders over $99.