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Bond with your newborn or infant while creating a positive, fun and safe bath time routine! Shop Metro Baby’s collection of baby bath tubs and accessories to find the best brands and products in Australia.

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Make bathtime fun and easy with a baby bath tub


Help create a positive bath experience for you and your bub with a baby bath tub designed to help make the process as comfy, easy, safe and fun as possible! Create a calming bedtime routine for your newborn baby so that they learn to enjoy bath time for years to come.


Types of Baby bathtubs

● Insert baby bath seats are convenient, anti-slip inserts that fit into a sink or bathtub and easily pack away when not in use.
● Basin tubs are standalone baby-sized bathtubs that can either be used on their own or, depending on size, can also be used in bathtubs or sinks.
● Convertible tubs are versatile options that offer the benefit of growing with your baby through multiple stages of their first years.

If you don't have the room for a bathtub, find it hard to kneel or bend over a bath or just prefer to wash your bub in the shower, a baby shower bath chair is a fantastic alternative to keep baby safe and mum comfortable.

Best baby bath tub feature to look out for

Longevity: To survive daily use for months, or multiple babies.
Quality: Well-made products usually last longer and are easier to use.
Comfort: Essential to make a baby's bathing experience enjoyable.
Non-skid surface: To keep bub from sliding around in the tub.
Smooth round edges: To prevent any harsh bumps and bruises both for mum and bub.
Support for your baby's body: Helps keep a wiggly, wet baby braced and upright.
Stability: A safety feature crucial whether for a newborn or toddler tub.



Tips for buying a baby bath tub

Here are some questions to ask yourself when purchasing a baby tub.
Size: Is the tub the right size to securely hold my baby? Will the bath accommodate my baby as he or she grows?
Cleaning process: How easy is the tub to drain and clean? How quickly will the tub dry (to prevent mildew)?
Portability: Is the tub light enough to transfer to another room or take for a night at the grandparents?
Design: What design features will help make bathing easy?

Look at the drainage options

Be mindful of how easy the bath is to drain and keep dry and free of mould and mildew.

Storage is always essential

Baby bath tubs can be bulky, so ones that are foldable or easy to hang are great space-saving options.



Make sure you consider a tub with room to grow

Most babies will outgrow a tub in 6 months, so it's important to take this into consideration when buying one. A convertible tub like the Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub eliminates the need for multiple tubs as it is designed to grow with baby through their newborn, infant and "sitter" stages.

Accessories you need with your baby bath tub

Depending on the design of your tub, here are some accessories to consider buying:
● Bath mats offer a non-slip surface to help reduce your bub slipping and sliding too much.
● Bath toys make bathtime fun and keep your little one entertained.
● Washers gently get into hard to reach or delicate places.
● Step stools help your toddler get into the tub, or can be used as a seat for mum.
● Rinser cups quickly and safely rinse baby’s head and body.
● Bath stands are handy for standalone tubs if you don’t have adequate bench space.
● Skincare products like baby shampoo, soap and lotion gently cleanse and moisturise bub.



Brands to look out for

There are many brands available in Australia that make fantastic baby bath support products. Well-known brands such as Angelcare, Aquascale, Puj, Charli Chair, Schnuggle, Skip Hop, Roger Armstrong, Blooming Bath Lotus and Dreambaby are just a few high-quality options.

Buying online with Metro Baby

Metro Baby makes buying bath tubs and accessories online an easy and fun experience with affordable bestsellers like Shnuggle baby baths and the Skip Hop Moby Recline and Rinse Bather. Whether you have a gift card to use, want to sign up for the gift registry or are simply just browsing, buying online has never been easier!


Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bath Tubs and Accessories:


What is the best baby bath tub?

The best baby bath tub is an individual preference that depends on your baby's age and needs, but should ultimately help make bath time as easy and stress-free as possible for both mum and bub. For more products that help with bath time, have a look at our selection of bath towels and accessories.

Do you really need a baby bath tub?

While not essential, a baby bath tub can help make bath time a safer, more enjoyable and less stressful experience for both baby and mum. For more products to help care for your baby, visit our baby care section.

How do I give my baby a bath safely?

● Place a non-slip bath mat on the floor, and another in the bathtub (if your tub doesn’t have an adequate non-slip surface).
● Fill the bath with just enough water to easily bathe your baby.
● Check the water temperature with your elbow or wrist to ensure the water is warm, not hot.
● Gently lower baby into water, taking care to support their head and shoulders.
● Use a soft wash cloth to carefully clean their face before moving on to their body, shampooing hair last.
● After rinsing, lift bub out of the water and dry them thoroughly in a clean towel.

It is important to ensure babies are kept warm in and out of the bath and that they are supported at all times (with your arms and hands and with the assistance of the tub). Never leave a baby alone in the bath. If you have any questions about baby bath products, please feel free to contact us today.

Where can you use a baby bathtub?

A baby bathtub can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or any room that has easy access to water. Make bath time easy by adding a baby bathtub to your gift registry today!