Swaddle Blankets For Newborns

Keep baby snug as a bug with our adorable collection of baby swaddles! Soft and breathable organic cotton muslin wraps are the perfect weight for Australia’s climate. Featuring adorable designs and beautiful colours, baby swaddles are great gifts for newborns.

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Help baby sleep as snug as a bug in a rug with the aid of a swaddle

If you’re new to swaddling, it can seem like a strange and slightly intimidating practice. Mastering this incredibly useful practice helps calm your little one and promote more, restful sleep for bub and thus, for mum or dad!


Different swaddle types

All swaddling blankets have the same purpose: to snugly wrap a newborn, with the baby's arms and legs inside, so that they sleep well and safely. Here are the main types of swaddles:

Blanket: This large, thin, breathable piece of fabric, often cotton, muslin or cotton muslin, is wrapped around baby, enclosing their arms and legs.

Sleep sack or sleeping bag: An easy to use option that has zippers, Velcro, snaps or other closures to seal baby within, rather than needing to physically wrap the swaddle around bub.

Pouch: Half blanket, half bag, a pouch uses closures and also requires wrapping.

Transition: Helps a growing baby ease out of using a swaddle by allowing one, then two arms out of the swaddle.


Benefits of swaddling

● Helps calm baby so he or she sleeps longer and more soundly.
● Eliminates the need for cot bedding which can be a safety hazard.
● Prevents bub from scratching their face.
● Helps prevent the newborn startle reflex from waking bub.
● Mimics a caregiver’s touch while also helping baby learn to self-soothe.
● Helps maintain the correct back sleeping position.

Choosing the right swaddle for your baby

When choosing the right swaddle wrap for your baby boy or girl, pick one that is made from a soft, breathable material of the right size that is durable and easy to use and wash.


Traditional square wrap or a fitted wrap

Depending on your level of confidence with a traditional swaddle that needs to be wrapped and secured around bub, you might prefer a fitted wrap that is easier to get baby into and has a much bigger margin of error for a parent new to swaddling.

Choosing a fitted wrap

Ensure the fitted wrap is made of a soft, breathable fabric, easy to open and close and age and size appropriate for your baby (and consider buying one that will grow with you baby).

Different sizes swaddles come in

Swaddles come in different sizes to accommodate the various sizes of babies. Whether you are buying a wrap and swaddle bags for a newborn, three-month-old or older, make sure to find the swaddle that fits your baby the best.


Different fabrics to look out for

When it comes to swaddles, there is a plethora of fabric options, including:
● Cotton or organic cotton: A popular natural fibre that’s soft and durable.
● Muslin: Made from cotton or bamboo, a muslin is a lightweight and breathable woven fabric.
● Merino wool: Breathable, hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant.
● Jersey knit: A stretchy fabric that’s still soft and breathable.
● Bamboo: More durable than cotton, bamboo is super soft, resistant to bacteria, and a fantastic temperature regulator.
● Flannelette: A warmer cotton for cooler months.
● Micro fleece: A synthetic polyester wool material for winter months.

TOG ratings and what you need to know

Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) is a rating given to sleepwear or bedding to indicate its thermal insulance. The higher the rating, the more warmth the product offers. The season and temperature of the baby’s nursery will determine what TOG rating your swaddle should have, so it is necessary to have swaddles with a variety of TOG ratings.


Summer and winter swaddles – what is the difference

For hotter, summer months it’s best to use lightweight, natural fibres that have supreme breathability like a muslin swaddle or cotton blanket, while flannelette or micro fleece are more appropriate for winter and cooler months.

Transition from a swaddle

A new baby is usually swaddled for the first few months until he or she is able to roll over, at which point swaddling can be dangerous as it doesn’t allow baby to use their arms, which are important when rolling.

A transition blanket is a wearable blanket that gives baby the feeling of a swaddle, with more freedom, letting one arm out at a time and allowing bub to slowly get used to sleeping without being swaddled.


Things to keep in mind

Here are a few things to remember when using a baby swaddle wrap with your baby girl or boy.
● Wrap baby tightly enough to ensure the swaddle won’t unravel, but still allows a bit of movement inside.
● Place baby’s hands over his or her chest in the safe “hands over heart” position.
● To prevent baby overheating, use a breathable material and don’t use more than one swaddle.
● As soon as your baby starts to roll over, use a transition swaddle to eventually phase out the use of a swaddle.
● Lightweight, absorbent swaddles like a muslin wrap can also do double-duty as burp cloths.

Brands we know and trust

Quality and stylish brands like Aden and Anais, Atelier Choux, Snuggle Hunny Kids, Mushie, Susukoshi and Liewood have a great selection of baby swaddles.


Buying a baby swaddle blanket online with Metro Baby

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Frequently Asked Questions About baby swaddles:

Is swaddling good for babies?

Swaddles, like cots and bassinets, are an important factor in ensuring a baby sleeps safely and soundly. If done correctly, this age-old practice is highly beneficial for new babies as they adjust to life outside the womb.

How many swaddles do you need for a newborn?

It’s best to only buy a couple of swaddles until you know for sure that your little one likes being swaddled and also until you figure out the type of swaddle they like best. Similar to bottles, you’ll likely need a process of trial-and-error to figure out exactly what bub prefers.

What size swaddle should you buy?

Just like baby clothes, you need to buy a swaddle that is the correct size for your baby’s age and weight.

What to look for in a swaddle blanket?

When buying a swaddle blanket, buy one for your baby’s size and age that is breathable, easy to use and easy to clean. Remember, swaddles make a great baby shower gift, so add some to your Metro Baby registry today!