Fall in love with this adorable collection of baby onesies, infant bodysuits and romper suits for newborns! A cute and cuddly baby onesie keeps baby warm and comfy with easy access for nappy changes!

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Dress your Baby in our Collection of Fun, Stylish and Sweet Onesies


Often when we first think of baby clothing, we picture an adorable baby in a cute onesie. A onesie is an infant staple, often their very first piece of clothing, popular for its versatility and ease of use. Metro Baby’s assortment of onesies are perfect for all seasons and occasions.



Convenience of using a onesie

As a onesie is just one piece of clothing, it allows your bub to wiggle and stretch without you needing to adjust, pull down or tuck in pieces of clothing (like you would a t-shirt or singlet). Onesies also make changing your baby’s nappy really easy, with closures that allow ease of access without needing to fully undress him or her.

Keeping your baby warm and comfortable

As babies can lose heat in their bodies quite quickly (up to four times faster than adults), keeping your baby warm enough, especially in winter months, is really important. Onesies can help keep heat in by being well-fitted to a baby’s body and by layering with warmer clothes. If you don’t want to layer, long sleeve bodysuits and jumpsuits offer additional options for keeping your baby warm.



Baby onesie for girls

Baby girls look extra sweet and cuddly in a onesie. Onesies can be worn as a simple stand-alone item during the day or even be worn as sleepwear at night. From knitwear onesies to cotton onesies worn as pjs, baby girls have so many fun options.

Unisex baby onesies

Our entire selection of onesies are unisex to offer the most inclusive array of onesies for your baby boys and girls.

Baby onesies for boys

Onesies are one of the few items of clothing that are just as suitable for boys as girls. Our selection of onesies includes colours and prints ideal for boys.



The perfect newborn present

Baby gifts are so much fun to buy, as well as receive. A onesie is the perfect item to add to your wishlist or gift registry. If you’re not sure of the exact style, size or colour, a Metro Baby gift card is a thoughtful, easy present.

Organic cotton

At Metro Baby, we prioritise carrying brands that use soft, gentle, breathable fabrics, such as organic cotton, to keep your baby comfortable and warm. Purchasing products that are organic cotton not only benefits your baby, but also the environment by supporting a product that produces a lower carbon footprint.

Patterns or plain the choice is yours

Our range of onesies come in a variety of patterns (from hot air balloons to leaves) or non-patterned neutrals, pastels and stronger colours like artichoke and mauve.



Features to look for on a baby onesie

● Changing: Easy changing is so important for both babies and mums and dads. Often the longer the baby is on the changing table, the more fussy they get, so having an onesie that is easy to change is incredibly important for both you and bub’s sanity!
● Which style? This really depends on your baby’s needs. Some babies dislike long sleeved onesies and wiggle too much to get them on. A kimono onesie (that opens and closes on the side) is great for newborns who need special care to ensure umbilical cord health.

How many do you need?

Babies grow fast, so it can be a delicate balance between having enough onesies to get you through a week if you fall behind on laundry and not buying too many of a size baby quickly outgrows. As baby onesies are one of the most used items of clothing, it helps to have extras, especially if you end up using more than one some days, or you don’t have the time or energy for laundry. If you do a couple loads of laundry a week, 6-8 onesies for daytime and 2 nighttime, warmer onesies should suffice. Think ahead by getting a couple onesies in a bigger size as well, in case your baby grows faster than you are able to find the time to buy more!



It’s all about the comfort

Comfort for a baby is everything. If they aren’t comfortable, warm and happy, they will let you know! Our lovingly curated collection of onesies promise to give your baby’s sensitive skin the soft, gentle comfort it needs.

Brands we know and trust

Metro Baby stocks a wide array of cute, cosy, beautifully designed baby clothes to meet all your babywear needs. Afterpay’s interest-free payment system can help you easily purchase top-quality brands like:
Atelier Choux
Konges Slojd



Buying your onesie online

With free standard delivery (to most postcodes in Australia) on orders over $99 AUD, Metro Baby makes it incredibly easy to order onesies online from the comfort of your home (as long as your baby is happily occupied enough to let you!).


Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) About Baby Onesies:


What are baby onesies called?

There are many different names for baby onesies. Depending on where you live, a onesie might be called an infant or baby bodysuit, jumpsuit, growsuit, playsuit, diaper shirt, creeper, snapsuit, coveralls or baby romper. While each of these might have subtle design differences and purposes, they are all essentially onesies in that they are one piece of clothing. Regardless of where you live, Metro Baby offers international shipping from just $30 AUD.

What is the purpose of a onesie?

The purpose of a onesie is to keep your baby comfortable and warm while allowing freedom of movement for your baby and ease of dressing and nappy changing for parents. Please contact our customer care team with any questions you may have to help make your buying experience easier.

What are the best baby onesies?

The best onesie for your baby boy or baby girl completely depends on what they like (and they will let you know!) and what is easiest to use. Metro Baby stocks an extensive range of brands to ensure you have the luxury of picking not only the best baby onesies, but all other items to take care of your precious little one.

Do babies need to wear onesies under clothes?

No, however they can be a great option for pairing with warmer baby clothes, such as hoodies, leggings and cardigans, to keep your baby at just the right temperature year round. View our entire selection of baby clothes to find the perfect item to compliment your baby’s onesie.