Atelier Choux Baby Clothes

Atelier Choux clothing is a range of baby clothes in gorgeous unisex designs such as hot air balloons. Made from soft organic cotton fabrics, Atelier Choux children's and newborn clothing is quality French apparel for Australia's beautiful babies.

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Atelier Choux Baby Clothing - Chic and Stylish Clothing


Atelier Choux is beautiful French clothing for babies designed by Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson and made in France. Elegant unisex designs in subtle colour palettes are stylish and unique, and the quality is unmistakably French.


Types of Baby Clothes Available

While the exquisite Parisian designs are simply adorable, Atelier Choux gender-neutral baby clothing collections include both luxury items and high quality everyday essentials for newborns and children.

1. Onesies - Atelier Choux onesies are the perfect items for everyday babywear, offering convenience and comfort. Made from super-soft GOTS certified organic cotton using non-toxic baby safe inks, these exquisitely designed and flawlessly finished garments are staple items in your baby's wardrobe.

2. Pants - When a two-piece outfit is called for, Atelier Choux pants are just the thing to pair with little t-shirts and tops. Available with blue or pink detailing in the cuffs and waistbands, Atelier Choux pants are functional essentials adorned with the sweetest Hot Air Balloon art prints.

3. Dresses - When a special occasion arises, Atelier Choux velour dresses are simply adorable. These party dresses in the Hot Air Balloon print are crafted from the softest velvet cotton fabric for 6-9 month babies.

4. Small and large bibs - Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or introducing solids, small bibs for babies and large bibs for toddlers are functional essentials - but even everyday essential baby items like bibs can look gorgeous!

Why not complement a Atelier Choux Bebe Choux, Sweetie Pie or Hot Air Balloon onesie with a cute matching bib?



Unique Artwork and Design

Designed by Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson and expertly crafted to the highest Parisian standards, timeless and whimsical art prints feature on adorable everyday essential Atelier Choux Paris baby clothes and you can even get wall sticker to match! Sure to impress the most discerning parents, the luxury Atelier Choux French clothing collection features delicate art prints tastefully depicting:
• Mini Carre Carousels
• Dollhouse
• Hot Air Balloons
• Circus scenes
• Monceau Mansions
• Iconic Paris scenes
• Sweetie Pie culinary sweets

Perfect Gift

Atelier Choux clothing and accessories are the perfect gift for newborn babies. Always releasing new products and designs the atelier choux carrés clothing range is a gift which will never be forgotten. Their accessories are the ideal addition to your gift box or gift set so if you are placing your first order make sure to browse the whole range.



Organic Cotton Materials

The finest quality materials and workmanship go into Atelier Choux collections. GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics ensure ultimate softness and safety for baby.

These natural fabrics are:
1. Breathable.
2. Gentle on baby's delicate skin.
3. Printed with non-toxic, water-based baby safe inks.

Easy to Use and Wash

As busy parents we want to dress baby in comfortable and easy to use high quality baby clothes that we can throw into the washing machine without a worry. To preserve the quality of Atelier Choux garments we recommend a low temperature or cold machine wash, and air drying.



Frequently Asked Questions


Which organic baby clothes are worth purchasing?

Atelier Choux organic baby clothes may boast the finest Parisian artisanship but the collection - which also spans matching bibs, swaddles, light blankets, mini towels and reversible quilts - are durable, practical and machine washable everyday essentials.
In unisex designs Atelier Choux clothing will retain its beauty when passed down from child to child.

Which is a recommended brand for organic baby clothes?

Every new parent has Atelier Choux organic baby clothes on their wishlist! From adorable onesies to luxurious cashmere blankets, Atelier Choux is a highly recommended brand for quality, safety, functionality and craftsmanship. Along with beautiful baby clothes, highly recommended Atelier Choux baby gifts include:

• reversible quilts, fitted sheets,
• swaddles, light blankets,
• small bibs and large bibs, mini towels.


Which fabric is safe for baby to wear?

Atelier Choux GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics are made from natural fibres and printed with non-toxic, water-based, baby safe inks. They are lightweight, breathable, soft, comfortable and safe for baby.

Flexible fabrics such as organic cotton give baby the freedom to kick their legs and enjoy tummy time in comfort.

What should you dress a newborn baby in?

To keep your newborn baby safe and settled dress him or her in infinitely soft, natural fibres such as GOTS certified organic cotton. Layer your baby clothes for warmth, and try swaddling for snug-as-a-bug security and comfort.

Atelier Choux organic cotton baby clothing such as the adorable onesies allow quick and easy access for nappy change times while the long sleeves and enclosed feet retain warmth.