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Shop the soft, absorbent and oh-so-cute range of cotton baby towels, washcloths and kids bath products at Metro Baby. Our quality hooded bath towels and accessories will last for years and are perfect as a gift or as a staple buy for your own baby.

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A clean, fragrant smelling baby wrapped up in a plush towel. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Bath towels and accessories are high-use products you will be using daily for years to come. So, comfort and quality are important. Below, we’ll give you our best tips for making bath time a breeze.


Special baby towels available

There are so many beautiful, on-trend colours in Metro Baby’s range of baby towels, you’ll wish they came in adult sizes, too. Whether you’re after towels and accessories to suit a baby girl, baby boy, or perhaps even something gender-neutral, you’ll find soft, special towels in shades of sage, mustard, peppermint, rose, sea blue, floral prints, polka dots, and more. 


Beautiful baby hooded bath towels

Bath towels that are hooded bring an extra level of usefulness to this everyday item. A lot of heat is lost through your head. That’s why a hood is a great way to retain your baby’s warmth while you’re drying them. And, let’s be honest, there’s one more factor at play here - you can’t get much cuter than a baby wrapped up snuggly like a little Koala.


Best-selling towels 

Metro Baby stocks only the highest-quality, popular bath towels from leading brands that are much-loved by Aussie mums. Our best-selling towels are gentle on baby’s skin, absorbent, and cute to boot. Susukoshi’s and Garbo and Friends hooded towels come in beautiful, gender-neutral colours and are ethically made from soft cotton and bamboo.


What to look for when purchasing your baby’s first towel

When choosing your baby’s first towel, it’s important to remember that their skin can be sensitive, particularly for a newborn. The best style to look for is something that ticks the following boxes:

Easy wash – A towel is a high-use item that will need regular washing. So, go for something practical that can be thrown in the washing machine and will dry quickly.

Textile choice – Terry cotton, bamboo or muslin are perfect for new arrivals because they are gentle on new, young skin.

Absorbent – You’ll want your baby dry and warm as quickly as possible after the bath. A towel that is highly absorbent will wick away the moisture quickly and save you from having to use extra towels.

Longevity – Baby towels can be used beyond the baby years and into the toddler years. If you choose a large towel, it could last them up to five years.


How often should you change your baby’s bath towel?

The length of time your baby can use the towel they’ve had since newborn will depend on the size of the towel. If your baby likes their hooded towel and it’s large enough for them to continue using it, there’s no reason it can’t last for years. 

When it comes to keeping your baby’s towel clean, it’s best to pop it through the wash after every three (or so) uses. A clean, plush towel is important for your baby’s skin care needs.


Soft and snuggly baby towels

Super soft against the skin and highly absorbent, our luxurious hooded baby towels will gently wrap your little one, keeping them snug after their bath. The Hooded Junior Towels by Nordic company, Liewood, are made with organic cotton and feature a hoodie with ears and embroidery - perfect for bath time or even playing dress-up. 

If you’re after something versatile, our Kids Poncho Towel is Aussie-designed by Susukoshi. Made from a bamboo cotton blend, it features double handy snap fasteners on the sides for convenient coverage and could easily double as a baby beach towel. 


Washcloths that will make your child smile

Peek-a-boo! Bath time is perfect for bonding with your baby while they’re relaxed and warm. Why not bring some fun into it with a face washer that doubles as a cute character wash mitt? You may even find something like this is a good way to lure a reluctant child into the bath. Liewood’s Sylvester Washcloths feature cute little animal faces that allow you to wash, entertain and play with your child.


Baby towel sets are the perfect gift

Baby towels and wash cloths make the perfect baby gift because they are a practical item that truly will be used daily. Towels often double as a makeshift change mat or even as a baby blanket when you’re on the go. So, you can’t go wrong with this high-use item. Why not buy them as a gift set or team it up with some bath toys?

If you’d rather give a gift that allows the recipient to choose exactly what they’re after, Metro Baby has gift cards available. This allows the receiver to use their voucher towards grabbing items on their wishlist.


Colours and styles available

There are so many gorgeous colours and styles of bath towels available. Not only will your little one look cute as a button all wrapped up, you’ll also find the on-trend colours and prints in our range of towels will look great in your bathroom. 

Hooded bath towels come in a variety of colours and styles. But did you know a terry cotton bath robe is also a fun and practical way to dry a baby? The absorbent Lily Bathrobe comes in four gorgeous colours and features an embroidered animal face on the hood.


Other accessories you may want to consider

Metro Baby is a one-stop shop for everything baby. Whether you’re after big ticket items like bassinets, prams, strollers, changing tables, baby carriers, and car seats, or smaller, staple items like quality mattress protectors, nappy bins, play mats, bibs, sleeping bags, swaddles or even a potty, you’ll find the perfect item for your little one. 


Brands we know and trust

Metro Baby’s range of bath towels, washcloths and bath robes are made with high-quality textiles like organic terry cotton and bamboo. We proudly stock popular brands we know and trust like Liewood, Susukoshi and Garbo and Friends.


Buying your baby towel online at Metro Baby

At Metro Baby, we want you to love your shopping experience with us just as much as you’ll love your new baby bath towels and accessories. We have an easy online checkout system. Or, if you’re local to us, you can click and collect from our store in Richmond, VIC. Browse our range of Australia’s leading baby products at fantastic prices with reliable service. Please contact us with any questions. 




What type of towel is best for a baby?

The best towels for babies are soft, absorbent, and easy care. Cotton towels, like the Albert Hooded Baby Towels, are perfect for a wriggly, dripping wet bub because they’re super soft and absorbent and stand up to high frequency machine washing.


How long do babies use hooded towels?

Baby hooded towels are great for keeping your baby warm after their bath. They can be used until your baby outgrows it. The Liewood Augusta Hooded Junior Towel range is large and will last your baby well into the toddler years and beyond.