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Metro Baby offers the best baby bib brands in Australia, to help you in your search for the perfect bib for your little one. From silicone to organic cotton to waterproof bibs, our collection is big enough to service all your bib needs.

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Baby Bibs for Feeding, Teething or just plain Drooling!


Along with swaddles and nappies, baby bibs are one of the most frequently utilised baby items. Whether you want a long-sleeve, frill, waterproof, silicone, organic cotton or hot air balloon patterned bib, Metro Baby has enough variety to make sure you find the exact bib to suit your baby.



Best Baby Bibs

When choosing the best bib for your baby, you must first consider its use. The main types of bibs are feeding bibs, teething bibs and dribble bibs. All are designed to protect baby clothes (especially harder to wash items like knitwear) and keep bub’s chest warm and dry, and his or her skin irritant-free. Once you know the purpose of the bib, you can narrow down which design and material will be ideal for your baby girl or boy.

Different designs of baby bibs available

While there are endless colours and patterns to choose from, there are only a couple of different designs of baby bibs. The most common ones are:
● Long-sleeved, smock-style bibs
● Bibs with pockets to catch food
● Snap bibs with closures at the back of the neck
● Bandana bibs with high necks
● Combination burp cloth bibs



Baby bibs with long sleeves

For messy eaters, smock-style baby bibs are great for their full-coverage design. With a longer body and long sleeves (often with elasticised cuffs), these bibs help minimise the mess of baby feeding by keeping food from ending up on tops, pants and underneath sleeves.

Cotton baby bibs

Cotton bibs are lightweight, soft, durable, machine washable, highly absorbent and excellent for babies who drool a lot (either due to teething or perhaps they are just a drooler!). Cotton bibs are an everyday essential baby bib to have on hand.

Baby waterproof bibs

Waterproof bibs are incredibly popular. Soft and lightweight, they offer excellent protection while making cleaning up super easy with just a quick wipe down. Available in plastic, cotton fabric, silicone, baby-safe polyurethane and sustainable recycled polyester, waterproof bibs have come a long way since the plain plastic ones of our childhoods!



Benefits of silicone bibs

Silicone bibs are a fantastic choice if you want more protection than an absorbent material like cotton or cotton muslin, or prefer an alternative to plastic. Silicone is:
● Waterproof
● Hypoallergenic
● Flexible
● Lightweight
● Easy to clean

Best bibs for a newborn baby

Newborns mostly wear bibs when nursing to mop up milk or spit-up or to help absorb dribble. The best bibs for newborns are ones that are soft, adjustable, highly absorbent, have multiple layers and are machine washable.



Best bibs for a toddler

Baby bandana bibs are a stylish design perfect for drooly teethers on the go, as they are less restrictive than other bibs. Long-sleeve bibs or ones with pockets to catch food are good for feeding messy, wriggly toddlers. The best bib for your little one will be entirely dependent on their needs as well as how well they tolerate a particular style.

Best baby bibs when feeding your messy toddler

Smock style, long sleeve bibs can make mealtime with a messy toddler a bit easier. As toddlers move around much more than newborns, the bib must be snuggly secured while allowing your toddler a bit of flexibility and movement. Waterproof, large bibs are also helpful for preventing food and liquid from soaking into bub's clothes.

Washing and maintaining your bibs

How you care for your bibs is dependent on what material they are. Cotton and other soft materials are usually machine washable while silicone and plastic are easy to clean by simply wiping down.



Features to look out for

The main features to focus on when shopping for a baby bib are:
● Function
● Durability
● Ease of cleaning
● Comfort

Brands we know and trust

Metro Baby stocks Australia's most well-known and trusted brands like Aden and Anais, Baby Bjorn and Snuggle Hunny Kids, and dozens of others.

Buying baby bibs online with Metro Baby

Buying bibs for your little one on Metro Baby is incredibly easy and fun. Our cute bib sets, multi-pack bibs, unisex bibs and other bestsellers offer an array of options when choosing the best bib for your baby.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Baby Bibs:

Do newborns need bibs?

Yes, newborns need bibs to protect clothing from drool, milk and formula. Not only are you keeping him or her dry and clean, but a bib also helps reduce the amount of laundry you have to do by protecting your infant’s clothes. Bibs make great baby gifts, so add some to the wish list on your gift registry or a couple to your cart at checkout!

What are the best baby bibs?

The best bib for your baby boy or girl comes down to the individual preference of the baby and mum or dad. Metro Baby’s wide selection of baby bibs makes finding the perfect bib for your baby stress-free and convenient. For more help with baby feeding needs, visit our baby feeding set page to find all the cutlery, plates, bowls and sippy cups to pair with your baby’s bibs.

Do toddlers need bibs?

Yes, toddlers need bibs for all the same reasons as newborns (dribble and spit-up) in addition to the extra protection they need when starting to eat solids as well as the extra drooling they do due to teething. To help ease your baby into eating solids, shop our collection of highchair and booster seats to find designs that blend function with style and safety.

How many bibs do you need for a baby?

On average, babies need to start with about a dozen bibs, in various styles. Depending on whether your baby is a heavy drooler, a messy eater or dribbles a lot due to teething, you might need a lot more. It’s much easier to replace a soiled bib than change an entire outfit, so remember to throw a couple extra in your stroller, baby bag or backpack when you go out. As they are relatively inexpensive, they are a great item to use with a gift card.