Smart Baby Monitor

Enjoy the freedom of moving about and watching over your baby with a smart baby monitor. With features like HD video cameras, audio monitoring and wifi connectivity, you can relax, knowing that bub stays with you everywhere you go.

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Discover smart baby monitors

Relieve the anxiety of being a new parent by investing in a monitoring system that offers peace of mind. Smart monitors use Bluetooth or wifi to connect several devices like iPads, iPhones and Androids so that you always keep your eyes and ears on the nursery.

Features of a smart baby monitor

Like all our technical devices, baby monitors have come a long way over previous decades. Nowadays, Smart baby monitors offer various sophisticated features to help track every movement your little one makes. High-quality baby monitors give parents the best information to keep babies safe and secure. Benefit from features like:

  • Smart interconnectivity - Add additional cameras and connect to Apple or Android phones.
  • Zoom ability - Zoom, pan, and tilt to get the perfect view of your bub.
  • Night vision - Watch with infrared light that won’t disturb your baby's sleep.
  • Motion and sound sensors - Detect movement, breath or disturbance.
  • Built-in extras - Comfort your baby with night lights, pre-programmed lullabies or white noise.
  • Room temperature sensor - Maintain the right sleep temperature at all times.
  • Two-way audio - Chat with your little one from afar.

Why you need a Smart baby monitor

A Smart video/audio monitoring system will feel like a godsend from the moment you have to leave your little one alone. Smart wifi baby monitors give you interconnectivity between multiple devices. Connect via Bluetooth to your Smartphone, iPad, or Amazon’s Alexa and receive updates and notifications through an audio or video feed. Some devices also offer remote access, so you can benefit from seeing your loved one from a distance or have a security camera when they are under the supervision of another.

Shop the best baby monitor brands at Metro Baby

At Metro Baby, we aim to make your selection easier by narrowing down options to the best of the best. Browse through renowned and trusted brands like Vtech, Uniden, Motorola, Oricom and more for high-quality options you can rely on. Baby monitors range from basic to elaborate, but you can rely on Metro Baby to carry the top selections at every price point.

Different types of baby monitors

Your choice of baby monitor is important, and there is a lot to consider. To help get you started, let’s take a look at the three basic types.

  • Discover full HD video baby monitors
    Send an audio and video feed from a cot or wall-mounted monitor camera in the baby’s room to your parent unit, or your smartphone and tablet via an app. Enjoy features like HD pan and tilt camera, wide angle lenses and night vision.
  • Wifi baby monitors
    Wifi baby monitors give you remote access by connecting through your network. Enjoy wifi video and audio from afar while your baby is under another person’s supervision.
  • Audio baby monitors
    Audio baby monitors are a more traditional style of monitor that uses exclusively audio to track bub through sounds like breathing and crying. Some devices offer two-way talk.

Benefits of a smart baby monitor

Smart baby monitors can offer many benefits to help parents through the anxiety of leaving their precious ones alone. Enjoy features like:

  • Ideal sleep environments - Monitor via room temperature display and adjust accordingly.
  • Sleep analytics - Assess information via recorded baby video that offers sleep tracking analysis.
  • Constant monitoring - Watch via real-time video and receive notifications.
  • Communication and connection - Talk with bub via two-way audio chat.
  • A complete view - Watch on your parent unit with a split screen for additional camera views.
  • Unmissable moments - Catch every moment via high-quality images and vibrant full-colour video.
  • Vital readings - Check vital signs via a sensor that monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Add a smart baby monitor to your gift registry

Choosing a baby shower gift can be challenging. Make it easier for friends and family by nominating your favourite baby monitor model from Metro Baby and allowing them the joy of gifting you the item you want. One of the best preparations for parenthood is making your Smart home as efficient as possible with the addition of a high-quality baby camera. Why not let a loved one gift you this vital tool by adding it to your gift registry?


How much does a Smart baby monitor cost?

Brand and model pricing varies significantly depending on the inbuilt features and technology. We can assure you that our online shopping portal showcases the best value for money on the Australian market. You can find it all online at Metro Baby, from high-quality, affordable options to the latest tech luxe products.

Where can I find smart baby monitors in Australia?

Purchase your Smart baby monitor from Metro Baby, Australia’s most trusted supplier of baby products. Browse the top brands and pick up all the advice you need to make the best decision for your family. Enjoy delivery to the doorstep and a warranty on all baby monitors.