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Have fun making music with your baby and Baby Noise musical instruments including drums, rain makers, tambourines, maracas, mini recorders and ever-popular xylophones! And when musical playtime is over, and it’s time for sleep, Metro Baby also have nursery white noise machines.

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Enjoy fun hours of musical playtime development with Baby Noise musical instruments

Discover the range of Baby Noise musical instruments at Metro Baby

Browse our bestselling range of Baby Noise musical instruments, loved by parents for their quality and endless hours of fun development for bub. The Baby Noise range is safe for bub, hand-painted with non-toxic paint, and includes:

  • Wooden egg shakers, perfect for little hands to develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Double maracas in wood for shaking fun and imaginative play.
  • Beechwood and white 4-tone chime xylophone improves hand-eye coordination and encourages curiosity.
  • Bar bell shaker supports imaginative play, hand-eye coordination and relaxation.
  • Mini tambourine with special design makes it easy for little hands to grip, tap and shake.
  • Tassel drum, also known as a pallet drum, is a timeless bestselling percussion toy with noise-making beads on hanging threads.
  • Mini chime xylophone with 3 high quality metal bars make melodious musical sounds.
  • Hand-held drum with drumstick produces booming, tapping and hollow sounds.
  • Full-circle tambourine, easy for tots to hold and grip, promotes listening, playful interaction, sensory learning and musicality.

Stimulate your little one’s brain with a Baby Noise instrument

Parents love Baby Noise’s bestselling musical instruments for many reasons. Music develops and stimulates the brain while entertaining your little one and also brings joy as you bond with bub. Baby Noise’s range promotes curiosity, develops hand-eye coordination, encourages imaginative play and cause-and-effect learning, and also supports relaxation.

Make playtime fun with egg shakers or a tambourine

Bond with bub and make playtime fun with egg shakers or a tambourine. Your little one will enjoy shaking and making fun sounds with Baby Noise’s beautifully designed musical instruments. Besides entertainment and fun, musical toys are also developmental toys. Always a perfect gift for any little one. Always be sure to read the age suitability of a musical toy. Some musical toys have small parts and may not be suitable for younger babies, often under 3 years of age.

The benefits of musical instruments for babies

For all ages, music skills require logic and creativity. This means starting early with musical instruments and musical interest supports your little one’s brain development. The many benefits that musical instruments provides for baby’s early learning include brain development, sensory play, hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skill development. And because music also provides fun and entertainment, it supports curiosity because when bub is having fun their little brain is open to learning.

Add Baby Noise products to your gift registry online

Baby Noise musical products are great additions for your bub’s toy collection and also make the perfect gift. Not only for other mums but for you! You can effortlessly add Baby Noise products to your online Metro Baby gift registry wishlist, making it easy for others to gift your little one a high quality educational and fun toy that bub will love.

Shop your favourites by Baby Noise at Metro Baby

Parents across Australia love Baby Noise musical instruments because of the hours of fun musical learning they provide for little ones. Shop your favourite Baby Noise quality products at Metro Baby from tambourines to chime xylophones to bar bell shakers, wooden eggs and double maracas.

Make bedtime a breeze with a white noise machine

And when musical playtime is over, parents welcome another kind of noise. No noise! And for many little ones, sleep time is made easier with a white noise machine. A white noise machine is a common nursery sleeping aid that helps to reduce outside-world noise to help your baby sleep by emitting calming subtle white noise sounds. The constant soothing sounds helps bub fall asleep more easily by blocking out external sounds and noise. Our range of white noise sound machines includes high quality options from brands like Yogasleep and Oricom.

Shop the range of activity toys with brands like Baby Noise & Skip Hop

Beyond Baby Noise’s range of musical instruments, Metro Baby also offer creative play and musical play stations which include mini cymbals, castanets, and bird whistle. For other bestselling activity and playtime toys for bub’s first year and beyond, browse our extensive range of quality bestselling brands which includes Skip Hop, Mushie, Done by Deer, Liewood, Pure Baby and Manhattan Toys.

Buying online from Metro Baby

Metro Baby have the best baby products on offer for all bub’s developmental milestones from the most trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality new products for baby and beyond to cater for your little one's many and changing needs. From first year feeding and teething products, rattles, nappy bags, prams and swaddles to tableware, scooters, sippy cups and activity, playtime and plush toys. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, gift registry and gift cards.


Where can I buy Baby Noise products?

From Metro Baby. We offer free delivery on standard online orders over $99 and ship to most postcodes across Australia with easy returns and refunds (some product exclusions apply).

How much noise is okay for a newborn?

Because babies and children’s inner ear is not fully developed, loud noises can result in greater risk of hearing damage or loss in later years. This means you should be careful to protect your little one’s hearing and mindful of safe decibel levels. In general, noise levels over 60 decibels should be avoided for babies. As parents not specialised in daily decibel measurement, it’s hard to know what sounds are too loud for bub. Common sense and your own reliable research will serve as your guide. A World Health Organization report ‘Children and Noise: Children’s Health and the Environment’ states levels as: breathing: 0-10 decibels; conversation at home: 50 decibels; quiet freeway traffic (15 m), vacuum cleaner, noisy party: 70 decibels. Metro Baby’s extensive range of quality brands and trusted baby products adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Always read the age suitability of every baby and child product you buy.