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Discover the best range of innovative baby toys for newborns and children at Metro Baby. From the soothing comfort of soft cuddly toys to inspired developmental toys for learning through play, we have all the best baby toys from the world’s leading brands.

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Help bub explore and learn with a range of baby toys


Kickstart your little one’s learning with toys that make play time interesting, fun and safe. Whatever age, personality and development stage you’re buying for, there are endless quality toys to accommodate.


Range of baby toys available

There is a huge variety of baby toys available for all different age groups and interests. From simple building blocks, ring toys, rattles and stuffed animals to activity centres, play gyms and elaborate doll houses, there are a plethora of choices available for every age, stage, preference and budget.

What makes a good baby toy

Babies explore the world around them using all five senses, so a good baby toy will be visually interesting, perhaps make a noise and be safe to squeeze, shake, drop or chew. The best toys encourage imagination, creativity, physical and brain development and, once baby starts playing with others, social skills.


Toys that can develop baby physical skills

As your baby grows his or her physical ability will develop from only being able to grasp large objects like rattles and rings to picking up and placing smaller objects like peg puzzles. Here are some ideas of the types of toys that help develop these large to fine motor skills:
● Balls to toss and catch
● Stacking cups or rings
● Building blocks
● Puzzles
● Bath crayons
● Buckle toys

Toys for your toddlers imagination

Ignite your toddler’s imagination with toys designed to spark creative play. Musical instruments, interactive games, figurines and animals to create imaginary worlds, dress up costumes that facilitate pretend play are all great ways to encourage original play.


Toys that develop educational skills

Almost any toy (not just those from educational brands like Bright Starts or Baby Einstein) is an educational toy for a baby who is rapidly learning about the world around them. Books, alphabet cards, stacking cups, activity centres, walkers, kinetic sand, counting toys and sensory balls all teach baby valuable skills.

Multi-sensory toys

Brightly coloured and contrasting toys with textured, squishy or crinkly material, mirrors, rattles, vibrating parts or spinning wheels are all examples of sensory toys that offer a variety of visual, tactile and auditory rewards to develop baby’s focus, concentration, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


Popular toys for newborns and babies

Here are some popular toys for newborns and babies:
● Mobiles
● Soft toys
● Rattle toys
● Play mat and activity gyms
● Balls and rings
● Board or soft material books
● Bath toys

Popular toys for infants and toddlers

Toddler toys offer more complexity for a developing baby’s mind and motor skills. Baby walkers like pretend shopping carts or lawn mowers and toys you ride on like animals, trucks and scooters help develop physical skills and strength while ball games help develop hand-eye coordination and challenge an infant to partner with someone in play. Playsets like Lego or ones that allow role play are also good ideas for infant or toddler toys.


Does size matter

As babies take a few months to start to develop their fine motor skills, toys that are easy to grip and larger are important. Be careful to not allow a baby to play with small parts that they could place in their mouth (and possibly choke on) when they are very young. Usually, the older the child is, the more they can be trusted to play with smaller pieces safely.

Different materials and fillings

As baby toys come in a variety of materials and can be filled with foam, water, gel or beads, just make sure whatever you buy is safe, durable and non-toxic as it will likely be “tasted” by bub.

Baby toys you can take with you when you are out and about

Keeping bub entertained while out and about, without needing to keep track and collect a million bits and pieces before you leave, is important. Toys that attach to each other or to the pram, can be rolled or folded (like a squishable fabric cube), small cup sets that can be stacked into each other, toys that come in bags and soft cloth books are all fantastic toys to take when travelling.


Toy safety features

When buying toys, check they comply with Australian safety standards, are age-appropriate, non-toxic, not a choking hazard and made from safe and durable materials.

Brands we know and trust

Best sellers from brands such as Liewood, Done by Deer, PlanToys, Ship Hop, Baby Noise, Wee Gallery, Hevea and Manhattan Toys all make trusted, quality and safe baby toys.

Buying baby toys online with Metro Baby

From strollers, car seats, bouncers and rockers to teethers, nappy bags, baby toys and gift sets, Metro Baby makes buying baby gifts online easy whether you’re using Afterpay, a gift card or buying a product outright.


Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) about baby activity toys:


Are toys important for babies?

Play is very important for a baby’s development and toys help facilitate play. Toys help children discover the nature of cause-and-effect and help encourage imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills. Remember to add toys to your baby shower gift registry!

How do you choose a toy?

Choose toys based on your child’s age, developmental stage and interests. Babies love brightly coloured toys, wooden toys, ones that make sounds and ones they can interact with their caregiver to use. Toddlers are developing physical skills so enjoy building blocks, pegs, containers to pour, stack or place items in and anything that makes a noise. The older a child gets, the more involved their play will become so purchase toys that help develop imagination, problem solving and social skills like puzzles and role playing games with other children.

What to look for in toys for infants?

When buying a toy for an infant, make sure it is age-appropriate and safe for use. Once you’ve found a toy that will delight and stimulate your infant, consider if it can be used unsupervised, how easy it is to clean, if it’s durable enough, if it’s made from non-toxic materials and, most importantly, that it won’t drive you crazy with loud noises or by making a mess. If you have any questions about a toy you are considering buying, contact us to ask one of our knowledgeable customer service team members for help.

What toys can help a child’s development?

Pretty much any toy helps a child’s development, although “open-ended” toys that allow your child to use the toy in many different ways, are often regarded as the best. Some examples of “open ended” toys are balls, boxes, blocks, clothes and fabric to facilitate role play and arts and crafts.