Send your little ones off into sweet dreams with our ergoPouch range of natural TOG sleepwear! Crafted from GOTS organic cotton and bamboo, discover swaddle bags, sleeping bags, onesies and pyjamas for a snug and safe night’s sleep.

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      The perfect gift for a new or expecting mum


      ergoPouch make ergonomic sleeping solutions for babies and kids that make sleep time safe and super cosy. From their cocoon swaddle bags for newborns through to their sleeping bags, sleep suit bags, onesies and pyjamas, each lovingly crafted piece of babywear is made using organic cotton and bamboo that’s GOTS certified and sustainable.

      Surprise a new mum with our beautiful range of ergoPouch breathable sleepwear that’s all-natural and gentle against delicate skin. Better for little ones and the environment, our swaddle bags keep newborns cosy and cuddled in safe fabric with gorgeous prints and convert into a sleeping bag for newborns up to 12 months.

      Make gift-giving even easier with our gift packs, including the Newborn Gift Pack - Grey Marle with sleeping bag and long sleeve layer or Mama & Mini Gift Pack - Sage with swaddle bag for baby and robe and eye mask for mum for double the cuteness!


      Comfortable pyjamas and sleepwear to give your little one a good night’s sleep

      When your child has outgrown their adorable sleep onesie, move them into our Long Sleeve Pyjamas 0.2 TOG, made for toddlers who are ready to self-dress. Crafted with GOTS certified organic cotton, they’re a separate top and bottom minus zippers that have a stretchy slim-fit and can be worn in sleeping bags or a big kid bed with sheets.

      ergoPouch know that every little one sleeps differently. That’s why you can also choose from their range of baby sleeping bags, onesies and swaddle bags, including:

      • Cocoon Swaddle Bag 1.0
      • Sheeting Sleeping Bag 2.5
      • TOG Jersey Sleeping Bag 3.5
      • Hip Harness Cocoon Swaddle Bag


      Transition your little one into a big bed with ergoPouch TOG-rated sleep onesie

      Onesies are perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers who like to sleep without restriction. Our ergoPouch onesies with a TOG rating for warmth can be worn solo or under a layer and are made with GOTS certified organic cotton that’s soft on skin. With a 3-way zipper configuration, they’re perfect for toilet training and nappy changes during the night. The thick and stretchy TOG 3.5 onesie is the perfect winter warmer while the TOG 2.5 onesie is warm for temperatures between 17-23 degrees Celsius. You can also layer this onesie under your favourite ergoPouch bodysuits, layers and pyjamas for extra warmth!




      Cleaning your ergoPouch sleepwear

      It’s so easy to keep your ergoPouch sleepwear looking clean and feeling soft. All of the range is machine washable so pop it into the washer on a gentle cold water cycle with mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat. You can also use a moderately hot iron to eliminate wrinkles and have them dry cleaned. Avoid any bleach-based stain removers.


      ergoPouch has you covered from baby to toddler

      Sleep soundly with a sleepwear brand that can grow with your family. Metro Baby have everything you need from day one onwards with:

      • Swaddle Bags - ergoPouch stretchy baby swaddles keep newborns warm andsnug with a zipper that easily opens and closes. Convert your swaddle into a sleeping bag when your baby grows older. The Baby Tuck Sheet can be laid over the top of swaddle bags and sleeping bags for extra comfort and security.
      • Sleeping Bags - Sleeping bags are for arms-out sleepers up to 24 months of age. A narrow top keeps toros snug while the wider bottom lets babies kick and move their legs freely.
      • Onesies - For babies and toddlers who want even more freedom, onesies are the answer. TOG-rated and super cute, ergoPouch onesies let little ones move their arms and legs freely while zippers make toilet trips easy and foot cuffs keep toes toasty warm.
      • Pyjamas - For toddlers transitioning to big beds, snuggle into big kid long sleeve pyjamas. Perfect for self-dressing, they’re natural, breathable and warm.


      Skin-friendly and certified non-toxic materials

      ergoPouch proudly use GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo to make all of their baby and kids sleepwear. With non-toxic water-based dyes and natural fibres, they:

      • Are organic, ethical and sustainable
      • Regulate body temperature
      • Delicate on eczema and sensitive skin with skin conditions
      • Reduce the risk of overheating


      Prints and colours to suit any nursery

      From gender-neutral colours and adorable prints, it’s never been easier to match your child’s sleepwear with their nursery decor. Discover sleeping solutions in pretty colours and prints like:

      • Grey Marle
      • Night sky
      • Cute fruit
      • Veggie patch
      • Berries
      • Acorn
      • Golden


      ergoPouch has your baby sleep needs covered

      ergoPouch products will have little ones sleeping snugly and warmly all night long. Fromtheir TOG-rated sleepwear to accessories like tuck sheets, portable bassinets and blackout blinds to help encourage a deeper sleep for babies, this brand have night times covered for years to come.

      Add to your sleepwear collection with our other essentials for bubs and toddlers, including baby gyms, nappy bags for nappies, bottles and mobiles, prams, bibs, lunch backpacks, high chairs, teething products, car seats and strollers accessories.


      When to stop using bassinets and sleep onesies

      The ergoPouch Portable Bassinet is perfect for newborns who haven’t started rolling or babies up to 9kg. After your little ones start to show signs of rolling, discard the bassinet. This is usually around 8 weeks of age. Babies transition from swaddle to arms-out sleeping in a sleeping bag at around 3-6 months of age. Onesies are an alternative to sleeping bags, made for babies who prefer to move their arms and legs freely. Our ergoPouch onesies come in different sizes so your little one can wear them from 6 months up to 4-5 years old.




      What is ergoPouch?

      ergoPouch make safe, natural and comfy sleeping solutions and accessories for newborns up to pre-school kids. Some of our most popular ergoPouch products include:

      • ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag
      • ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag
      • ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag
      • ergoPouch Sleep Onesie
      • ergoPouch Window Blockout

      Is ergoPouch Australian?

      Yes, they are! Proudly made in Australia, ergoPouch began in 2008 when sleep-deprived mum, Alina Sack, sewed her first ergoPouch sleeping bag for her son in order to help him (and the family!) get a better night’s sleep. Today, ergoPouch is an award-winning brand based in Melbourne with a local team and featuring exclusive in-house prints and designs. Discover them for yourself at Metro Baby. Pop your must-have items onto a wishlist, spoil a friend with a gift card or checkout now with free delivery over $99 Australia-wide.