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Keep tabs on your precious one with a smart wifi baby monitor from Metro Baby. Discover the latest features in HD video cameras and audio monitor systems from trusted brands like Vtech, Owlet, Oricom and more.

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Wifi baby monitors explained

Enjoy the freedom of moving about home or outdoors whilst keeping an eye on your little one via remote access. Video footage is sent directly from your baby monitor to your Smartphone or iPad via wifi connectivity. Monitor your baby's sleep and enjoy two-way talk when bub wakes up. Check-in and receive updates while at work or going about your day.

Security camera baby monitors

Understanding your baby’s sleep patterns helps you develop successful routines for both the baby and yourself. With a video camera monitor, you can connect with bub in real-time or check up on their previous activity. Audio and motion detection captures photos and videos of the baby’s movements to let you in on the whole picture. If required, you might use your Bluetooth device as a nanny cam for additional protection and home security.


Choosing the best baby monitor for you

Choosing the right baby monitor for your peace of mind can feel overwhelming. Monitors have advanced considerably over recent decades, and many innovative features are available. Metro Baby has narrowed the selection process for you by carrying exclusively high-quality, renowned products. All you need to do is decide on your must-have features and consider your budget. View the Metro Baby buyers guide for help finding the right product at the right price.

Features to consider

Depending on the model, Smart baby monitors can offer helpful features such as:

Benefits of having a wifi baby monitor

Parents appreciate the convenience of remote access via Smartphone directly from the camera feed. Smart wifi monitors allow you to take a shower, do chores or visit the garden without constantly hovering over an installed camera monitor. Simply take your phone with you and relax, knowing that you always have eyes and ears on bub

Video baby monitor

Depending on the model, video monitors may or may not use the wifi network. The benefit of a wifi video baby monitor is that the feed can be sent to an app on your Smartphone, giving you added flexibility. Alternatively, they may use radio signals or mobile networks to send feeds from the video camera in the nursery to your parent unit.


Audio baby monitors

This older style of monitor allows you to check in on your baby by monitoring sound exclusively. Some models offer two-way audio so you can chat with bub. These devices are sensitive enough to pick up sounds as soft as breathing.


Baby monitors by brands you can trust

Metro Baby’s curated range represents the best products on the market, offered at competitive prices. We partner with the most trusted brands to select high-quality, tried and tested products that you can rely on. Top baby monitor brands include Lollipop, Kodak, Owlet, Oricom and VTech. Our favourites include:

  • Vtech - Smart devices with Bluetooth wifi connectivity, built-in sounds, lullabies and two-way talk. Enjoy high-quality full HD video. Screens can be cot or wall-mounted. Zoom in and out with the wide-angle lens as needed and make use of HD pan & tilt video options.
  • Owlet - The Smart Sock uses award-winning technology to monitor your baby as they sleep. An electronic sensor tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. You can receive notifications via the Smartphone app.
  • Oricom - Keeping track of your baby as they sleep, play and move with Oricrom's premium selection of baby cameras and devices. Features include Smart colour LCDs, tilt camera, night vision and dual mode. Move about your life knowing bub that the latest technology protects bub.

Add a wifi baby monitor to your gift registry

Nowadays, most parents regard a baby monitor as an essential item, so why not add one to your gift registry? Parents and friends will love having the opportunity to buy you the peace of mind that a wifi baby monitor offers. Choose your style and let a loved one contribute to your Smart home.



What is the best wifi baby monitor on the market?

Several trusted brands offer first-rate products. The best one for you will come from your individual needs and budget. Browse top brands like Oricom, Vtech, Uniden and Owlet for inspiration. Try making a list of your must-have features to narrow the selection. Of course, you can always contact a knowledgeable Metro Baby representative for assistance.

Where can I buy a baby monitor in Australia?

Metro Baby is your go-to destination for high-quality baby products. Parents across Australia enjoy the confidence of knowing that Metro Baby represents the most trusted brands and hand-picked items. Make your baby monitor choice easier by shopping our curated online selection.