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      Shop Metro Baby’s extensive range of sippy cups designed to help transition baby from bottle to sipping from a regular cup. For the best design in spill proof sippy cups for babies and toddlers, choose from our range of sippy cups with spouts, straws and handles from trusted brands.

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      Trusted sippy cups that help bub transition from bottle to cup, independently and mess-free


      Finding the perfect training cup for your baby

      Finding the perfect training cup for your baby often involves some trial and error, and patience. You may need to try out a few different types of sippy cups to eventually find the perfect trainer cup for your baby. Sippy cups vary in design from sippy cups with two handles and a spout nozzle to sippy cups with straws. Whatever works for your bub, sippy cups are important tools to transition bub from breastfeeding and baby bottle to drinking from a regular cup (even if still breastfeeding). Sucking on a straw is also an important developmental milestone. And because quality sippy cups are spill-free, it also makes things less messy.

      BPA free safe baby sippy cups for drinking water

      Metro Baby’s range of feeding products for babies and toddlers are all BPA free and safe for children to drink from. This includes our wide range of child-safe sippy cups. Sippy cups are used to help transition bub from nursing and bottles to drinking water from a regular cup. The reason why feeding products should be BPA free is to avoid harmful chemicals leeching from containers into liquids, eliminating a health risk.

      First years: From bottle to cup - what you need to know

      Each child will develop and reach milestones at their own pace. Although some general rules apply when considering transition cups.
      • Some babies will happily use a sippy cup from around 6 months, other may be less interested until they're around one year old.
      • Transitioning from breastfeeding and a bottle to a regular cup is an important developmental milestone. This is how a quality and child-safe sippy cup can help.
      • A quality spill-proof sippy cup makes this transition safe and mess-free.
      • Transitioning may require patience and testing different cups. Starting with a soft pliable spout (which is closer to a bottle) may be better received by bub than a harder spout.
      • Show your little one how to sip and/or tilt when drinking so they can copy you in working out what to do.
      • To minimise mess and clean-ups, some parents start with filling bub’s sippy cup with water and not milk.
      • A range of different designs are available to choose from which include sippy cups with two handles and a hard spout, to sippy cups with no handles and silicone straws. Sippy cups with straws promote lip rounding and speech development. Sippy cups with handles promote holding and tilting in preparation of using a regular cup.


      Leak-proof spout and straw cups which prevent spills

      Metro Baby’s range of leak-proof sippy cups prevent spills and keep things mess-free as your child learns to transition to drinking from a regular cup by learning how to use a sippy cup. Our leak-proof range of sippy cups includes:

      • The Sippy Cup: An award-winning sippy cup available in a range of fun gelato colours. The innovative weighted straw moves with the liquid even if the cup is angled. With two-way valve, it’s easy for bub to drink plus no spills.
      • Haakaa’s Sippy Straw Cups: Available in a range of gorgeous colours and made from 100% food grade silicone, this sippy cup is lightweight, durable, drop-proof, and leak-proof with tight-sealing lid.
      • Done by Deer 2 Handle Spout Dreamy Dots Cup: This is a perfect 2-in-1 training cup for bub to begin learning first sips. The spout prevents liquids from spilling with two handles made for little hands' easy grip. When bub is ready, the lid can come off to drink from a regular cup.
      • Liewood’s Neil Cup: This spill-free sippy cup is a spout cup made from 100% soft silicone, which makes it soft in little mouths but also light to hold, durable and drop-proof.


      Best sippy cups for milk

      Quality sippy cups can be used for water or milk. Always ensure that the sippy cup you choose is made from BPA-free plastic and 100% food-grade silicone and/or other food-safe materials. Also ensure you thoroughly wash your sippy cups after use with warm water and soap or in the dishwasher. Many sippy cups are dishwasher safe, check prior to washing. Take removable pieces apart to wash. Also allow all elements to dry thoroughly.

      Why you can’t go past a soft silicone spout

      A soft silicone spout helps bub transition from breastfeeding and bottle to using a sippy cup, even if still breastfeeding. A soft silicone spout on a sippy cup is the closest to a bottle teat. So a soft silicone spout as a sipping mechanism for a sippy spout may be easiest for your little to start the transition to a sippy cup.


      Features to look out for when purchasing a sippy cup

      • Spout: This can either be a soft spout or a hard spout. A soft spout is similar to a bottle teat with sucking motion, whereas a hard spout encourages trainer cup tilting and drinking. It may be work to start with a soft spout after bottle and then transition to a hard spout.
      • Straw: This encourages forming a circle with mouth, which promotes speech development. It also helps develop sucking and bub learning how to hold a cup independently.
      • Spill-proof: Quality sippy cups have a tight sealing lid and are designed to prevent spills. Check the manufacturer’s label to see if it’s spill-proof.
      • Drop-proof: Because babies drop things, a durable sippy cup that won’t burst open on impact is also a consideration. Child-safe materials like BPA free silicone and child safe plastics mean your sippy cup won’t break if dropped.


      Spill-proof sippy cups with easy grip handles which do not leak

      Finding a sippy cup with easy grip handles which does not leak is a game-changer. Many mums spend endless hours searching for the perfect leak-proof cup. The easy grip handles make it easy for bub to sip independently. And even if a parent finds ‘the perfect sippy cup’, bub needs to think so too! This means it may take a bit of testing different cups for your nuby sippy cup drinker to click with the right one. Or it may just take one. Often just continuing with the same cup at bub's pace will result in nuby becoming a pro.

      Popular colours and styles of sippy cups available, including sippy cup and Haakaa

      Our range of sippy cups include a variety of trusted brands available in many popular colours and styles, which include products detailed below.
      • Haakaa's Sip and Snack Cup is eco-friendly and made from 100% food grade silicone with spout and lid that converts into spill-proof snack container. Available in blush, bluestone, suva grey and rust.
      • Done by Deer’s spout cup with two handles is made from 100% food grade melamine (cup) and 100% food grade PE (lid), with colour options of powder, grey, or blue lid with fun dot cup.
      • The sippy cup is made from PP and silicone with two handles and straw, available in boysenberry, bubblegum, pistachio, banana split, and tutti fruitti.
      • Other styles in's award-winning design is their Hello Kitty sippy cup water bottle in Candy Floss and Popstar, and Disney Winnie the Pooh feeding set which includes a trainer cup.
      • Haakaa's Sippy Straw Cup made from 100% food grade silicone with straw is available in blush, bluestone, suva grey and rust.
      • EZPZ's sippy cup with 100% food grade silicone straw is available in a range of colours including sage, mauve, sienna, blue and blush.
      • Skip Hop's sippy cup drink bottle has a flip top lid that gives bub the option to go from soft spout to silicone straw in this 2-in-1 design. Available in a 2-pack in teal with 2 replacement straws.



      Teaching your baby to learn how to drink out of a cup

      A sippy cup is a developmental feeding product for tots usually from about 6 months+ to help teach fine motor skills in holding a cup independently, sipping through a straw and/or tilting a sippy cup to drink. All this helps your little one independently drink, preparing them to use a regular cup when they’re ready.


      Easy to clean and dishwasher safe cups

      Metro Baby’s range of sippy cups are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Because sippy cups are feeding products it’s important to wash thoroughly after use. Metro Baby’s range of sippy cups are made from silicone and/or other food-safe materials and are easy to wash and to keep hygienically clean. When washing, always take removable items apart to ensure each piece is properly cleaned. You can also hand wash in warm soapy water. If you hand wash, rinse thoroughly. Ensure all items dry thoroughly and are stored in a dry place like a cupboard or clean container with lid. This keeps your items hygienic and your little one safe.

      Other accessories to consider when feeding your baby or toddler

      Besides sippy cups, Metro Baby also offer an extensive range of other accessories to consider for feeding your little one through many stages of development. Our range of trusted best baby brands include Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Bumbo, Haakaa, Medela, Pigeon, Beaba, Junobie and more. Quality child-safe feeding accessories include items like high chairs, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, warmers, breast pumps and reusable breast milk storage bags. When bub's ready for solids, things to consider include food processing machines, stainless steel thermos and table ware.


      Brands we know and trust

      Above and beyond Metro Baby’s range of trusted feeding products and accessories, we also offer a wide range of products for other stages of bub’s development. From breastfeeding to baby food, scooters and beyond, all our products adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Besides sippy cups and feeding accessories, some of our best-seller products include baby cots, bassinets, change tables, prams, cup holders, sleeping bags, slings, swaddles, prams, strollers, car seats, change mats, thermometers, nappy and travel bags, nightlights, potties and baby clothing.

      Buying sippy cups online at Metro Baby

      Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. This includes best-seller sippy cups. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many and changing needs. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, and gift cards to fulfil a parent's wishlist.



      What age is appropriate for sippy cups?

      Each child is different but in general, parents begin to introduce bub to a sippy cup at around 6 months. Although some little ones may be more ready around the 9 to 12-month mark. By bub’s first birthday, in terms of general developmental milestones, most baby’s will be getting used to a sippy cup, having transitioned from a bottle – even if still breastfeeding.

      Which sippy cup is the best?

      The best sippy cup is the one that works best for your bub. So a lot of the time it’s trial and error, and trying out different types of sippy cups. Although sometimes it’s the first one! The best sippy cups are from trusted brands and that meet the necessary child safety standards for Australia and New Zealand -- which are all products available from Metro Baby. Other important features to look for in a sippy cup include a leak-proof lid, drop-proof and easy to clean thoroughly.

      What are the stages of sippy cups?

      A soft spout sippy cup is the closest to a soft bottle teat so may the first step away from a bottle -- even if still breastfeeding. A hard spout teaches your little one to transition from sucking to sipping and tilting. Straw sippy cups also encourage a child to sip rather than suck, and to learn to hold a cup to drink from. There are also sippy cups with no spout (also referred to 360 cups) with a lid that allows water to flow from all around the top of the lid, closely resembling a regular cup. Once your child is able to hold a cup, tilt and sip, they’ll transition to a regular child-safe open-top cup which is like a regular drinking cup except unbreakable and smaller, made for little hands.

      Which sippy cup is best for your toddler?

      Like many other baby products, from feeding to sleep time, some baby products will work better than others because each child is different. But in general, whatever you choose always choose a trusted child-safe brand and then mix in patience and perseverance. Each child will reach each milestone (even if at a different time to another child) with support, love and encouragement, and with the help of cleverly designed child-safe quality products.