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Sippy cups help your baby transition from bottle to drink cup and develop important self-feeding skills. Shop colourful cups with soft spouts, silicone straws and spill-proof lids that catch every drop and are easy to clean.

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Find the perfect training cup for your baby

Sippy cups see little ones through the first years of their life and help them to develop important fine motor skills while learning independent eating habits for childhood. Make this big step easier for bubs by training them with spout and straw cups that are easy for little hands to grip and enjoy their favourite drinks.
Discover the features that make learning new skills fun and convenient, such as wide handles for extra stability, removable straws and tight lids that prevent leaks and spills. Shop trusted brands at Metro Baby with free delivery in Australia when you spend over $99.

BPA-free safe baby sippy cups for drinking water

It’s essential that you choose baby products made from toxin-free materials that are safe for babies and kids. We have training cups that are BPA-free, PVC-free and free from phthalates with food-grade silicone that’s soft and flexible for delicate mouths.

First years: from bottle to sippy cup

Make the transition from baby bottle to a cup easier for your children by using a specially designed sippy cup. These cups help to wean babies off bottles and breastmilk, encouraging the start of self-feeding habits that will see them through to adulthood.
Cups with spouts are great for babies just starting out while straw cups are perfect for older babies learning to sip liquid instead of suck. Toddlers can go from closed cups to open cups with products like the Mini Cup + Straw Training System by EZPZ.

Leak-proof spout and straw cups which prevent spills

Spill-proof lids are a must when teaching babies how to go from bottle to cup. Find spout and straw cups at Metro Baby with tightly sealed lids that prevent liquid from escaping no matter what angle they’re being held. A top choice is the Haakaa Silicone Sip-N-Snack Cup that’s part cup, part snack container and can be shaken or turned upside down with zero spills!

Features to look out for

The best cups for babies are easy to use and even easier to maintain. Look for these features when making a decision:

  • Grip handles
  • Simple flip-top lid
  • Leak-proof lid to prevent spills
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher
  • Removable lids and straws
  • Silicone straws
  • Reusable
  • Toxin-free materials

Large choice of colours and styles

Move over Disney, Hello Kitty is here! Capture this cute kitty on a B.Box Sippy Cup or choose a pastel cup from their cute Gelato range. Discover innovative designs and gentle hues across the collection to soothe your baby and inspire your home with colours like blush, rust, mint, light lavender, mustard, terracotta, bluestone and dark rose.

From baby to toddler sippy cups - we have you covered

Whether you need a sippy cup with handles and straw, a spout cup with flip-top lid or an open cup that’s easy to grasp, find it at Metro Baby. We have the best baby brands for supporting kids developmental needs from birth to toddler and beyond at prices to suit every budget.

Sippy cup with straws

The iconic B.Box sippy cup is an award-winning drink bottle for babies aged 6 months and up. It features a cleverly designed weighted straw that moves with the liquid so bubs can drink every last drop, even while lying down. This makes them the ideal transition from breast milk and bottle feeding to drinking from a closed cup. We also sell B.Box replacement straws and cleaners to ensure your little one is never without their favourite cup at mealtime.
We’ve also got gorgeous Liewood straw sippy cups in earthy colours with removable lids and 100% soft silicone straws that are easy for babies to latch onto as well as innovative EZPZ Mini Cup and Straw Training System that teaches toddlers to move from closed cup to open cup.

No-spill cups

A spill-proof cup is essential when training babies to drink from a cup. Discover straw and spout cups at Metro Baby with a tight, spill-proof lid to ensure every drop goes into baby’s mouth and not the floor. Soft spouts make it easy for babies to drink from and are soothing for teething toddlers gums and teeth.
It’s always a good idea to put on a bib for extra protection against mess!

Easy to clean

Make cleaning up super easy by choosing a cup that’s safe to pop in the dishwasher. Our cups from brands like B-Box and EZPZ are all dishwasher-safe while the Liewood Ellis Sippy Cup even comes with its own cleaning brush for extra convenience!

Our top picks

These products are best sellers at Metro Baby:

  • B-Box Sippy Cup Gelato Colours
  • Liewood Ellis Sippy Cup
  • EZPZ Mini Cup & Straw Training System
  • Haakaa Sippy Straw Cup Various Colours
  • Done By Deer Sprout Cup Dreamy Dots

Brands we know and trust

We have the beloved baby brands that Australian families know and trust for their little ones. Discover beautiful products by brands like B.Box, Haakaa, Done By Deer, Skip Hop, Liewood, Konges Slojd and We Might Be Tiny.

Buying your sippy cup online at Metro Baby

From the latest prams for every outing to nappy bags and the snuggliest sleepwear, we’ve got bubs covered at Metro Baby. You can shop sippy cups online with a fast checkout and free delivery to your doorstep over $99 in Australia. You can also create a wishlist of your favourite items and tick them off one by one or surprise new parents with a Metro Baby gift card for spending on our lovingly curated collection of baby essentials.




When should a baby use a sippy cup?

Sippy cups are wonderful transition cups that bridge the gap from baby to toddler and are useful in helping little ones learn to feed themselves. Babies can start using their trainer cup from around 6 months of age. Start with a small amount of liquid at first and gradually increase as they become used to drinking from it.

What kind of sippy cup is the best for a baby?

Closed cups with a soft silicone straw and 2 grip handles are a great starting option for babies. Make sure the lid is leak-proof and the cup is dishwasher-safe for an easy clean. The B.Box Sippy Cup has a weighted straw which lets babies drink every drop lying down and is ideal for transitioning babies from baby bottle to drinking cup.

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