Baby Monitor Mount

Ensure your video camera is always in the perfect position with a baby monitor mount. Choose a cot mount, wall mount, or floor stand to capture the ideal image of your little one at all times.

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What is a baby monitor mount?

Baby monitor mounts are simple structures that attach to the wall, baby’s crib or sit on the floor. Like a camera stand, mounts help you get the perfect shot of bub. Receive a sharp, focused and balanced image through your baby monitor camera with the help of a sturdy mount. Eliminate the possibility of your monitor falling or being knocked over with a reliable mount.

Why you need a baby monitor mount

Baby camera holders give you peace of mind in the nursery. Your baby monitor is one of the essential items to keep the little one safe and secure. Ensuring your monitor is safe, secure and functional properly is vital. Plus, a mount offers you great benefits, like:

  • The best view of your baby at all times.
  • Ideal night vision, camera angling and zoomability.
  • Position the in-built nightlight in just the right spot (specific models only).
  • Keeps the monitor out of bubs reach to prevent accidents.

How to mount a baby monitor

Specific models of baby monitors come with an in-built mount. However, you might like to change the style or add additional cameras, so extra braces might come in handy. Depending on the model, a structure can be mounted to the wall using a bracket, looped with a twist mount and fastened to cot rails, or simply placed freestanding on the floor in an out-of-reach position.

Where to mount your baby monitor in a nursery

Video baby monitors must be at least 1.8 metres away from your child but still close enough to provide a good view. Some good options include wall mounting in a corner near the ceiling (ideal for pan and tilt cameras) or placed high on a baby monitor shelf or wardrobe. For an audio system, ensure that the microphone can clearly pick up sounds from your baby. Of course, you must ensure any power cords or adapters are entirely out of reach.

Wall mounts for a baby monitor

Metro Baby is your online destination for baby monitors. Browse our premium high-tech video and audio monitor collection from the most trusted brands. Several styles include built-in mounts, but we also carry monitor holders and accessories from top brands like Nanit Pro and Oricrom. Of course, we recommend you check the product’s specifications carefully to ensure the mount is compatible with your device.

Different types of baby monitor mounts

There are several different styles of baby monitor mounts. The one that works best for you will come down to your space, monitor style and individual preference. Some of our favourites include:

  • Nanit Baby Monitor Wall Mount - get a crystal-clear, birds-eye view of everything that occurs in the crib.
  • Nanit Baby Monitor Floor Stand - has a perfect overhead view of your baby. Use wall leaning or freestanding mode to position above any cot.
  • Oricom Wall Mounting bracket- find the optimal viewing with this universal baby monitor mount.

Brands you know and trust

When you shop at Metro Baby, you select from a curated collection of products representing the best on the market. Select from top brands like Motorola, Oricom, Owlet Nanit, Vtech and more. All products are pre-screened and tested to ensure quality and ease of use. You can feel confident shopping online knowing that all baby monitors and monitor accessories come with a warranty.

Benefits of using a baby monitor mount

Benefit from the peace of mind and enjoyment of having a way to peek at your baby without disrupting their sleep. A camera mount ensures you always have the perfect view and that all electrical parts are well out of bub’s reach.

Add a baby monitor mount to your gift registry

Baby monitors and mounts are some of the best baby shower gifts or first birthday gift ideas you can add to your registry. Loved ones and friends will undoubtedly enjoy gifting you this essential baby item. Add a mount to your registry to let others know the specific make and model that works for you. We offer all the convenient payment options at checkout and free delivery for items over $99.


What is the best way to mount a baby monitor?

Using a purpose-built mount is the most reliable way to secure your monitor. Mounts also offer maximum flexibility in angling the device, zooming and panning.

Where should you mount a baby monitor?

The monitor should be at least 1.8 metres away but close enough to offer a good view. Mount your camera to the wall, floor or on the cot railing. If those options are unavailable, you might create a camera shelf on top of a bookcase or wardrobe. Shop the range of baby monitor mounts at Metro Baby today.