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At Metro Baby our range of high quality, long-lasting wooden baby toys are classic Australian favourites. Featuring child-safe and eco-friendly designs, wooden toys for babies handmade from natural timbers make beautiful baby gifts that will last the distance.

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Introduce your little ones to the timeless joy of baby wooden toys

There's a good reason why baby wooden toys have been cherished for thousands of years. They're safe, eco-friendly, and durable while providing babies and toddlers with hours of endless inspiration, education and entertainment. Metro Baby sell the most incredible selection of gorgeous wooden toys in Australia. Handcrafted from high-quality natural timbers, our toys range from classic building blocks, wooden puzzles, and marble runs to ride-on toys, Victorian doll houses, playsets and more for maximum interaction and enjoyment. Our exciting brands combine the appeal of wooden toys with innovative designs and on-trend colours that will fit right into any nursery or playroom decor.


Why Wooden Toys?

Crafted by hand from natural material, wooden toys are not only aesthetically beautiful but strong, long-lasting and able to connect kids to nature in a way that plastic toys can't. Thanks to their durability, they make excellent hand-me-down toys and can even be passed down from generation to generation. Wooden toys fire up the imagination, encouraging creativity while growing important development skills. With no toxins or chemicals, they're also safer for kids and much better for the environment.

Wooden Toys Vs. Plastic Toys

One of the major reasons that wooden toys make excellent kids toys is that they are safe and natural. They contain none of the PVC, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals that can often be found in plastic toys. Being made from a natural element, they are also stronger, more durable, and more environmentally-friendly. Did you know that even touching a wooden toy can have a calming effect on a baby? Studies suggest that the feel of natural wood is soothing to little hands and can help to connect babies to the earth and to nature.


Benefits of Wooden Toys

Baby wooden toys are beautifully simple and lovingly crafted to capture a child's attention and entertain them for years to come. There are many benefits to choosing wooden toys over plastic. Wooden toys:
• Help babies to focus better
• Calm babies down through physical touch
• Inspire creative play and help babies to understand cause and effect
• Teach babies hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
• Are environmentally-friendly
• Free from synthetic materials
• Last a very long time
• Are more beautifully aesthetic with natural lines and muted colours


Low Cost, High-Quality

At Metro Baby, low cost doesn't equal low quality! We've got traditional train sets by Janod, wooden animal magnetic farms by Djeco, and stacking toys by Raduga Grez. Help baby take their first steps with a wooden walker by PlanToys, teach them the time with a Kiddie Connect Clock Puzzle, or give them a workout with a wooden play gym with suspended toys. Our baby wooden toys come in wonderful colour combinations, from natural and pastel to earthy tones, neutral Scandinavian-inspired palettes and bright, popping colours that baby will love.


Environmentally Sound

Wooden toys help to reduce plastic waste by using sustainably sourced natural wood that’s also biodegradable and can be recycled after use. Wooden toys are handcrafted on a much smaller scale than mass-produced plastic toys and there is no pollution emitted from harsh chemicals during manufacturing.

Educational Qualities

Baby wooden toys make incredible educational toys. Jigsaw puzzles, construction sets, and building blocks all help babies to learn and grow important developmental skills, from numerical and literary to fine motor skills and problem solving. Teach them how to grasp, move, and order objects with our rainbow and tower stackers by Raduga Grez. We also have the Liewood Amy Abacus to inspire budding mathematicians, Geo Matching Boxes by PlanToys, magnetic maze sets by Haba, and chunky alphabet puzzles by Kiddie Connect to help familiarise them with word formation.


Durability and Longevity

Plastic toys can easily be cracked or ripped with years of not-so-gentle play! A wooden toy is made from natural timber that's hard and can withstand many knocks and bumps, making them ideal for little kids and babies.

Creative Play

The beautiful simplicity of wooden toys helps kids to role play and use their imagination to create complex worlds. Whether it's a wooden doll to dress up, a ride on toy or wooden vehicle to sit on, such as scooters and rocking horses, or a wooden dentist set to play out growing interests - wooden toys encourage creativity like no other toy!

We have all of the inspiration kids need right here at Metro Baby. Explore musical toys to delight little musicians, such as xylophones by Djeco and Janod. We also have:
• Wooden forests, Whimsical animals, Utensil sets, Activity cubes, Bead mazes, and Train sets


Ages for Wooden Toy Suitability

Wooden toys are perfect for any age. We have wooden rattles and teething toys for newborns, toddler toys to stimulate the mind and develop early education skills, such as puzzle boxes and wooden blocks, play gyms, pretend play sets, and wooden walkers to help babies take their first steps.

Cleaning and Maintaining Baby Wooden Toys

Unlike plastic toys, a wooden toy must not be immersed in water and left to soak as this causes the wood to swell. Instead, take a cloth, spritz it with some disinfectant spray, and gently wipe over the toys. You could also use a mild dish soap and some warm water or diluted white vinegar. Leave them out in the sun to dry naturally. However, be careful not to leave them out for too long or in harsh sunlight as this can cause their colours to fade and crack!

Product Safety

They're certainly harder than soft toys, but baby wooden toys are just as safe! Our products meet all Australian safety requirements for children's toys and contain no toxic chemicals or materials that are harmful to kids.


Brands to Look Out for and That We Trust

We stock the most exciting local and international baby brands renowned for their exceptional quality craftsmanship and on-trend designs. Explore our full range by brands like:
• PlanToys
• Janod
Make Me Iconic
Tender Leaf Toys
Wee Gallery
Konges Slojd
• Manhattan Toys

Buying Online with Metro Baby

We have the best Australian and international wooden baby toys to suit any budget, starting from just $17.50 AUD. Save your favourites in a wishlist or pop them in the shopping cart and follow the easy checkout steps to payment. We also offer gift cards for when you want to surprise others with the joy of picking out their own wooden toys for little ones!


FAQs About Baby Wooden Toys


Are Wooden Toys Safe for Babies?

Absolutely! Wooden toys are made from natural materials and contain none of the synthetic toxins that can be found in plastic, such as PVC, which is harmful to humans and the environment. Our wooden toys are also coloured with water-based dyes and organic pigments which is great for babies who love to put things in their mouth! Explore our stunning range with products by Djeco, Janod, Manhattan Toys, and much more.

Why are Wooden Baby Toys Better?

Wooden toys are making a major comeback with trusted brands like Le Toy Van blending childhood nostalgia with innovative and exciting designs. There are many reasons why wooden toys are considered better for babies. They are:
• Eco-friendly and made from sustainably sourced natural wood
• Safer and free from toxic chemicals
• Stronger and more durable
• Educational and entertaining
• Calming to the mind while stimulating creativity
• Able to foster social interaction

How do Wooden Toys Help Child Development?

While plastic toys may be equipped with flashing lights, interactive displays, and cool sound effects - wooden toys are actually much more effective at improving a child's developmental skills. Puzzles and building blocks make great gifts for kids as they can help to promote:
• Hand-eye coordination
• Fine motor skills
• Cause and effect awareness
• Problem solving skills
• Numerical and literary skills
• Spatial awareness
• Creative play
• Teamwork skills

When Can Babies Play with Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys are safe and fun for babies of all ages, even newborns. We have a huge range of wooden wonders to play with and gnaw on any time of the day. From wooden teethers and stacking rings to clutching toys, building blocks, puzzles, walkers, train sets, and key rattles to entertain babies while in the pram - Metro Baby has your baby's play time sorted!