Price Promise

Retailers in our industry may offer the same product at a reduced price due to a promotion or sale. Metrobaby will offer the same price as our competitors if the item matches the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Item value must be over RRP $100
  • Item must be identical in brand, model, colour, design, size etc.
  • Item must be available for immediate purchase at both retailers at the time of purchase
  • Item must be available for review on the retailer's website or in a current catalogue
  • Item must be a regularly stocked item at Metrobaby and does not require to be ordered
  • Item must be brand new, not floor or demonstration stock 
  • Item must not be discontinued
  • Metrobaby does not match third party resellers such as Amazon, Ebay, Catch of the Day etc
  • Metrobaby will not match any verbal quotes 
  • Payment for the item must be paid in full at the time of purchase 
  • Retail store must be based in Australia
  • Retail store must be primarily a "Baby Goods" store, not pharmacy or department store
  • Retail store must be a physical store, not online only store
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount by Metrobaby 
  • Metrobaby reserves the right to limit the price guarantee offer to one item per customer
  • Metrobaby will not match prices based on previous receipts from other retailers
  • Metrobaby will assess the retailer's final price inclusive of delivery, taxes, fees and chargest against our price inclusive of delivery, taxes, fees and charges

Conditions may be subject to change and applied at the discretion of Metrobaby. Metrobaby may reserve the right to refuse a price match request. 

If you would like to purchase from our online store and match the price of another retailer:

  1. Email with the website link of the product you would like to purchase
  2. If conditions are met, Metrobaby will provide you with a coupon code 
  3. Coupon code will expire within 24 hours and purchase must be completed before