Baby Bjorn simplifies everyday life with babies and toddlers through safe and simple products that enhance the special bond between you. Browse stylish products today, from mini baby carriers to baby bouncers, cots, feeding and bathroom accessories.

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Celebrating your baby milestones with Baby Bjorn products


Swedish brand Baby Bjorn has been trusted by parents worldwide for generations to provide baby products that simplify everyday life with babies and toddlers. With minimalist designs in fresh and calming colour palettes that soothe baby and enhance your home and living spaces, our Baby Bjorn collection includes bouncers and carriers, tableware and feeding essentials, play time toys and more. From first car trips to first baths and everything in between, Baby Bjorn products will see you through every one of life’s little moments with young children!


Bouncer Bliss – newborn bouncer

A baby bouncer can be gently rocked to soothe newborns and provide loads of entertainment and exercise that helps babies to develop their motor skills. Placed on the floor, they are the perfect accessory to keep little ones close by while you go about your day.

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss Cotton comes in soft and modern shades like dusty pink, light grey and anthracite to placate baby and blend beautifully into any home. Crafted with child-friendly materials and an ergonomic design with head support for ultimate comfort, these bouncers are a must-have for newborns up to 2 years old. Maximise play time by adding a toy to your bouncer, such as the cute Googly Eyes with colourful shapes to spin and laugh at.

If you’re not quite ready to buy a baby bouncer, add your favourite one to a wishlist and tick it off later. Know someone with a newborn? A Metro Baby gift card makes the ideal present for new mums and dads!


All-in-one Baby Carriers

Make babywearing cool and comfortable with our Baby Bjorn baby carriers made with breathable mesh fabric that keeps your baby snug against your body. You’ll love the:

  • Baby Carrier Harmony - This carrier is super soft and luxurious with a pressure-relieving waist belt, back support, padded shoulder straps and 3 different head support positions.
  • Baby Carrier One Air 3d Mesh - A baby carrier that is good for correct hip development, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air is made from airy mesh that’s lightweight for holding your baby naturally and comes with 4 different head support positions.
  • BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini - When you’re only carrying your baby for a short time, this mini carrier made from the softest 3d jersey will keep newborns close for warmth and comfort.


Easy To Go Travel Cot

A portable travel cot lets you take the comfort of the nursery with you on short and long trips so that your baby can sleep soundly no matter where you go. The BabyBjorn Travel Cot is lightweight and foldable so you can set it up and pack it away in one move. The airy black mesh lets you see baby at all times and is made to OEKO-TEX standards for sensitive skin. With a comfy mattress included, all you need to do is add a fitted sheet to guarantee sweet dreams away from home.


Quality products for newborns to toddlers

Metro Baby is your one-stop-shop for high-quality baby products that are safe, stylish and designed to support and enhance the bond between parents and infants. Shop our extensive curated collection today with products below RRP, including:

  • Car seats
  • Booster seats
  • Potty chairs
  • High chairs
  • Strollers
  • Nappy bags
  • Tableware
  • Activity toys
  • Baby carriers


Range of premium carriers - comfortable and easy

Baby carriers give you a hands-free way to hold babies so that you can get on with everything else you need to do at home and out and about. For maximum breathability between you and bub, choose a lightweight mesh carrier that allows air circulation. Mini carriers are specially made for newborns. The Baby Carrier Mini Black Cotton holds your baby close to your body for warmth and is a top choice for carrying babies during their first few months.


Buying your Baby Bjorn products online at Metro Baby

Metro Baby stock the most trusted homegrown and international brands in baby products with everything you’ll need to grow with your family over the years. Browse the range today with flexible payment options like Afterpay and free delivery in Australia when you spend over $99.


Nursery products you can’t go past

When you have a baby, the nursery is the heart of the home where your little one sleeps, plays, feeds and bonds with you. Find exactly what you need to decorate your nursery and create a space where you and your baby will love to spend time together:

We have:

  • Slings
  • Sleeping bags
  • Swaddles
  • Cots and bassinets
  • Change tables
  • Cot accessories
  • Nursery decor


Nursing and feeding must have’s

Make feeding time with your little ones fun and mess-free with our range of nursing and feeding products, such as feeding bibs, teething bibs and tableware. We have the first months covered with breast pumps and bottles for a newborn baby as well as teats and warmers.

When your baby is ready for solids, the easy-to-clean BabyBjorn bib has a spill pocket that’s perfect for catching food while the Baby Bjorn Feeding Set comes with baby plate, spoon, fork and cup for babies that are ready to start feeding themselves.


Bath toys and accessories to make bath-time easy and fun

Bond over bath-time with our collection of bathroom products and accessories by Baby Bjorn. Toilet training with toddlers is made easy with potty chairs that are sturdy, comfy and easy to clean. The BabyBjorn Step Stool helps toddlers reach up to sinks with your help and are hard to tip over. Shop our other bathroom products, including:

  • Bath tubs
  • Bath towels
  • Bath toys
  • Bath mats
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Skincare and body washes




Is Baby Bjorn good for newborns?

Baby Bjorn makes products specifically designed for newborns right through to toddlers. With safety and simplicity at the heart of the brand, Baby Bjorn products are put through extensive safety tests before they even become available to ensure that every safety standard is met and the product is safe to use with newborns. They also craft their products using the highest quality materials that are non-toxic, child-friendly and easy to clean for an all-round win for new parents.

How long can a baby sit in a Baby Bjorn?

Baby Bjorn bouncers can be used for up to 1 hour at a time, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). You can let baby sit in the bouncer multiple times a day as Baby Bjorn bouncers comfortably support the head, neck and back but it’s a good idea to vary the places your baby spends time, such as a bouncer, the crib, your arms and a pram.