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      Keep your little one close with a newborn baby carrier from Metro Baby. Move comfortably through the day hands-free with Bub safely attached to your torso. Shop online for the best slings, wraps and carriers from Australia’s most trusted brands.

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      Support for parents and newborns

      Babywearing should be ergonomic for parents and caregivers and safe and supportive for babies. A good quality wrap, sling or carrier is designed to distribute baby weight evenly and alleviate strain from pain points. Soft structured carriers with plenty of cushioning and neck support are ideal for the first 12 months.

      Best carriers for a newborn

      The best carrier for your new baby will combine comfort, safety, support and ease of use. A newborn carrier should emphasise the closeness an infant needs to bond with their parent. For that reason, many parents opt for a made of very soft, stretchy fabric that hugs the baby toward them.

      Move about hands-free with a baby carrier

      Keep your baby close as you move about your day. Attend to your toddler and navigate the stroller with your newborn safely in tow. Baby carriers allow parents the freedom to multitask, do chores, take phone calls and run errands.

      Differences between a sling, baby wrap and baby carrier

      Slings, baby wraps and baby carriers are all excellent methods of carrying your baby hands-free. The main differences lie in the construction and the process of wearing.
      ● A baby sling is a large piece of fabric wrapped around the baby and the wearer.
      ● The baby wrap carrier is similar but typically longer and often made of stretch fabric. It can be wrapped around the wearer and baby in various positions.
      ● Baby carriers are more structured, using padded shoulder straps, supportive waistbands and buckles to secure the baby for longer wear. The additional durability is ideal for older babies and young toddlers.

      Best baby carriers

      Choose from simple, easy-to-use newborn styles designed for the first year, or go straight to the child carrier designed to see your little one through to toddlerhood. Some of our top picks include:

      • Ergobaby Embrace - Ideal for short, frequent babywearing sessions over the first 12 months. The smooth, comfortable fabric hugs the baby and wearer together for close bonding—an uncomplicated style designed for ease of use.
      • Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini - This easy-to-use style is available in three super soft fabrics: mesh, jersey and satin-woven cotton. Unfastens quickly to lift out your sleeping baby without waking.
      • Ergobaby Omni 360 - A popular structured ergonomic design with adaptable comfort features and high-tech fabric. Suitable for newborns through to toddlers.
      • Ergobaby Omni Breeze - All the innovative features of the Omni combined with SoftFlex™ Mesh breathable fabric to maintain airflow and comfort in warm climates.
      • Babybjorn Baby Carrier One - Structured design with plenty of adjustable features. A soft body, sturdy waist belt and padded straps ensure your baby is well-protected and comfortable.

      Features to consider

      Baby carriers offer various performance features depending on the style and brand. Some of the top features that parents appreciate include the following:
      ● Safety- Ergonomic designs support your baby's natural position. Ensure your carrier holds your baby in a seated “M” position with knees tucked higher than their hips.
      ● Padded shoulder straps - Wide, cushioned straps help distribute the baby’s weight evenly and keep the wearer comfortable.
      ● Convertible straps and waistbands - Change positions easily and protect your back with the proper lumbar support.
      ● Multi-position carry - Select from up to four different carry positions.
      ● Breathable Fabrics - Both you and Bub stay comfortable with quality fabrics that support airflow.
      ● Neck support - Look for carriers with head and neck support, particularly for newborns.

      Adjustable straps make life easy

      Customise your fit as Bub grows. Easily adapt to their changing needs and your comfort by adapting your fit. Adjustable straps ensure that the carrier fits both you and your baby correctly, providing safety and support. Change positions easily and breastfeed comfortably.

      Forward or back facing

      Changing carry positions during your child’s growth phases will benefit you both. Keep your newborn baby faced inward during the initial months for maximum closeness and support. Once Bub has developed their neck strength, you can begin to experiment with alternatives like;

      • Forward facing - Let your growing one become acquainted with the world around them.
      • Hip seat carry - Give your back a rest and Bub a good view of their surroundings.
      • Back carry - Kids love travelling up top to get a full view of the action. Back carry becomes increasingly more comfortable as your child gets heavier.

      Safety is essential

      Keep your baby safe and secure with carriers that feature sturdy straps, buckles and fasteners. Look for styles classified as ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to support healthy hip development. Lastly, materials should meet the OEKO-TEX standard 100, class 1 for baby products, ensuring they are toxin-free and kind on baby skin.

      Soft carriers for newborn comfort

      Nurture your newborn with the softest fabric that feels luxurious on the skin. The Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini in 3D jersey offers a smooth, hugging effect that encourages bonding. Likewise, the 100% Viscose Aura Wrap is lightweight, breathable and ultra-soft on a newborn’s skin.

      A breathable carrier that does it all

      Australian parents love to get outdoors with the family and soak up the sun. Stay cool and comfortable with breathable mesh fabrics that optimise airflow and dry moisture quickly. Choose from popular styles like the Babybjorn Baby Carrier One Air Mesh or the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh.

      Brands we know and trust

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      Can I use a baby carrier for a newborn?

      Yes, most baby carriers are suitable for newborn babies with a minimum height and weight range. Check individual product specifications to confirm suitability. Find Australia’s best range of baby carriers in Metro Baby’s convenient online store.

      What carrier is the best for newborns?

      The right carrier for you will depend on your desired features and the period you intend to use it. Some carriers are designed specifically for newborns. These are softly structured, simple to use, emphasise close bonding, and easily slip into your nappy bag or pram. Newborns can also go straight to most regular carriers, with convertible features to suit their small frames.