Find everything you need for your baby nursery right here! Discover great ideas for baby nursery décor, furniture such as the perfect chest of drawers, and baby essentials like soothers, soft toys, change mats, baby nests and much more.

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Kit out your baby’s nursery with these essentials


Create a haven for both your little one to sleep safely and soundly and for you to nurse, cuddle and perhaps even catch a little sleep yourself! Creating and organising your baby’s nursery is a fun project to help get you excited and prepared for your little one’s arrival.


Checklist for the perfect nursery

When searching for the perfect bedroom furniture for your baby’s nursery, make sure to include the basics: a cot, changing table, nursing chair, baby monitor and dresser. Add in cosiness with soft furnishings like a rug or playmat, soft toys, mobiles and stuffed animals. While not essential, a white noise machine and black out curtains can also help bub fall asleep easier and faster.

Tips when setting up your baby’s nursery

Here are some basic pointers to help when setting up your baby’s nursery:
● Design with baby’s safety in mind, so keep items to a minimum and ensure there is nothing bub could hurt him or herself on as they grow and move.
● Ensure the room can be made dark and quiet to help baby sleep during the day.
● As mums and dads spend a lot of time in the nursery, make sure it is comfortable for you as well with a chair and table (for essentials like water, a book, phone charger, snacks, or anything else to keep you entertained for the inevitable hours you’ll spend there). A night light also comes in handy for entering and exiting the room safely and quietly.
● By thinking ahead and purchasing a cot that can transform into a toddler bed later, will save you money and hassle.
● Buy storage furniture for all the swaddles, onesies, socks, sleeping bags, nappies, toys, books, etc.


Baby nursery essentials

A baby nursery needs the following essentials to make it a welcoming place for both you and bub:
● Cot
● Change table
● Chest of drawers
● Chair
● Baby monitor
● Play mat
● Night light
● Toys, books, soft animals and a mobile


Primary furniture for your nursery

When it comes to furniture in a nursery less is more, so you only really need these items:
● Cot
● Changing table
● Rocking chair or glider
● Dresser

Creating storage options in your nursery

Babies have a lot of small bits and pieces, so storage furniture is crucial to keep items safely away from your little one. Here are some ideas for nursery storage:
● Small, safely secured bookcase.
● Use wall space for shelves and items far away from an exploring baby’s reach.
● Toy box with a lid.
● Baskets and bins you can stash away in a closet.
● Change table with drawers or a dresser with changing area on top.


Nursery décor to personalise your babies room

Personalise your baby’s room with wallpaper or paint, decals or wall murals, colourful (or muted) carpets or rugs, framed prints and interesting light fixtures, curtains or upholstered chair fabric.

What to consider for sleeping

For the first weeks, or perhaps months, baby will likely be sleeping with you or in a bassinet or co-sleeper, but once they transition to the nursery and begin to sleep on their own, you’ll need the following items:
● Firm cot mattress with a mattress protector
● Baby bedding like fitted sheets or cot sheets
● Sleeping bags or swaddles


Don’t forget a nightlight

Comfort your little one while allowing yourself to safely come and go with a cute and functional nightlight in the shape of a bear, cat, star, moon, dinosaur, cloud or almost anything else you can think of!

What you need when feeding baby

When feeding a baby, a comfy, supportive chair is a necessity to enable you to sit and nurse, frequently for up to an hour at a time. A feeding and support pillow also helps reduce back, arm, shoulder and neck strain that can accompany long feeds. You’ll also need burp cloths or a swaddle close by to clean spit up.


Making changing time easier for everyone

A changing table, at the right height, will not only save your back, but conveniently houses all the nappies, wipes and cream you need within reach when changing bub. To keep mess to a minimum, place an easy-to-clean change mat or topper over your changer.

Top toys and accessories you can go without

Once you’ve got the basics in place, accessorising your nursery is a fun process. Here are some great toys and accessories to consider:
● Baby monitor, Baby lounger
● Bouncers or rockers
Play gym or rug
● Soft cuddle toys, Silent or musical mobiles
● Alphabet or number blocks
● Night light, White noise machines


Making sure the room is child safe

As with anything that concerns a baby, safety is a top concern. When creating your baby’s nursery, ensure the cot is placed away from a window or door, there are no cords or power outlets within reach, all furniture is safely secured and there are no soft blankets, pillows, cushions or loose bedding in the cot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) about baby nursery furniture and accessories:


What do you need for a newborn baby nursery?

A newborn nursery doesn’t need as many items as you think as your newborn will likely be sleeping with you for the first few months. Start with the nursery essentials of a cot, change table and nursing chair with an accompanying table before buying more items you might not need or use. Also, keeping your bub comfy and gently rocking them to sleep with a stylish baby rocker such as the charlie crane rocker ensures keeps your nursery both functional and stylish.

What furniture do you need for a newborn?

At a bare minimum you will need a cot, change table, dresser, rocking chair or glider and a small table for your baby’s nursery.

What cot accessories do you need?

Depending on your baby’s preferences and your own, the cot accessories you find most useful will differ from person to person. While one mum might say organic cotton swaddles were a multi-purpose saviour, another might find a sleeping bag more useful. In general, the most useful cot accessories are fitted crib sheets, washable quilts, mattress protectors, baby nests or cocoons, mobiles and teething guards to protect cot rails.

What are the essential items a baby needs in their nursery?

Baby items essential to a nursery are a cot, change table, changing pad, dresser or chest of drawers, chair, baby monitor, night light, play mat and whatever toys, books, mobiles and stuffed animals you want to entertain bub.