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Linea by Leander offer a range of nursery items including durable functional furniture in combination with a minimalistic design. Browse the range of dressers, change tables, cots and bedding accessories available online at Metro Baby.

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Transform Your Nursery into a Nordic Haven with the Leander Linea Range

Create the nursery of your dreams with unique, elegant, well-crafted furniture for babies and young children. With its innovative design, natural materials and muted colours, the Leander Linea range brings a little bit of Scandinavia to you!


Leander Linea quality brand of baby furniture and accessories

The Linea range is made by Leander, a Danish children's furniture company. Founded more than 30 years ago by blacksmith Stig Leander, Leander has classic and functional design at the heart of all their high quality products.

Furniture checklist for younger babies

Children, when they are super young, don’t need much furniture apart from a few "must-haves" designed to make parents and baby’s life easier:
● Cot and/or bassinet
● Changing table
● Dresser
● Bouncer
● Playpen
● High chair (when they start on solids after 6 months)
● Nursing chair (for mum)


Furniture for older babies

Once your baby outgrows baby cot or baby bed you’ll need to replace it with a toddler bed. Remember that as soon as your baby starts to crawl, you need to ensure furniture is safe and cannot be pulled over or climbed on top of. Consequently, once baby is on the move, do an audit of the nursery to make sure it is safe for a now-mobile bub.

Leander Linea quality, timeless and sleek furniture for your nursery

Linea by Leander is a uniquely designed, contemporary furniture line that perfectly blends solid craftsmanship with innovative function. Create a cosy, stylish and coordinated aesthetic for your nursery with the Linea line.



Features of the Leander Linea cot

The Leander Linea cot is a versatile cot with several unique features:

● Four flexible settings to grow with your little one from newborn to 3 years and beyond (from baby cot to lowered baby bed to open baby bed to a small sofa/junior bed).
● Beautiful and solid beech or oak wood construction.
● Ability to add a cot canopy to create a cocoon-like environment for your bub.
● Linea cot mattress sold separately.

Features of the Leander Linea change table

Make nappy changing easier with the gorgeous, sleek and practical Leander Linea Changing Table. Featuring high edges and a large changing area to keep bub safe and comfortable, two shelves to store essential items (with an option to add a drawer and a Leander organiser) and a soft foam mat available in a variety of colours, the Linea change table is a beautifully crafted and functional oak or beech wood piece of furniture.


A baby dresser with a difference

The Leander Linea Dresser, in oak or beech wood, has three spacious drawers with soft close and felt and leather handles that can be swapped out with a different style. What really makes the Leander Linea Dresser stand out though, is it's ability to easily transform into a changing table with a handy, perfectly matched, changing unit accessory.

Leander Linea accessories you can’t go past

All Leander’s ranges have a selection of matching accessories, making it easy to seamlessly style your nursery. Here are some accessories to match with your Linea furniture:
● Change mats     ● Wall organisers    ● Original Leander mattresses
● Foam mats for Linea Changing Table     ● Felt and leather handles
● Organic textiles like cot bumpers, fitted sheets and mattress protectors
● Changing Unit for the Leander Linea Dresser     ● Canopy rod and canopy

Styling your baby nursery with Leander Linea furniture

The Leander Linea range of furniture offers a timeless, modern, clean aesthetic. With solid craftsmanship, a generous warranty, and a large selection of matching accessories, rest assured that investing in Leander furniture is a smart and stylish decision. Add Leander Linea furniture to your wishlist today!

Buying Leander Linea furniture online with Metro Baby

With free delivery over $99 AUD and fast delivery to most postcodes in metropolitan Australia, buying Leander Linea furniture with Metro Baby is simple and convenient.



Frequently Asked Questions About the Leander Linea range of baby furniture and accessories:


What should you look for in a cot?

Buying a cot is an important, often expensive decision, so ensure you research and take the time to make the best decision. The most important considerations when purchasing a cot is finding one that is safe, comfortable and easy to use. While features like an adjustable mattress height and removable bars help increase the life of a cot, finding one that grows with your baby helps guarantee its longevity. Browse our collection of cots & bassinets to find the perfect one for your baby.

What baby furniture do you need?

A baby needs very little furniture when they are young and what furniture they do have needs to be safely secured as soon as bub starts crawling and then walking. View our nursery decor section for ideas to style your nursery.

Why is a cot important?

A baby cot is important as it allows your baby to sleep safely, giving you a break and bub much-needed rest. When shopping for a cot, remember to look at what cot accessories are compatible with the cot you are considering.